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  1. This thread sucks!
  2. Oh. Well thanks a lot, Buzz Killington!
  3. RHM

    Always a pleasure, Jimmy!
  4. RHM

    Get stuffed, Scarecrow!
  5. Just fish it. That's how it becomes "worth" something.
  6. Holy shite! Jeffs back, and Franks dead? What a great ****in day! Cheers, Mammyrammers!
  7. Uploading pix takes ****ing forever!
  8. I just bought a ****ing flats boat. ****ing problem is, I only just learned how to fish from shore down here, now I gotta ****ing learn to boat fish too. I gotta learn the ****ing spotlock. I gotta learn the ****ing downscan. I gotta learn the ****ing sidescan. Fishing is a lotta ****ing work!
  9. Yeah, Ive been down here since ****ing May. Surprised you dont ****ing remember, I was ****ing down here when you other ****ers were down in the ****ing Keys, in May, mother****er!
  10. You insensitive ass! That poor guy is DEAD! Nothing funny about it! Still cant say **** here huh?
  11. R.I.P. Sir.
  12. RHM

    They went like a rocket! (In the woodstove)
  13. RHM

    He loooooved the cock. Probably still does.
  14. Last thing for tonight. I see that no one has yet posted Eds thread in the memorial forum. (Yes, we have one of those) :-( Anyways, someone should do it, and it ought to be done by someone who was VERY close to Ed. Someone with a lot of pictures, I hope.
  15. When Vinny still had my boat, we got Eddy out on only one tuna trip. As always, we got one (at least) here we all are. I know, you cant see Ed. He was the guy who took the picture. :-(