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  1. Respectfully offering $80
  2. Awesome. I will send you details later this afternoon when I get home from work.
  3. One 1.5 oz slow sinking glidebait. It’s roughly 5”. $35. Very hard to find.
  4. I am going to stick to $35. Thank you for the offer.
  5. I’ve read your article about a season without eels about half a dozen times. (If that’s you). That’s a great read!
  6. Hi Steve, I would like to trade for that bunker jetty swimmer along with the one I circled please. By the way, are you a writer as well?
  7. I just saw you made a deal. Congrats on that!
  8. I defer to goldy because he got the pics up first and I forgot to post these yesterday. If there are plugs I like from what is left of your offerings we can also make a deal.
  9. I’ll take the surface giant
  10. I think I have one in my garage. I’ll post a pic tomorrow. Instead of the darter, do you have any pikies?
  11. What kind of plug is #7?
  12. Respectfully offering $100
  13. Since this post I decided to purchase the drag knob but I’m really frustrated with the way the two phone calls that I made went. In my opinion the tone of one of the reps was condescending and I felt he could have been more helpful but it is what it is. I’m paying $40 for what I believe should have been sent for free. This situation has been resolved in that the drag knob is on the way. I opted to not send the reel to their service center because the rep told me that I’d be paying for shipping both ways and if the tech did not determine that it was a manufacturing error, I’d be paying anyways. I think I may regret not choosing this route but I just wanted to get this over with and fix the reel. I didn’t see anywhere that anybody else has this problem with the drag knob so I just ate it. Prior to this decision, a different rep referred me to their service center in Massachusetts. I called that shop and the gentleman told me he wished Daiwa would stop telling people that and he did not like working with them. He considered their customer service to be poor.
  14. Has anybody had issues with the certate drag knob? Mine broke off at some point but I’m not sure how or when. The reel was fishable and I didn’t notice because it continued to work despite being loosely held on. So far I’ve had a bad experience with their customer service in regard to this problem but that’s an ongoing situation that I hope they will resolve.
  15. Nevermind haha sorry I didn’t read your post closely paddletail!
  16. I respectfully rescind my offer.
  17. Milliseconds!
  18. I’ll take the asylum
  19. I was fascinated with the mikes thread and missed this!
  20. This is a fun game! I’d offer $200 for yellow commander, any ditch witch, and the yellow headbanger and a pikie.
  21. Gold Mine! If you split I'd make offers on the yellow commander and yellow headbanger, and a ditchwitch.
  22. Hope you’re feeling better.
  23. Would you accept a future firstborn child?