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  1. Yes, it's about thinning out the herd. But I imagine if apex predators are thinning out a herd, the weaker & slower of the herd will be most likely fall prey. That leaves the strongest of the herd to carry on the family line. But as a hunter, I feel that I'm typically looking for the strongest of the herd. Glad I gave you a chuckle (as I tell myself that you're laughing with me ... not at me haha) ... good thing I gave a quick proofread as I almost gave you another chuck by posting "heard" vice "herd" lol.
  2. If you think about it ... as far as I understand it ... our hunting is taking place of the apex predators that once existed (at least where I am). We as hunters go for the biggest baddest deer, but the predators would likely take down the small and weak ... those deer that likely wouldn't survive the winter.
  3. My wife has specifically stated that she prefers the taste of young deer and would prefer if that's what I took. So yeah, she's OK with me shooting Bambi lol.
  4. That's probably a great point. I just remembered that at the time, we still had a trader post at my company (about 3k people at my location), and people were very reliable (i.e., never a no-show). We no longer have the trader post due to a few bad apples who ruined it for everyone else, so now I have to use facebook marketplace & craigslist, and you're right, people from these places are horribly unreliable.
  5. Not always ... it probably depends on the vehicle though. When I went to trade in my Vibe, dealer offered me $900 lo. Sold it for over 3 times that in a weekend. But, an inexpensive car in good shape is probably a lot easier to sell. Here's the cool part. In this dealing 5 people total (dealer salesman + 4 people interested in my Vibe). 4 of those 5 people were all named Joe! It was weird.
  6. We have been on Mint the past couple of years. I have never noticed any slowdown in service at any time. It's been well worth the savings. The only drawback I've seen is coverage, but this probably won't be an issue with most people. Previously we had Cricket (ATT network), which also worked out well, but Mint offered an appreciable money savings. In my region of NY (Albany area), ATT has better coverage in off-beat paths than Tmobile. We spend a lot of time doing nature walks and spending time in the woods as a family, and ATT was just better for this. However, in 95% of situations, coverage is good, speed is good, savings are great. Clearly, YMMV for coverage based on your region. For now though, we're sticking with Mint.
  7. I would test the line personally. I have 65 lb Powerpro. Since it was my first time using braid in years, I tested my knots, but all my knots kept breaking at 35-40 lbs. I then tested the line with no knots, and it broke in the 40 lb range. I then tested and realized my 30 lb fireline was much stronger than the 65 lb powerpro lol. I now use it as bottom fishing line and think of it as 30 lb braid.
  8. How about $10. Great backup rod, or for that special guest who manhandles your equipment.
  9. My recollection is that most of the party boats do not allow braid for chunking ... jigging yes, chunking no (or require 100 yards of mono topshot). I would check with the boat(s) you plan to go on and check to make sure they are OK with it. Beyond that, I don't have a whole lot to offer since my chunking setup is something I got years ago (sorry).
  10. Sadly my experience as well. I posted on here asking what I was doing wrong tying knots as PP was the first braided I had used in about 20 years and kept breaking at way too easily. 1/2 the responses (or so it seemed) all said the problem was PP. Ultimately, my 30 lb fireline was stronger than my 65 lb PP (fireline broke at 45-50 lbs I think and PP at 35-40 lbs). My "65 lb" PP was demoted to conventional reels for black sea bass & such (originally meant for tuna jigging, and I'm really glad I tested the strength).
  11. I wish I needed another one as I love the color of Neptune's heart, but alas, I have more than rods & reels than I really need. Hope you find a buyer soon
  12. I'll have to admit, my mom reels with her left hand, so last year on Mimi VI she was using a conventional reel hanging upside down so she could reel with her left hand. This year, however, I've set her up with a left handed conventional reel on a much much lighter rod/reel combo so it'll be a lot more enjoyable for her. However, seeing the new commercial with the conventional reel hanging upside down, while it always seems like spinning reels are on top, it almost feels like it's on purpose.
  13. We caught a bunch of red hake or mud hake or ling whatever you want to call them at the end of July on Mimi VI last summer with my family on a personal charter. I imagine that's what we'll go for again (along with black sea bass) here in a couple of weeks. My recollection is we fished in 100 some feet of water (120ish?) using 4 or 5 ounce sinkers. The boat provided rods were your typical heavy Penn Senators w/stiff rods. I had a few of my own rods. 2 spinning with Michell 303 & Penn Allegiance rods using 25 lb mono, and 1 Avet SXJ & Tsunami Trophy rod with 40ish lb PP braid (there's a story behind the "40ish lb"). Mostly used bait (clams I think), and Capt Kenny & mate Jake also had small soft baby lobster jigs that worked well. However, I do not know where Voyager goes. I don't know if they go in deeper waters on their marathon ling trips. It would probably be good to ask the Voyager some questions to get a feel of what your fishing conditions will be like since it could be very different than my experience on Mimi.
  14. Awesome! I'll take it then! Evening the 25th is just fine as that still gives me tuesday through friday We'll PM details on exactly where and when to do the exchange.
  15. I will be in Point Pleasant Beach to Seaside Park from July 25 to 29. Would that work (preferably early in the week so I could use it while down there)? If so, would you take $65?