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  1. A couple of nibbles but didn’t catch anything. It was great for whale watching, but it was a transition period between cold water and warm water (so I was told). Best time to go (for fishing from land for roosters is late spring/early summer. Weather was a bit cold too. But it was an awesome trip, would definitely go again, just not sure I’d spend as much time fishing from shore. People were killing it from boats. Prob better to pick a day or two and do that, and fish at the hotel (on the pacific side) at sunrise and sunset.
  2. Still available?
  3. Nah apparently it’s pretty well known in DC but out of respect for whistleblower statutes and retaliation lawsuits the government won’t confirm it. At this point it doesn’t really matter, they put out the “transcript”.
  4. The whistleblower was outed like a month ago, Don Jr. even tweeted out his name.
  5. +1 on that.
  6. Hahahaha yeah I hope not. The dogfish and skate bite has been EPIC this year!
  7. lol I hear ya, I’m not talking morals as much as sport and conservation for the future. Having some guy on a charter catch you a fish so you can reel it in and take home a prize isn’t as rewarding as working the beach all day. Maybe I’m jealous of the cows people are catching on the boats, but honestly I’d care a lot less if the fishery was in better shape. We all need to chip in to ensure that the sport and the industry doesn’t die. Young people these days only care about the picture on Instagram and Facebook anyways. After you get your pic, send the fish home to spawn. Yeah I know we’ve heard it all before a million times. It’s important that people new to the sport hear the message too. That’s why we need to keep talking about and practicing conservation.
  8. I really enjoy it. Was my go to rod for walking the beaches this summer at the jersey shore. Because it’s so light, you can use it all day.
  9. Oh sorry, someone did, maybe I quoted the wrong post. Yeah I was puzzled too lol.
  10. Lololol yeah if you know one that can say a prayer for all of us and the striped bass fishery I think we’d all appreciate it. the never-ending debate between what we want and what we need. Also the fish that we catch vs the fish we dream about catching. I think I’ll end up buying for the fish I actually catch at the spots I go to. Thanks for the help!
  11. Yeah maybe. Seems like it would be good on a 7-8’ rod but would be out of place for plugging on a 10-11’er. But ya VR50 seems like a champ. Might be a bit too specialized for what I’m looking for. And I like bailless so that also limits some of my options.
  12. Why do you recommend Shimano over Van Staal? I was never even considering them. I agree with the VR50 points. Most of my fishing is chest deep at Island Beach State Park during the summer when there aren’t a ton of “cows” swimming around. I have a Penn Spinfisher 6500LL for chunking on a 12’ Ugly Stik bigwater. I do a few Montauk and South Shore trips per year. So I do want something I feel comfortable to do that with. My idea was to do either VR50 and SaltX 6000 or one VSX. (If money was no object). Money is an issue, so I just don’t know lol.
  13. Yes I’m strongly considering it. Part of me is thinking about springing for the VSX because when I want to sell it, I’ll still be able to get most of my $ back. Not going to lie, the resale value seems like a good enough reason to buy. If I use for a few years and can still sell for $400-600(ish) back, then it’s actually a pretty good value. Now the same could be said for SaltX but there really isn’t an established resale market/value yet as it’s still so new. Id love to support the NJ company, but if they can’t even get their website up and running, I still hesitate to fork over that kind of money. That’s why I’d just love to hear what the long term plan is. For instance, if they said, extend your warranty by sending it to an approved shop once a year, I’d feel a lot better about it.
  14. Thanks! I would love to know if people think this is a reel that will last 3-5 seasons (maybe even 10 like a Van Staal VS) if serviced every winter. I know you get what you pay for. I love my Tsunami shield, but I want something that feels less disposable. I am willing to spend the extra $ if I know that I can turn it underwater in 2021. I’ve heard nothing but good things and I own a lot of Tsunami products. Their warranty is great too. Anyone get what I’m saying? The thing looks like a work or art, but I’m still on the fence.