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  1. Not sure but my friend has gone out 2 times on his boat and has landed few keeper sized fish, took home a 36" on Sunday.
  2. I just got a new rood and reel. It is the Jigging World Nexus rod (heavy) 7 foot and the Quantum Accurist S3 PT Reel. Will this be a ok setup to use for strippers from boat? I am using 30lb sufix 832 line as well. Honestly bought it more for summer porgy/seabass fishing. I just got the setup 2 days ago and have not had time to test it yet.
  3. Well valley as I was doing my research that jetty does not show a tower on it and I just wanted to confirm. I went out there this morning 6-1:30pm and yea there was 15-18 guys out. Nothing but small blues biting till 9:30 then it was dead so I left and checked out field 10 and there was nothing there .
  4. any reports on fishing? i am not seeing much going on or not looking in the right places?
  5. what changes are they talking about?
  6. is fishing around field 10 any better?
  7. Hi all I am new to surf fishing and doing some research on spots to fish. Can someone tell me if there is a tower at the end of the jetty on jones? I have gone once to magnolia but did not have much action when i went.