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  1. What’s the difference between spinning and casting? I saw two versions of this rod on the website. Thanks.
  2. That’s what I did for blackfishing. The best time to flip the rock is at low tide.
  3. This is what I would want if I didn’t just pick up a 1064s 2 days ago (for $250). Any chance for a trade and I would pay the difference of your asking price for local pickup? 1064s is very nice but one piece. I would prefer 2 pieces because I always leave it in my car.
  4. Tim, I understand what you said and fully support you enforcing the rules. However, on my part, I said "if the potential buyer changes his mind, then I'll take it and pick it up from you". I did not offer a better deal to the seller. All I want to do is to get in line as a second buyer in case the first one changes his mind. At least that's how I interpret it as well as how other forums operate. Of course, it's your forum and you have your own interpretation. If you think I violate your rule here, I can leave the forum. Thanks for your time.
  5. Actually, I’m closer to Long Beach. That would work for me I realized I made a mistake once I hit submit. Haha.
  6. Personally, this is one of the best rods for surfcasting. From 1 oz Deadly Dick/Epoxy Jig to 3 oz sinker, I could cast it further than my other rods such as St Croix and Lamiglas with similar ratings.
  7. It’s a Toyota and Lexus.
  8. Pick up some sport tape and wrap the finger if need. That’s what I’ve been doing and found it useful.
  9. I mostly fish for blues/stripers on lures in NYC/LI area. Occasionally, I would go for flukes on bucktail+Gulp. I have a Tsunami Elite 962m which I love but it’s a bit long and I am not a big fan of 70/30 split.
  10. I could not find it in stock anywhere. Does G Loomis still make this? I've been looking at the 8 ft / 9 ft version. Also looking at the new St. Croix Avid series. Any recommendations?
  11. I bought a 7/8 oz today and apparently, it's made differently than 1.25 oz. Seems that 7/8 oz has a plastic layer.
  12. Just wondering if anyone used a steelhead rod for light surfcasting application... and how well would it perform if yes?