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  1. Bud, YOU said YOU saw draggers headed there. You've been told its not a working boatyard. You still accused someone of not knowing what they were talking about. That's kinda ****y. I personally think you should be kinder to people. (And no one GAF how long you've been fishing the bay, either)
  2. So, two posts back, you accuse someone of not knowing what theyre talking about because he saw draggers working in the harbor. Now, you claim you saw draggers in the exact same spot, in front of a place that no longer works on draggers? Just wondering....
  3. Same. Eff Tim anyways!
  4. I can understand you not liking Tim, but ****, haven't I climbed down the jetty face, and got mt ass kicked by waves, fetching your fish in the past?
  5. Fag!
  6. I dunno. That sounds dangerous! Aren't you Ascared?
  7. How will we EVER vote?
  8. She's doing ok. Still owes me dinner, too.
  9. I guess my invite got lost in the mail.
  10. Whered that fag go? I got a decent picture with him. Think its on my old computer... Found it.
  11. HELPFUL , and nice!
  12. Get fukt, commie!
  13. No ones taking that bet Bro. This dudes so gay Joe Exotic wouldn't **** him.