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  1. After posting this thread I discovered something else. The bone Redfin is actually not painted like the rest of the Redfin colors. It seems to be a solid molded color. This made me think of my Musy Mania Doc & lil doc spook plugs. Their “bone” colors are just raw and unpainted. Sometimes you get a variation in the spook plugs with one looking more white than the other. I will insert a picture below of the Doc Spooks
  2. Has anyone noticed that the Bone colored Redfins are much better quality than the other colors? The bone has better molded plastic around the hook hangers, nicer rust resistant VMC/Mustad style hooks which are actually very sharp and pretty strong. They also seem to use a stronger and better plastic and nicer seam in the plug. The Bone Redfins are also made in China where the other colors are made in Guatemala. I bought a bunch of Redfins to experiment with loading both with shot and Mineral oil and the Guatemala Redfins had problems right out of the package with leaking. They either leaked around the hook hangers or they had random pinholes leaks from the body of the plug along the seam. The Bone color had no problems when loaded with oil or water. They are such versatile plugs and for the price they are going for now compared to other plastic swimmers, I feel like they could definitely stand to upgrade the construction of these plugs. I guess until then I'll just buy the bone colored plugs and take up airbrush painting! **I added the little bit of clear epoxy seen on the tail hook hanger of this Mother of pearl to help seal it* *
  3. Thank you but I will pass on $65. That was a gentleman move waiting for my reply and I appreciate it. Cheers
  4. Is the Rm smith peanut the 2 or 1 oz model?
  5. My apologies. Retracting offer. Thought the sale was for 2
  6. Sorry brother. Was just interested in the big rock. If you decide to split, let me know. Cheers
  7. Would love to see some pics if you could!
  8. Its the Indian, not the arrow.
  9. I discourage you from asking this question to people who will all have different preferences. You really need to go to a shop and put them both on the rod you are going to fish. It could really make the difference in fishing comfortably for hours and not. Id say that balance, weight and line retrieve should be the most important things to consider in that order. I wouldn't worry about line capacity, nothing in the Long Island surf is going to spool you with a 200 or likely even a 150 for that matter. Good luck.
  10. Vortex Diamondback 10x42's usually go on sale for blackfriday every year for $99. They have the best no questions asked warranty around but unless you drop them out of an airplane, I doubt you'll ever need to use the warranty.
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