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  1. deal fell through, was not big enough for the buyers surf rod, I still have it, LEts try 160 !
  2. yours, sold, sending pm now! Thanks.
  3. Hey all, no one wanted a trade, but i have this like new ballistic 4000 lt almost brand new, 10/10 mechanical and cosmetic Im looking to sell. 175, no line on it. Pics can be found on the old thread.
  4. How did that stradic hold up?
  5. I’ve seen bigger. Jk nice fish
  6. Ok Deal, ill throw in some lures too. Thanks man. Pm coming.
  7. Title says it all. Looking for an fl honestly I just don’t like the red and black. Its smooth, used 3 or four times. No box or papers. Def recycled them at some point which was stupid. Original owner, only used in fresh water. going to take the line off tonight.
  8. Thats exactly what i need! You willing to trade, I can get you new pictures right now, with the updated line.
  9. Fantastic reel, nothing against them! I just have 3. Sorry, but thanks for the response!
  10. hows the condition? any line, last service?
  11. Thats the sw or the fj? Im leaning to the silver one but might be interested in the trade!-Hows condition, I just cant justify such a big reel thats never used-
  12. Here’s images, from earlier this year. Only difference now is it has 50 lb green line, as I took the 80 off for a Tuna rig .hasn’t been used since.
  13. Used a handful of times. Never dunked. Loaded with 50 pound kanzen braid, I will unbox it and grab some pics, couple scuffs on handle , 10/10 mechanical 9.5/10 cosmetic looking for a trade. I just fish inshore now. Local meetup in Boston , but also willing to ship. thank you all, stay safe. Looking for 3-5 k newer reel. Twinpower 2020, certate , exist . No old Stella’s. Some cash towards the trade if need be.