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  1. ignorant or funny? what are you talking about?
  2. I have 10 bags(11 shown, but i took one this am, of arkansas shiner and silver blue herring 9 inch bulk packs. 105 shipped.
  3. everythings trash except the senko
  4. Oh sorry missed your response, ok cool. i'm actually out of town until Tuesday fishing,(last minute thing) but I can look when I get back- and we can arrange paypal- Thanks !
  5. if you find the right bass to eat it will work, me, complete waste of money for 17 bucks. throw a zara, although this looks like a cheaper berkely one,
  6. i have a few evergreens in the same form, pencil pop bass bait. Never caught a bass on one. only stripers. change the hooks if you plan to use them in salt, inline 1/0 for me.
  7. going to keep it together, one of the other posters retracted the offer for an individual bag. If it doesn't sell by tomorrow im going to close
  8. Wow thats expensive, I thought they were knock off savage gears or something with those paint jobs lol
  9. could you do 55? and i can sell the larger bag to shu.
  10. ok, ill let you know if i split it. 20 is fine, if i do.
  11. would like to keep it together if possible,
  12. gonna let it ride a bit longer
  13. I will let you know, going to let it run for a lil longer, Thanks for your interest