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  1. I have a question about braided line on VR and VSX reels. Is there any reason why you would not recommend deviating from the published line recommendations? For example, will 15# braid cast better than 20# on a VR50 with marginally less strength? On the other end of the spectrum, will the small cup of the VSX150 be a problem for 40# or 50# braid when throwing artificials for snook or tarpon. I normally wouldn't care about experimenting, but braid is expensive and there's a ton of smart anglers who can answer my question and save me a few bucks. I just moved to FL so there is a lot of different fishing going on, not just surfcasting (who knew).
  2. Respectfully offering $75
  3. Respectfully offering $50
  4. Airwave and Airwave Elite are 2 different rods. Airwave Elite is a solid rod, I would stay away from the Airwave (original). They now have a SaltX line to go with the new reels. For the Mojo's I'd probably do Medium Moderate if you're fishing the Northeast, I'd probably do the Medium Fast for other places. If you wanted to stay at 9' and go really light, the new Triumph 9'ers are rated to throw as small as .5oz. Tsunami also makes a sweet 8'6" Trophy II, for small lures and bucktails, but I wouldn't throw anything much over an oz with it. It's medium moderate and is fun for the spring or walking the beach in the summer for fluke. The piece of advice that I see the most (that I find to be true), is buy the best rod you can afford for the way you normally fish. Aspirations are great, but catching lots of fish is more fun than not catching a lot of fish. Smaller/lighter is often better too. Most people want a Canal or Montauk set-up, but they really need a jersey shore set up. You can land schoolie stripers and fluke from shore with an inshore rod, they can be more fun and easier to handle too. So I guess long story short, buy what makes you happy and will set you up to catch more fish in the manner in which you intend to use your new tool. And buying 1 more expensive rod is often cheaper than buying a bunch of cheap rods in the long run.
  5. I was throwing bait and an 8oz pyramid sinker at Cape Point OBX not too long ago on the 12' Mojo Spinning. The thing is a beast, its the closest thing you're getting to a Hatteras Heaver off the rack for most people. Down there they throw mostly conventional reels with braid on light(er) 13'ers, so the big spinner is a little out of place. The ocean masters are pretty sweet too. I got a crazy deal on my mojo, but truthfully, nobody needs an expensive chunking stick. Picking up the thread a couple of years later, but I had to defend my beloved South Jersey Garbageman Special #24hoursoak #AtlanticCityOrBust #NationalTeacherAppreciationDayBlitz #ThatsSomeGoodBunker
  6. Yeah I had the VSX. My advice would be, you're going to want the Van Staal anyways, you only have a few weeks left in the fall run. Fish she $#!+ out of what you currently have, if it dies in December then NBD. But save am extra $200-250 and just get a lightly used VS or VSX or even VR on the BST forum. You're less likely to be thinking of getting a new reel next spring too. You'll have it for life.
  7. I think I'm going to end up getting the Grumpy's Sandstorm. That thing is really light and was "set up for how we fish in NJ". So I guess that's my answer. I don't want to shut down the thread because it looks like other people are starting to ask questions now. But I appreciate all of the helpful contributions from everyone in the SOL community. You guys are the best!
  8. All right, this is what I was looking for! The Triumph looks a little too light to be a true "all arounder", that Mojo Surf looks closer to what I'd be looking for though. On a side note: I learned my lesson about buying from the big box, I support Tackle World when I'm in Northern Jersey, Grumpy's when in South Jersey, and Master Bait & Tackle in Bonita Springs, FL. Even though I'm a little down on Tsunami's surf rods at the moment, I am still eying the Carbon Shield II 7'6"MH for Florida this winter can and also be used to throw lures under 1oz. They're still one of our local brands and perhaps the best bang for your buck in the game. And yes Tsunami's warranty has always been been great. If I bought it somewhere other than Dick's I would have brought it back to the store.
  9. Wow this is literally the first meh report I've gotten about ODM, literally everyone swears by them. But rods break, and a 15 year warranty on the new St Croix Avid for $100 more has got me hesitant to buy even from other very well known companies. I love Tsunami's customer service, but I've also broken enough of their rods that I'm not buying from them anymore (part of the reason I'm hesitant to drop big $ on a SaltX).
  10. 100%. I'd love to do the ODM but I'm a little wary of the 1 year warranty. I love the warranty on St. Croix, but I have trouble rationalizing paying for the high end models. If a St. Croix breaks it still costs $ to replace. I feel like if you take care of your stuff you might not need the warranty, but you never know. There's also some demo days coming up. I just need to make a decision sooner than later so I'm not stuck doing the rest of the fall on a travel surf rod.
  11. I've always heard great things about them. Is that what you have?
  12. What 9' and what is the lure/load rating? Do you prefer something that can throw more at the top end or something that can get away with throwing things on the lighter end?
  13. Thanks so much! You don't think 10' is too much for the small reel?
  14. If you bought it at a local shop, take it back there and see if they'll swap it out for you. Tsunami has a great warranty and some shops will take care of you knowing that Bimini Bay/Tsunami will take care of them. I broke my original Airwave yesterday. #FeelingYourPain
  15. I just got a VSX150 on the forum. As luck would have it, I broke my 10' Airwave the first time I used it. Thankfully I bought insurance on it at Dicks when I purchased it. Now I have a nice little gift card to put towards a new rod. I MOSTLY fish NJ beaches but will make it to LI 1-3 times per year and up to MA 1-2 times per year. The vast majority of my time will be spent throwing bucktails, artificials and plugging (and in the summer put it on a 7'6" MHF St Croix Mojo Inshore for fluke and smaller species). Now I don't need an all arounder that can try to do Montauk and the Canal, but something I can use on NJ beaches + jetties, but can also be used if I visit family "Out East" would be ideal. As I just learned through experience, a good warranty matters, but I can also get 2-3 rods before I pay for 1 St. Croix legend. I'm looking at a 9' Grumpy's Sandstorm (3/4-3oz)... I held it at the show last year and was impressed. I also like the 2021 9' St. Croix Triumph (1/2-2.5oz) and the 2020 St. Croix Avid Surf 9' (1-4oz). QUESTION: Grumpys describes the Sandstorm as designed for NJ. What does the perfect NJ Surf Rod that mean to you and how do you fish in NJ? What rod/reel combination do you use in NJ (when not deep in the 24 hour soak #GarbageMan). What rod pairs best with this reel and allows me to do the most. For years I've almost exclusively fished IBSP (fishing with the family) but this year and in the future, I want to see more of what NJ has to offer when fishing saltwater from shore, jetty or maybe even pier. Let's see where this goes (let's pretend there's no budget, then work our way back to reality when we get some consensus). Thank you, tight lines, and happy Sunday!