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  1. I prefer the convenience of bootfoot waders and I really like the Simms Guide G3 Bootfoot waders that I have, now in their 3rd season, buuut they are just starting to seep a bit at one seam. If I'm wearing waders the bootfoot are essential to blocking sand on the open beach. I found the ugly "Riparian Camo" for significantly cheaper than "Cinder" from an online retailer that had them on closeout. The boots are incredibly warm and comfortable for long walks but I feel they run a little big, which left room for thick socks on a steelhead trip in Dec. It seems like the boots might actually float, and thus don't feel so heavy. For stocking foot waders in the salt I highly recommend the Simms Vaportread Salt and newer FreeSalt boots, I have both and they hold up to corrosion very well. You can wet-wade these with the Simms Guide Guard wading socks or similar, but I prefer a light-weight boot option. I avoid waders if I'm going to be more than knee deep (peak wave height), or in a boulder field, or on a jetty; I will instead wet-wade or wear a wetsuit for safety. I prefer a two-piece wetsuit with zip-up jacket-style top for convenience, you can easily remove the top when making the long walk back after the sun comes up. I have a 3mm set and a 1.5mm set. For spikes the INS Products Rock GRABR'Z are the best studs I've tried, I run them in all of the aforementioned Simms boots. I also have the Korker's Casttrax and will run those under my Astral Hi-Yak paddling shoes or the Simms Flyweight Wet Wading shoe when wet-wading/suiting, with neoprene socks. Both of these studs solutions provide plenty of traction for the NY rocks & jetties, but I have to say I was "impressed" with the bubble weed up in Maine haha. lastly, I spent several seasons with the Korker's Rocktrax and the studs corrode quickly and fall out easily. I've also tried cheap tire studs for motocross racing on ice and they also corroded and wore out very quickly.
  2. I had the chance to put the L5W 8twelve up against 8-10lb blues yesterday while out with Dave Flannigan @northislandfly, paired with the modified 100' Airflo Sniper WF9F and the Rise Level 10wt. I realized another thing I quite like about these reels is how stealthy quiet they are when peeling drag
  3. updating my post above with the fully loaded F3w 7ten at 7.9oz and I stand corrected on the weight of the Galvan 10, it came in at 10.8 oz with a minimal ~150yds 30lb dacron and an older 330gr Airflo Switch Streamer 4.5 line. given the capacity on the L5W I will likely use it as my primary 10wt jetty/albie reel this fall
  4. Hi guys, great thread! I am an ardent user of the Wulff Bermuda Triangle Lost Tip line in LI Sound and East End waters from late March to early December. I have found it can have a lower bound on cold spring days where air temps are below say 40 and the water is below 50, otherwise it has been my go to line for single-hand rods the past 3 seasons. I picked up my first SWTB9 F/S after hearing David Blinken rave about the Lost Tip lines at the 2019 Salty Flyrodders of NY Conclave. I've found it to be the best line I have for casting crab patterns, where I will use 9-12 ft of 16# fluoro with the integrated sink tip to get down quickly. But I *really* fell in love with these lines when I tried swinging them in current. The short sink tip will get your fly down on the run while you mend the floating running line, and when you hit the swing stage the tip will rise and that's when you need to "hold on tight". (I'm running mono leaders for the swing). These Lost Tip lines seem to be rated for medium action rods so the 298gr 9wt works on a 9wt Scott Tidal, but fast action rods like the Rise Level require lining up (9F/S 298gr on the Level 8wt, 10F/S 320gr on the Level 9wt). I have also run the 298gr 9F/S on the Douglas LRS 10' 8wt and loved it, again for swinging. Another class of Wulff lines to consider are the Ambush family, having short heavy heads. They come in a float ("Ambush") with 20 sizes from 175gr to 650gr, an intermediate ("Ambush Neutralizer") that maxes out at 400gr 10wt at 20', and a small collection of "Ambush Short" up to 325gr at just over 16'. I got into these lines after chatting w. Ian Devlin at Compleat Angler who was saying he likes them for beginners because they load easily. I like the 24' Ambush float 400gr with a 10' 100gr 9ips OPST sink tip for swinging applications with my two-handers (e.g. TFO Axiom 2 Switch 8wt). And I agree the Wulff site deserves a poor grade.
  5. I got my first Danielsson in May of '21, the F3W 7ten, I really liked it a lot on my 9wt Rise Level ($199 used) but the backing capacity is limited (I stretch that by using Sufix 832). I've since moved the 7ten to my 8wt and am back to running my Ross Evolution R Salt 9/10 on the 9wt. Here it is on the scale at 8.7oz loaded with ~120yds of Sufix 832 and the new Wulff Bermuda TT Textured "10F" line at 310gr that I have been testing on my Rise Level 8wt One of my bigger-fish rods is a classic TFO TiCrX 10wt ($130 used), and I have been looking for an appropriately priced reel to pair with it. In part prompted by this thread, I picked up the L5W 8twelve, and here are some photos & measurements next to my Ross Evolution R Salt 9/10 for anyone similarly considering this reel. (btw, I also have a Nautilus CCF X2 8/10 loaded with dacron and a 330gr Airflo Switch Streamer at 12.4oz, I feel it is in another weight class, I run it on my two hander). first the Ross, current MSRP after the recent inflation hikes is $775, and in the US there are sites with zero tax zero shipping and a $75-80 bonus towards a new line, if you can find it in stock. I have it tipping the scale at 10.4oz loaded with a paltry 150yds Sufix 832, and the Airflo Sniper 4 Season WF9F (375gr) with the back 20ft cut off so it will fit I fish from a SUP a bit and having already lost one $500 spin rod setup to a blackfish while mending my drift, I am uncomfortable bringing four figures of fly gear into a scenario where I can lose it. As such I'm always on the look out for less expensive reels that can approximate the performance of the Ross, and improve on the poor durability of its matte black finish. So at $283.38 shipped to NY on May 15 (arrived on May 17) the L5W 8twelve came in at 11.8oz loaded with a full 300yds of 50lb Power Pro, and the entire 120ft of Airflow Sniper 4 Season WF10I (425gr) with plenty of room so it's not quite apples to apples but my conclusion here after less scientific tests on the drag for each reel is, the 8twelve is a serious contender and you can apply the leftover funds to the new class astronomically priced lines, your next guided trip, tying materials, etc here is another glamor shot showing the reel capacity as loaded
  6. closing this out, I ordered the 8wt new from Rise Fishing, their annual holiday sale is on now
  7. i'm looking for another used Rise Level, I would love to own the 8wt, but i'm happy to buy any size 5wt to 11wt in decent condition, and preferably with some serious mojo on it, who's holding? -daniel
  8. that's awesome that you found a productive pattern! I am on my first season with a Danielsson F3W and it quickly became a favorite on my 9wt after entering the rotation in late May. I'm running this reel with 200+yds of 40lb Suffix 832, a thin surfcasting braid. But you shouldn't need a ton of backing if you're fighting the fish from the handle/butt of the rod (I got a similar recommendation just 2 years ago), and the drag should be pretty tight, just loose enough that you can peel more line out as needed.
  9. I am a fan of the Ahrex Flexistripper and as silly as it sounds, it has the best belt I've seen on a commercial "basket"
  10. Ok I've convinced myself I "need" this reel, would you / your friend take $435 shipped to NY?
  11. A fly trolled from a kayak can be killer and there's no need to cast haha. I quickly learned that limiting yourself to fly casting range really enhanced my need to know what and where the bait are. The kayak can get you to out of reach areas in your local estuary, you can anchor or haul-out near a choke point with plenty of current and and cast into the outflow. Striper Moon and other books will recommend more specific strategies (I love the Rich Murphy book and Ed Mitchell's books). I have done well this week swinging silverside patterns into a salt pond outflow on a floating line because that is the prevalent bait near me at this time. It sounds like you may dig the Steve Culton episode of The Saltwater Edge podcast, Trout Fishing for Stripers. Good luck and report back! ps be safe out there at night! wear that PFD and don't get stuck in the mud. I carry a marine radio / epirb with me as well.
  12. I am now fishing my 10wt Exocett Surf in the back with a 300gr Wulff Ambush Short floating line w. 15ft head and I dial in depth with a 110gr 12ft floating tip and mono leader up top down to the 132gr T-11 12 ft bucket sink tip from OPST with floro leader. I also carry a full sink line on an extra spool that is frankly too heavy for this rod at 500gr Rio Leviathan. I like the quick change with the tips as my tide stages progress I have not had coiling issues with Wulff lines down to water temps sub-50deg in March on Long Island. hat-tip to @The Graveyard Shift for his posts and direct advice on these rods.
  13. I'd take the rod only at $450 shipped (or pick-up if we're local), that's a great deal on the reel, spool, and lines, but I already have a lonely Redington Grande and a few lines/heads in the 500-550gr range.
  14. Congrats on the successful trip to Montauk, I can also recommend Capt. Peter Douma.
  15. I have one. I need to recoup some of the ridiculous money I've been spending on fly fishing gear. My questionable life choices are your opportunity. I bought this reel new from an online retailer in '17 for $289.95 as a backup to my VS200. I used it for a few weeks last Aug. while Kenny at Tight Lines serviced my VS. I have only fished this reel on the sand beach and from shore in the back, I've never taken it for a swim. I have religiously rinsed my reels immediately after every use but I've never had this reel serviced. It has a noticeable scuff on the exterior of the bail/guide but the spool is clean and nick free. There are a few hook point scratches on the reel seat. I have the box but my wife cut the top off, and the literature, washers, and foam knob are MIA. I may be able to find the EVA knob with more digging. I'll throw in the size M reel cover that I have kept the Slammer in while out of use. It is currently spooled with 40lb Suffix 832 and 30lb mono backing. I'll attach a bunch of photos. I am thinking $225 cash. I am fishing Montauk this week and driving back west very early Saturday morning (with a stop to fish along the way).