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  1. Kicked up brown. All over In the boat today. Whole tank gone
  2. Soco dead and nasty
  3. Haha. I’m doing a large scale cleaning and selling, but the girlfriend won’t be shipped. She just got a Stella. Let Me know if you want this. I topped off the braid last night
  4. they fish the same exact way as epoxys. Same with the new mighty fish ones.
  5. Eh epoxys feel like your selling your soul every time you hit bait shops but they work, this is my rotation,
  6. 50 shipped
  7. stellas are nicer. how about 30 and u pick one more to add... If he says no, lot is now 68 shipped.
  8. Glad I could help, it was awesome!
  9. Gatr. Call surf land in plum island and ask for Martha. If she won’t ship I’ll pick one up next time I’m out there. Or call canal b and t.
  10. If this offer still stands I will take it. Bought another Stella for Albie season for my girlfriend and a broke my cardinal rule of not selling beforehand. Any cash helps hah. Pm on the way.
  11. oh yeah, all the time. Hurting something we care so much about. its super bizarre. But fishing keeps me together mentally.
  12. great sending pm now.
  13. Closing this up for now and going to try to make a quick sale elsewhere. Just bought a new Stella, need that money back haha Thanks
  14. 1.5 oz epoxy olive. 5/8 blue, pink crippled herring , 1.25 sand eel , .1.5 unknown, 5 jig player 10 grams. Super light but deadly. And some 5 gram tiny tiny micro jigs. 30 bucks shipped