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  1. Not a single casting model and 600$+ for the Night Shift? I think I'm good with my Ocean Master 10 and 12s.
  2. IMO, particularly as you're just getting into it, why the specific 200-250$ on a surf rod? Daiwa Coastal Salt Pro for general use and/or Offshore Angler Ocean Master Surf (a steal of a rod) for anything heavier. Both have Fuji guides and reel seats, are under 200$, and will do everything you need.
  3. Picked up a 10' casting version (ECA1002MHFB) for surf and jetty. It has 9 guides total (including tip). Light rod with good ferrule mating and the hardware is reasonable enough. Stuck a Lexa WN300HS on it for now but haven't had a chance to do anything with it yet.