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  1. If you don't need more than 1.5-2oz lure ratings and fish "lighter" species (i.e. not 50 lb stripers), then I've found the Lamiglas g1000 pro to be solid value for the money and they're made in the USA. I use both the 8'6" and 10'6" MH casting versions. However, I fish the West coast for mostly smaller species like surf perch and striper so a salmon/steelhead rod is what I prefer. You might need something capable of throwing heavier lures/weights, especially if bait'n'wait.
  2. Not a single casting model and 600$+ for the Night Shift? I think I'm good with my Ocean Master 10 and 12s.
  3. IMO, particularly as you're just getting into it, why the specific 200-250$ on a surf rod? Daiwa Coastal Salt Pro for general use and/or Offshore Angler Ocean Master Surf (a steal of a rod) for anything heavier. Both have Fuji guides and reel seats, are under 200$, and will do everything you need.
  4. Picked up a 10' casting version (ECA1002MHFB) for surf and jetty. It has 9 guides total (including tip). Light rod with good ferrule mating and the hardware is reasonable enough. Stuck a Lexa WN300HS on it for now but haven't had a chance to do anything with it yet.