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  1. That is the 1 gallon but they sell bigger ones
  2. Needed something to wash off my waders and gear before getting in the truck. Rigged this up, works great. Good pressure and run time.
  3. interested waiting for pics
  4. I was actually thinking about doing that with Plano boxes! Awesome, thanks for sharing
  5. Nice ideas!. I like that. These baseball bats do have a bottom. I explain in the post above yours to C.Robin. I used 1 bat per tube so the end of the bat is completely closed off
  6. That’s 8 bats in the bag. $1 each. I cut mine at 7.5” but you could definitely get 2- 6” tubes per bat. I went with 7.5” to be slightly above the pouches inside the bag and also I didn’t want 2 cut ends on the tubs. Having the end of the bat closed off, I drilled small holes in the bottom so water drains and my hooks won’t snag on the underside of the tube.
  7. Really disliked the big inserts in my gear-up 3 tube. The cheap "wiffle ball" bats from the Dollar store came to the rescue. They are 1 3/4" in diameter and as a bonus, the cutoff handles filled the voids and fit tins, bucktails, and soft plastics. Not bad for a total of $8. I am going to experiment with square tubing next.
  8. I think I saw one at the tackle shop the other day. I’ll see if it is still there
  9. It’s a pain right?! Glad it helped
  10. Nice! Happy to hear that. I was looking into the Rockhopper shoulder strap, it looks really nice. Might have to pick one up!
  11. As I'm sure a lot of you know, the stock shoulder strap on the Gear-Up 3 & 4 tube model is not removable. This has already really bothered me on the first 3 trips because it was always twisting and without a swivel on the strap it doesn't work itself untangled + I like to keep a spool of leader material through the shoulder strap. I simply bought 4- stainless steel grade-316 D rings. 5mm x 50mm which fits the 2" webbing used on the bag perfectly... Made a small cut with a grinder, slid it through the closed loop in the webbing and pressed it back closed. Boom, problem solved for under $10. You can either get a new shoulder strap, I like one that came with a tool bag from The Home Depot or attach the old one back on with a dual sided snap. Hope this helped.
  12. What are you running now?
  13. hmmm now you have me thinking. I just watched a video on it, looks pretty nice. I might have to get one for scientific purposes
  14. Don't remember where but someone was asking for light recommendations. This Princeton Tech 1L has been working great. I paid under $15 for it. Small, bright & tough. Takes 2-AAA batteries. LED. Made in USA and has a lifetime warranty. Electrical taped some shock cord to it and it has become my new go to over a headlamp. I do wish Pelican still made their MityLites though What do you prefer? Headlamp or neck light?