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  1. Really hard to believe there are people who are thinking like this. First, the south shore of Long Island out to Montauk are currently full of 20-30" fish, as many as you want. Second, those fish are the future breeders, not the 36"+ fish. Regardless, there is only one answer to fully restore stocks, and that's a moratorium on at least keeping, or better still fishing for, striped bass.
  2. Of course it should be released. If there's someone with you, take a photo, then watch it swim away and celebrate. Have a beer and share the story for the rest of your lives. The days of fishing for food to feed "the family" are over. Its way cheaper to go to the store and buy filets than spend money on gear, gas, etc. We do this for sport more than ever, conservation is a real thing. We all carry a camera now, have a mount made off the picture.
  3. The DEC survey is open until October 29.
  4. NYS DEC has posted a survey asking for recreational and other stakeholder input. Have your voice heard: Within the press release is a link to the survey.
  5. It really does irritate me to see YouTube content creators and Facebook picture junkies take 1-3 minutes to get a fish back in the water, watch it swim away and call it a good release. Try boxing three rounds and then be asked to hold your breath for 2 minutes right after. You might have a few good steps in you when you finally breathe, but that doesn't mean you aren't permanently neurologically or circulator-ally damaged beyond repair. Catch the damn fish and put it back in the water. If you want pics or videos, bring a photographer and have them document your 15 second release.
  6. This really is a bizarre thread, to sell or not to sell. We are talking fishing gear, not a car, a house, a bunch of stock. If fishing isn't rewarding to you because you aren't able to catch 50 pounders regularly, maybe the question should've been asked 30 years ago when keeping and killing fish for pictures and mounts was all the rage. Around Long Island waters, there is PLENTY of bait to hold striped bass and bluefish. The overfishing has to stop. Radically, the only real solution is a moratorium on keeping fish, recreationally and commercially, for two years. All bass would be released. Most fish are mishandled even when released. Kept out too long for pics, dragged through sand and thrown so haphazardly to break spine bones. If you want something to last, you need to take care of it.
  7. Look here folks. Not "everyone" knows about Montauk in October. The world is a very big place, and spot burning is a real issue with real consequences, as in the stories that have been told in this very thread. Ok--so Montauk is big and well known. Posting that it's "on fire" can only make a crowded place even more crowded, with the kind of anglers that the locals might not appreciate. I'm with the guy who requested this thread be removed. Good riddance. I never said it was "on fire", so please don't put words in my mouth. I seriously doubt a post about bass blitzing in Montauk in October motivated a single person more to drive out there this week (as opposed to the 20,000 views Fishaholic and others got on YouTube) than were already planning to, and sharing that a friend caught their first bass was as much the purpose (if not more) of my post than "spot burning". Considering how far Montauk is from California, you really needn't worry about whether it's crowded or not anyway. "Look here folks", "Good riddance" = arrogance.
  8. Yes, bought it in Montauk last weekend during a blitz. If I tell you any more, I'll burn the spot lol
  9. You can buy them now, half price after Labor Day, good through December 31.
  10. I brought a friend. WE were the only ones there. Some of you need to get out from behind the keyboard and go fishing.
  11. Imagine my fourth post on this site leading to 6 plus pages of ridiculousness. I posted that the blitz was happening "in Montauk". Anyone who watches a Fishaholic video on YouTube knows now is the season. With over 20 miles of waterfront, kind of hard to spot burn. The point of my post was as much to say how rewarding it was to share with a friend his first fish as it was to "report" blitzing bass. Asking mods to delete a post about bass blitzing in Montauk in October is like saying delete a post about casting a lure into the surf to catch a fish. Dog bites man kind of stuff. By the way, there were less than 6 people fishing where I fished on Saturday, and I was the only one my spot on Sunday. The "burn" was more like a mosquito bite.
  12. Blowfish have not appeared back in numbers in Moriches like you've stated seeing elsewhere. In the 70s they were everywhere, but no more. Same for weakfish in that area. However, weakfish seem to be stacked the last few years near Fire Island Inlet. Hope they remain well managed.
  13. Just finished two days of fun in Montauk with blitzing 20"-34" bass. There's nothing better when its happening, especially that I was able to bring someone today who has never caught a striped bass before. South side yesterday, north side today. A great weekend in my favorite place.
  14. Heated socks work well, especially Lithium battery powered types with slim battery and about a 6 hour battery life, can be recharged in your car via USB
  15. Thank you everyone. I wouldn't have considered a VR50 for the 8 footer, thinking it would be too small. I'll give it a go.