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  1. I am staying in Truro .... I am new to this ocean fishing. I borrowed 2 surf casting rods and a bunch of plugs. I also have the 4 wd truck stickered and inspected to ride on the beach. I have 2 opportunities about 4 hours each to try and catch fish. Both mornings 5 am or so till 10am ..... Do i have any chance to catch anything at Wellfleet docks and Pamet? boat launch where the river comes in ? Also we have fire permit for both nights on south race point..... Any thoughts on what to throw and if i have any chance ? plugs or chunk bait? Best times to fish ? I do not understand this tide thing yet. People have said fish the tide , I just dont get it and internet search for fishing the tide is not helping me. Thank YOu
  2. Thank You , i am back home to fish for rainbows. I will be back for a couple days in 1 yr. I will go with your suggestions and try then. I got out this morning from 5:30am to 8am throwing spinners, poppers and spoons as well as rigging up the chunk of mackerel. No fish , maybe next yr.
  3. I will try again tonight to catch something. and then again tomorrow morning before driving back north a few hours back to my small trout ponds, float tube and my fly rod. Will pack it in till next yr when i am expected to be back for a 2 day trip in Sept 2020.
  4. Got up at 3:45 am * climbed down the rocks to the shore.... fished the low tide at 5:30 am fished from 4:45am till 6:30 am. not a bite. I threw poppers , spinners , and spoons as well as left a hi / low rig ? with mackerel --- changed it out 4 times. Not one bite. Will try tomorrow morning again. Low tide is at 5:55 tomorrow. Will try again from 5 to 7am ------ I also fished the high tide from 10 to about 11:30 pm.... same thing nothing, not a bite.