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  1. Yup. Just made a nice scratch yesterday in the reel foot of my new Battle II. I was trying to cut the zip tie that comes holding it to the rod when you get the combo.
  2. Does anybody have any suggestions on what to use for catching Striped Bass and Bluefish on the sound?
  3. Spending the money, losing lures, and dealing with the OCD from scratches on my gear.
  4. Fixed. Found another thread.
  5. Today, while I was opening the bail housing on my Penn Battle II 6000, multiple components sprung out. I was able to recover them, but I need help putting them back into their correct positions. Please PM me if you can help. I can then provide photos.
  6. Daiwa BG or Penn Battle II. 4000 or 4500 size. Sub-$150
  7. Alright. I think I’m gonna do a 5000 BG. Thanks for the help, guys.
  8. Do you think I should get this, or a 5000 Daiwa BG for small to medium blues and stripers?
  9. Thanks, guys. I’ve heard good things about it. Good to hear all the positives are true.
  10. There’s not much going on on Long Beach Island.
  11. Like you’re gonna catch anything over there!
  12. I’m considering purchasing an Okuma Surf-8K. Does anybody have experience with this reel, and wish to contribute any information about it?
  13. Hi, y’all. I’m thinking of getting the Daiwa BG Spinning Reel. Anybody have experience with this reel?
  14. Recently, I noticed I can no longer like posts, or edit my own. What could be a reason for this? Also, how do you PM people?
  15. Alright! Thanks! That was really helpful. Everybody keeps naming the expensive stuff, but I just needed the name of something I could make use of. You gave me a bunch of options to look into. Happy fishing, HH!