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  1. Thank you Captain Ahab & TopwaterPete for taking the time to answer all of my questions. It really paid off. Gambler does indeed rent spinning gear, but having my own gear turned out to be invaluable. I was with 3 other guys who all rented, and they were each setup with some type of diamond jig. The Gambler got to the desired spot right at sunrise, with the bonito hitting hard for as short bit at sunrise. The bonito really like the green deadly dick with 2 boated and 1 lost before action slowed. After the initial run, it was mostly false albacore with an occasional bluefish (the mate said that the mahi had moved further offshore recently). The false albacore really liked the green or silver epoxy jig with 5 landed and 4 lost (1 busted line that got tangled, 1 just not well hooked, and 2 lost because I couldn't use a left hand reel well & kept fumbling with it). When people around me were getting no hits, the epoxy jig seemed to be really doing it for the albies. On top of that, my last false albacore wound up winning the pool (oddly enough, in all my years on party boats, I believe this is the 1st time I personally ever entered the pool), which I split 4 ways with my fishing buddies. Sadly, between my 3 friends there, they only landed 1 bonito and some sea robins. I almost made sure to tip each mate well. I think the only change I would make would be getting a right hand reel (actual handle on right side). I kept holding my pole with my left hand, which made setting a hook with an open bail an exercise in nearly sliced fingers. I loved using a reel that was my grandfathers and if I date the serial number right is from the 50s, but I just need that pole in my left hand & reel in the right. Thank you again for taking the time for helping me out and helping make my trip successful! Dan
  2. Awesome thanks! OK, I truly think I'm down to 1 more question ... and this is back to tips. Honestly back in the day (high school / college largely), I wasn't a tipper since frankly my dad didn't tip, so I didn't think anything of it. I'm older and wiser now fortunately. But what I've been thinking about is, there will be multiple mates on this boat. Do you tip each 20% or so? Or is it like a restaurant where you provide the tip on the tab, and then the restaurant itself determines how it's divided up? My assumption is the latter, but figured I'll check since the mates do work hard and work long hours.
  3. Is there any reason not to tie non-slip (kreh) knot for my plain hooks? I ask because when testing my knots, I apparently tie this knot the best and most consistently. As noted above, my improved clinch stunk, my san diego jam knot was great for mono, but on fluoro it was notably weaker than my non-slip knot. Is there a reason I would want a snug knot vs a loop knot on my hooks? I know theoretically snug knots can be stronger, but what matters more is what I'm better at in application. So, if there's a compelling reason for a snug knot, I can practice more or try other knots. Thank you again! Dan
  4. Sounds good ... I will give that a try tonight and see how well I do (hopefully better!)
  5. I just learned something interesting. When tying light tackle (say 8 lb / 10 lb), I've never had a problem with my improved clinch (i.e., I have never broken off a hook or lure on my lighter tackle with this knot); however, my improved clinch with 20 lb line sucks. Recently, I have been tying hooks, trying new knots and then breaking the line. My improved clinch knots consistently broke at a noticeably light force. I was truly shocked. In the meantime, I have had a recollection of losing bluefish due to busted lines years past, and I now know why ... it was likely due to a poor knot. However, the good thing is it appears that I can tie a good san diego jam knot and non-slip (kreh loop) knots for line to hook/lure knots that consistently break at high load. The other disappointing thing is I'm still not doing a great job of tying line to leader to main line knots ... they just seem to be breaking too easily. I'm seem to be doing best with the surgeon's knot. I'm going to keep practicing, but it makes me a bit nervous if I can't nail it.
  6. I'll admit that didn't cross my mind. I guess I had this perception that a party boat captain wouldn't have time to answer lots of questions from one of thousands of random strangers who've stepped onboard... Especially since much of my party boat fishing was elementary through college years when I would have been some random kid.
  7. I do have Bass gear that size, so I'll ring it along I have seen some of the pictures from gambler, and I've certainly caught Bass and pike bigger than the Magi pictured lol. Do you ever run into bluefish out there? If so, would it be beneficial to have some wire leader available? OK... A question that really makes me feel as ignorant as I am when it comes to this type of fishing... Quick tutorial on using the epoxy jigs and deadly dicks ...or just jigging for the different species?
  8. I have a Mitchell 306 in better condition than the 302 even though I estimate it's 20 yrs older that holds 150 yds of 20 lb or 250 yds of 15 lb according to an old ad, which I believe puts that reel in the 4000-5000 size. I've done bottom fishing, bluefishing, and tuna trips on party boats, but never one of these. In all those cases, the party boats only rented conventional rods/reels. Does Gambler's rentals of the inshore exotics consist of spinning gear & jigs? I'm curious because I know the people I'm going with will be renting, and I've never been on a party boat that rented spinning gear.
  9. Excellent ... thank you again Ahab & Pete for taking your time. Watch it be one of those trips where no one lands a fish ... OK, I think I'm almost there. For one, I take it you run jigs unless the fish are only hitting on baited hooks, correct? Second, if I understand correctly, you would tie the flourocarbon leader directly to the mono main, correct (way back when I did some tuna fishing, I just ran a swivel between the main & leader ... but I was also a not-so-rich high school / college student, so I did not have the money to bring jigs and such)? Would the suggested knots (FG, Albright, Alberto ... how about double uni too) work well for a mono to flouro connection? According to an old advertisement from 1964, the 302 will hold 300 yards of 20 lb mono.
  10. Awesome thanks! I do have the advantage that I'll have conventional gear (which is what I believe Gambler will rent) when I used to do more bluefishing before my dad had his stroke, and then also spinning gear. Therefore, I can rig up the conventional gear with the hooks, and the spinning gear with the jigs. How necessary is braided line? From what I've read, to successfully run my Mitchell 302 (or 306) reel I'll need to buy a crosswind cam for it. Would mono still be sufficient? And should I still run flourocarbon leader if I run mono? I'm hoping to get the deadly dicks in now ... they're shipping is slower than dirt. Ordered last Wednesday night and still hasn't shipped yet ...their website does say up to 72 hrs, which I assume is business days, but this is the slowest I've experienced in a long long time.
  11. Re-read this ... what size bucktails? Those I can use for other things too as I know my brother takes his sons down there to do bottom fishing sometimes too. Tony Accetta looks like I'd likely need a #17 for enough weight (3/4 oz) to likely get a good cast ... but at 4 1/2", would that be too large? Well ... I can't practice underhand casting off a dock as I'm very far from a dock ... though, my 6 month old's room is perfectly situated to hang out the window and practice. I may look strange ... but hey, why not? Thank you! Dan
  12. I think I fell off into the 2nd page. If you do mind more questions ... when I did some party boat tuna fishing about 20 years ago I pre-tied leaders on my hooks and used a snell knot I believe (had to look it up as I forgot what knot it was). Would you pre-tie leaders for the octopus hooks? And what knot for the octopus hooks? And what knots for the lures for that matter? Also... What's a proper tip for the mates these days? Thank you!!!
  13. OK... So apparently I have more questions. When I did some party boat tuna fishing about 20 years ago I pre-tied leaders on my hooks and used a snell knot I believe (had to look it up as I forgot what knot it was). Would you pre-tie leaders for the octopus hooks? And what knot for the octopus hooks? And the lures for that matter? Also... What's a proper tip for the mates these days? Thank you again!
  14. Thank you ... will head out tonight to get the rest of my supplies hopefully ... I'll have the 2 older kids though so they'll likely beg to go on the trip.
  15. Pete, One more question (OK, don't quote me on that) ... define "small egg sinker" and "large split shot". What size/weight would those be? Since I live well inshore these days in upstate NY ... my definition of small and large is likely skewed now. Frankly, I haven't used a sinker in a decade now, and at that I've really transitioned to freshwater fishing. Again I thank you and Capt for the suggestions and very much appreciate taking your time. Dan