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  1. SoMoCo this evening, incoming tide. Not much life visible but finally broke the skunk. Landed 2 around 24" as it got dark, one on a black bomber, one on a green teaser. Lost one and had one jumping rat that I let unhook itself.
  2. Long lost Sandy victim under the house
  3. Can't remember the last time I saw one. "Sea star wasting disease" wiped them out years ago and they haven't recovered, though I'm sure burying the survivors didn't help. Not a new disease, but warmer water may have made it worse.
  4. Kinda brown, 7' waves really churning things up. A few mixed weeds 'n' leaves in some spots and snagged a couple jellyfish remnants, but not terrible.
  5. MoCo out front this evening. Rough surf and quite a few guys fishing, skunk all around except one guy who was crushing it.
  6. I did! and one schoolie when it got dark
  7. MoCo out front before sunset 3 days in a row. Finally broke the skunk tonight at last light with a chunky 25". Had a tap a little earlier but otherwise dead, quite a few guys fishing but didn't see anyone hook up.
  8. Agree with what others have said. Great rod, super light, really launches the small stuff. 70/30 split makes it longer when broken down if that's a concern.
  9. Laughed harder than I should have at that one
  10. MoCo, covered 2 miles of beach starting at slack low. Nothing until sunset. One and done!
  11. Out front MoCo this evening for about an hour around high tide, good size shore break but flat and clean. Small schoolie about 18" on a black bomber, almost swallowed the damn thing. Wish a got a picture, never fished for stripers before but it had been out of the water long enough. Revived successfully. Nothing else for me, but the old man foul hooked a snapper with the same lure. Small school of what might have been bunker in the wash getting harassed occasionally, or just being jumpy.
  12. MoCo out front yesterday evening for first 2 hours of outgoing. Diamond jig and bucktail, skunk. Water fairly warm and surprisingly clean. Really big waves, some sets easily over 6'. At least the surfers were catching something!