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  1. Any needlefish.
  2. I’ll take them
  3. What’s the weight on the green point?
  4. If 6 is still available I’ll take it.
  5. Lost mine in the rocks… great productive plug. Any color will do but I’d prefer a darker color.
  6. Tight lines, Bill! I agree that his plugs are the best made that I throw.
  7. Looking to buy a mikes Z glide in any color.
  8. I’ll take the wadd and cowboy please
  9. Sounds good
  10. I respectfully offer $40.
  11. I think I have one of these bottle plugs as well. Are you all set with the one?
  12. The plug is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you @wjtoggin. Thread closed.
  13. I lost mine on a rock last night. I am kicking myself because I knew it was risky. I want to replace it. Any color will do.
  14. Thank you, I will buy the red head from you. Please message me your PP address. chase
  15. Thanks, Lou. I love those builders. I’m looking for a bigger bodied Danny like the cigar.
  16. Admins are aware of my transaction and others involving this member. I was instructed to communicate with him on the post. I’ve messaged him through PayPal and here since the second week in May. There were two messages where he said he’d send the plug. I hope he’s ok but at this point it’s time for a refund. Since you’re on my post, do you have a ccw cigar?
  17. @Lou T why do you ask?
  18. He had messaging privileges when he accepted my PP payment. They have since been rescinded according to admins.
  19. If you split I’m interested in the Redfin
  20. @ChronicAngler I found out that you can’t receive private messages. I am asking for a full refund on this transaction. Please provide this ASAP. I hope everything is ok with you but it has been far too long without communication or the plug being mailed.
  21. 10 tail flags please. 5 yellow and 5 white
  22. 5 white teasers with red heads please. I’m thinking 3/0 please
  23. Package received! What kinds of plugs are the pikie and bottle darter I got?
  24. Lot 7 please
  25. I’ll take the GRS.