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  1. Personally, I use a non-slip (kreh) knot or san diego jam knot. Here's what I say ... try the knots suggested in this thread, then tie them and break them. Practice and find the combination of easy to tie and break strength. When I first started using fluorocarbon leaders, I practiced with a whole bunch of knots and repeatedly broke them until I found what worked. For example, I found my improved clinch knots sucked big time. After much breakage, I found the kreh knot followed by the san diego jam knot worked best. I default to the kreh knot as I find it easier to tie.
  2. Sorry to bore you all with another. Caron drag up next. I'm quite surprised they were actually available for this reel. A little Cal's drag grease and we'll be ready to go.
  3. It works. Enough material left after drilling that it should hold fine. Almost had a fatal mishap while drilling, but thankfully all worked out. Not the prettiest, but hey, it was a turd to begin with. Because it was less than a 10 dollar bill, I ordered carbon drag washers so the setup will work as sweet as practically possible for him
  4. It actually has braid on it now. My biggest gripe was tying it, but you have a good point. I'll load it up with 20 or 30 lb braid that I plan to use, and then test it prior to July whenever I take my boys freshwater fishing.
  5. I've decided to stick with the Daiwa for now for 3 reasons: 1) it had been used for over 10 years of saltwater fishing and is surprisingly smooth given it was a low end reel. The ball bearings are still perfectly smooth. 2) It has higher line capacity than the Shimano 3) I already have it, so if it gets wrecked after trying to install the tbar handle or after a dozen uses ... that's ok. So, I'm going to see if the tbar handle works. There won't be a whole lot of meat left after drilling for a 6mm shaft, but I think they're may be just enough left to hold. We'll have to see since you could apply a lot of torque on a meaty tbar handle, so you could potentially wrench it off. However, if it works, I may then upgrade to the carbon drag discs and have the most baddass crap Daiwa reel from the 90s lol.
  6. I just noticed the Daiwa reel pictured has higher line capacity than the Shimano reels in 4000 size. Maybe I should get the carbontex drag disc's I saw for sale on ebay and upgrade it. Next question. Stick with the Daiwa since I know it works as it had been used for saltwater fishing for many years, or get the Shimano?
  7. Awesome, thanks guys. I think Shimano will be it, probably the synchopate. I'll just have to get some workable braid line. I was also thinking about a meaty T handle like below so he can have a solid grip on the rod/reel. Does that sound solid, or any suggestions for a different type of knob?
  8. I think the hard part will him learning to cast left handed, but I foresee him trying & have some success since he's stubborn. It seems Shimano makes the Syncopate up to a 4000 and rates it to 160 yds of 12 lb mono, but 175 yds of 3o lb powerpro braid. I'm not sure what braid is like now, but when I used some about 10 years ago I hated it. How is working with braid these days?
  9. I am looking for a recommendation for a reel with a bail trigger, like the one picture below. I am taking my dad fishing this coming summer for the first time since his stroke, but he only has use of 1 hand and 1 leg. Species could be bottom fish such as black sea bass, and pelagic fish such as bluefish & bonito. As such, a reel with a bail trigger would help him be autonomous, which is really uplifting for him. I know such reels are typically low end, but it will only be used a couple of times a year. And frankly, the reel below had lasted a decade of saltwater use and still works fine, but the line capacity is too low as it's only rated to 14 lb test line. Any recommendations for something larger with a bail trigger? Thank you again!
  10. Thanks for that info MdCrappie! I'll be sure to check them out! However, I have to ask .... what's "Tx"?
  11. Never got into downhill ... don't have the guts to do it as the stakes seem very high if you err. I hope that your recovery has progressed since November, that you come up with reasonable accommodations, and are able to get some good fishing with your dad this summer!
  12. I received the StrikeFighter. Homemade by hand from plastic tubing. I will note that the cuts could have used some better finishing, so I sanded them so there were no rough edges. Strap for your leg and waist, and a loop for around your shoulder/neck. Trying it out in my basement without a real fish seems promising. I was worried about side to side stability, but it seemed pretty good actualy. July will be the real test when it gets some real use. If it works well, it'll be worth it even if he only gets to go once.
  13. I ordered the Shelton Strikefighter sitting model and I booked a charter on the Mimi VI for an 8 hour bottom fishing trip. I'm pretty excited and hope for good seas, good weather, and good fishing as this will be the first time my dad will get to actually fish after his stroke. On top of that, the Mimi VI is big enough he'll get to go with both his sons and almost all his grandkids (my wife will likely do something else with our youngest as he'll only be 2 1/2, so I'm not sure how 8 hours on a boat will go), which will be really special for him. I'll report on how well it appears that the Strikefighter will work out after I receive it, and of course a report after we get to use it in real action.
  14. Thermostat could be bad such that it thinks the fridge is too warm. Haven't had one fail in my fridge, but certainty my oven (no replacements available either which was frustrating as the range worked fine otherwise).
  15. We don't have a boat anymore. My parents sold their boat shortly after they moved out of NJ due to job situation about 20 years ago. After that, my dad and I would still do about yearly bluefishing or tuna fishing trips mostly on party boats, and sometimes charter boats. I know Mimi VI said they have good spots for seated fishing on the sides. Maybe some other charter boats too, but they start to get a bunch pricier than Mimi. I may just take my chance with the product. If anything, my dad would probably be thrilled to be out there, especially with his grandkids. I'm sorry to hear about your bike accident. Do you mind me asking what happened? I hope you find a good solution konajon. Is your username konajon because you're a fan of Kona bikes? I used to road and mountain bike a lot before kids. Now its mostly my 2 mile commute to work on my fixed gear.