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  1. another dumb question from a new fisherman. What exactly is mung? Is it a form of algae or a seaweed? Is it a bacteria?
  2. pukey pukey
  3. fishing will be taking a back seat to the Sox and MVPapi... striped bass all over the coast will be praising mr. ortiz for giving them a head start on their long ride south.
  4. Wollaston beach was erupting today with blues. I caught 5 today... 2 of which were about 25". One of the bastards knicked me up on my hand... rookie mistake.
  5. My mother eats the fish, so maybe I'll stop bringin them home from now on. Thanks for the advice, but since they are migratory fish I figured they'd be alright.
  6. what is a low-mercury blue? How can you tell how much mercury is in a bluefish? I know wolly's water was polluted but I was told it was ok.
  7. I was thinking about buying a Daiwa Emcast Plus 4500 reel with a penn rod with cork grips. Any feedback on the reel in particular? I'm told by the baitshop owner that it is one of the best reels for surfcasting.
  8. I agree with you on the thinking that these people were incompetant... however, I have a gut feeling the cops may have been missing on purpose. I'm sure we're not the only ones that saw them for being irresponsible about keeping dogs.
  9. wolly beach is finally producing fish however the majority of the bass goin through there arent keepers... but i saw a 30" blue get caught today.
  10. caught two 20" stripers tonight... used a small minnow rather than the big popper i had been using. if wolly is this active, i cant imagine what the more productive spots are like. i looked over in black's creek on my walk back to my car and saw the stripers jumpin all over the place in there, i'll give that a try tomorrow. thanks to everybody that gave me fishing advice, it finally paid off. next time around im gonna get a couple keepers rather than the babies.
  11. Being the novice that I am, this may be a very foolish question... Is it possible to catch anything during the winter from shore? (other than a cold)
  12. I've lived in Quincy for most of my life now and I've just finally bought a rod. I've only fished Wollaston Beach this past month (only a couple bites, no fish). I need a better spot on the South Shore. I've been using clams, mackerel chunk, and poppers. Any and all advice is greatly needed. Thank you.
  13. thanks for the directions. i got out there today... the only thing anybody caught was skates. nasty little things. im hearing that september is typically a good month for stripers. (yes im new... just graduated from college so now that im not either drunk or studying, i have time to fish) anybody familiar with nut island and what can be caught off that pier in mid august? any chance of tautog being around there? i just wanna catch something.
  14. I know nut island is in houghs neck, but where exactly is it?? i could probably find it on my own but it would be easier if I could get directions.
  15. by the way, thank you for all the help. the info provided here has been the most helpful i've seen so far.
  16. I was under the impression that there were no lifers at plymouth county... however if he's there i know a guard there and he can kick mr. reid right in his terrorist balls
  17. I fished Wolly beach for the last time for a long time... nothing but frustration but a good learning experience for a new angler. I got a couple bites but nothing big enough that I would say it was a striper... any other small fish run through there? like mackerel or shad? it felt like something smaller than a striper. I will try Squantum and the marina... i also had a question about where in stoddard's neck to people fish. i get in the parking lot and i dont know where to walk to. i saw a yacht club that was members only.
  18. I fish from shore.