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  1. Went out this morning to JB and nothing.. not even a bite
  2. dont think you can flip rocks there can you? last time i was there i only remember seeing the jetty.
  3. i know sounds stupid but i only know south shore beaches and not seeing anything in low tide there. I know of CEDAR BEACH FISHING PIER AREA on the north shore. are these type of beaches I shouls be looking into?
  4. hows the fishing by your marina? I like to fish for porgies, bass and tog. so I am looking for a place for all these type of fish.
  5. Hi can anyone recommend a location either in north or south shore where i can get some asian crabs. I figured not all places are going to be a good place like catch them.
  6. only $110.. i have friends in brooklyn paying $70-80 and they say thats expensive. lol long island is a different beast.
  7. I am struggling to find a Marina near Huntington Long island NY to store a boat. I am looking to fish neat Easton Neck area (triangle). If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on where to keep the boat let me know. I would like to keep boat in a marina but would consider somewhere close where I can store boat.
  8. Been checking marinas in Huntington and they are very expensive, $175+ per foot.
  9. yea i think i will decide on north shore. until i get bored a few years and then discover new places. any recommendations on decent marinas near beaches for the kid and wife. lol I used to fish near the " triangle" 11b without giving too much away and produced decent porgies, blues and seabass. never tried there for bass. so looking to expand from there for bass during sprint and fall.
  10. thanks for all the input guys.. you gave me a lot to think about. I did not even think about the high tide, because the Long Beach railroad bridge. i am not planning on going offshore too much. i have fished in the north shore around crains etc but was looking at other options in the bays. I was looking at east rockaway inlet and around the atlantic beach bridge. I have some friends on kayaks that get nice fishing the for bass , blues, togs and porgies. i am not too familiar with the East side by point lookout. my other choice might be up north shore around eatons neck. that way i can fish long island sound and drive up to Connecticut side if anything. Still weighing my options on where to look for docks.
  11. wow no comments?
  12. I am looking for options on where is best to dock boat I am looks at these 3 options. Looking to stay inshore as i am looking for boat under 23 feet for stripers and blues. Jamaica bay inlet Reynolds Channel Inlet North Shore Long Island
  13. Not sure but my friend has gone out 2 times on his boat and has landed few keeper sized fish, took home a 36" on Sunday.
  14. I just got a new rood and reel. It is the Jigging World Nexus rod (heavy) 7 foot and the Quantum Accurist S3 PT Reel. Will this be a ok setup to use for strippers from boat? I am using 30lb sufix 832 line as well. Honestly bought it more for summer porgy/seabass fishing. I just got the setup 2 days ago and have not had time to test it yet.
  15. Well valley as I was doing my research that jetty does not show a tower on it and I just wanted to confirm. I went out there this morning 6-1:30pm and yea there was 15-18 guys out. Nothing but small blues biting till 9:30 then it was dead so I left and checked out field 10 and there was nothing there .