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  1. After a 6h30 drive from Montreal, I was able to get into my first Albies last weekend with the help of one of the members here who just happened to notice my Québec plate and asked me if I was the guy who posted on this blog, lol small world! These things are absolutely insane! Big thanks to Sam for taking the time to help me out and for giving me a few tricks that made all the difference in the end! Was not easy fishing but I managed to get 4 Albies and a Bone! I never heard my reel make the noise it made during these runs... I'll be back Rhode Island, I'll be back!
  2. I'll be heading down from Montreal for the first time ever in hopes of catching my first Albies! I would love to join you and help you out not getting hit by a huge boat Hahaha!
  3. i'll be heading down to RI from Montréal for the first time ever this weekend to try to catch my very first Albie... I've been obsessed with catching one of these awesome fish for years, I finally got my passeport and im going to try to make it happen!!. I'll be around the Narraganset area, any tips would be greatly appreciated, driving 7hrs to make this dream come true! Thanks fellas!
  4. By bait you mean baitfish? We have Mackerels, Sand eels, Herring, sticklebacks... bunch of bait really! I even found some lobsters in some of the bass ive kept lol
  5. Thanks man, the pic was snapped in a hurry, truly a cool moment captured in the heat of the action, those make the best shots! It's true that the oxygen in the water must give them a huge boost, didnt think of that! I'ts like they're swimming in RedBull lol! I was def wearing a surf belt and that surf top is super tight. I still got washed off that rock 3 times but not too bad, i did make a hole in my waders tho... I'll have to find a pair of solid waders that can take a beating because my old orvis are really at the end of the road... I use a lot of bucktails up here, the Savage gear sand eels are probably the most popular baits here and they really do work great. We're not allowed treble hooks, only singles barbless so i have to switch em on all my plugs. The shimano waxwing 118 gave me my biggest fish this year, theres something about this bait they just love lol...
  6. Hey guys, i'm from Montréal, this is my first post as i've been mostly reading here, I have to say that i've gained a lot of knowledge thanks to you guys and I feel it's time for me to share my stories with you all. The St-Lawrence region has been growing a pretty good population of Stripers in the last few years and the fishing is getting better and better every year. The whole Gulf region around the Chaleurs Bay is getting good numbers of fish coming from the Miramichi system and the reintroduction plan that was put in place in the early 2000's for the St-Lawrence river population has been a success, the result is that we now have 2 distinct Striper populations all over the coast and even deeper in the St-Lawrence river towards Quebec city. I've been targeting these fish for only 2 years but I absolutely fell in love with the whole Surf fishing game. Last weekend I was up at the tip of the Gaspé peninsula during hurricane Dorian and it was my first time fishing in super extreme conditions. 45 knots winds, cross side rain, giant waves, I had the time of my life! I had the idea of making a thread about fishing in extreme weather, hurricanes, huge storms... I was able to catch 14 fish, biggest was 32 inches in absolutely terrible conditions and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them chasing bait in these huge waves, how agile they were even during the fights using the back draft of the waves to try and make a run for it... Here are a few shots of the day, I would love to hear some stories and see pics of fish being caught in crazy weather, what kind of plugs do you guys use in crazy winds and waves? Did you almost die once? I wanna know about it and i'm pretty sure others here would like to know your stories too hahaha! Cheers!