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  1. How late into fall does the run go? Am I pushing it getting the reel on the 15th?
  2. I went overboard, but ended up ordering an ODM DNA 10 footer to be paired with a Tsunami SaltX 6000 in black, should have the SaltX by the 15th. Will spool it up with 40lb power pro super slick V2 that I have laying around.
  3. Any other reel for that price point of $250-$300 you would recommend?
  4. Since I am new to this I am not 100% sure. I was thinking a 10 foot ODM DNA now that I have been looking at reviews.
  5. I actually was looking at the Penn Slammer iii 5500 model, anything else you guys would suggest in that price range?
  6. Hello - I am look for a $200-$250 surf rod to pair with a Penn Battle III 5500. I haven’t bought the reel yet, but that is what I plan to purchase so if any of you think I should purchase something different I am open to hearing that as well. But looking for a rod in that price range for surf casting. I already have an in-shore mojo st Croix MH 7 footer with a 4000 series Daiwa ballistic that I use for saltwater as well. I live in Babylon and will be fishing the south shore and making a few trips to Montauk. Thanks for your view and suggestion. Tight lines!
  7. Thank you all for your input! Super excited to get out on the water soon.
  8. what would you suggest?
  9. Hello All - new to the community and saltwater fishing, but I recently moved to Long Island and freshwater bass fishing hasn't been as good, so figured I would dive into saltwater. I recently purchased a 7' St. Crox Mojo Inshore MH fast action paired up with a Daiwa Ballistic LT 4000 and plan on putting 40lb power pro on it. Hoping that this will be a good all around rod for fishing on Long Island. I live in Babylon, so if there are any local Long Islanders, I would love to hear where you guys fish and any pointers. I also was wondering what kind of terminal tackle I should pick up? Thanks for any help and tight lines!