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  1. I never thought I’d learn so much or even be entertained by watching somebody talk about the insides of a fishing reel. Thank you, Scooby for helping me make informed decisions on gear.
  2. Good luck and thank you for those that keep this forum running.
  3. These are valid points that I didn’t think about. Part of me thinks it would be fun to learn but part of me is worried that I’d mess up an expensive reel.
  4. I used to have 2 different species of peacock bass as pets. They are remarkable predators. I threw a tennis ball to my dog near the tank one time and a tidal wave hit the side of the glass as all 3 went after the ball immediately. I can imagine fishing topwater for them is incredible.
  5. I can’t wait for the vid.
  6. I think it might be time to watch some YouTube videos and learn to do it myself.
  7. It cost just over $100. I had never had it serviced before (shamefully). I was actually wondering if that was typical and if people do this every year. I went through the Van Staal website and used one of the service centers that they list. The gentleman from the tackle shop said it was a typical price for an annual servicing.
  8. Thank you everyone. I'll fish it with confidence that it won't fall apart now.
  9. Thank you. I was hoping that’s what this was.
  10. Hello, I just had my VS250 services and returned to me. It came back with this bag. I am not sure what to do with it. Is it typical to receive a bag of parts after sending out your reel for servicing?
  11. I took the rod out three times this weekend. It didn’t feel too stiff and it flung crankbaits out there fine. I’m concerned about these breaks you are talking about. I may look into exchanging the rod.
  12. Im going to test out the MM spinning rod for crankbaits this afternoon. It feels stiff but hopefully it casts well and has better feel than I'm thinking it does.
  13. Does anybody have any experience with these Abu rods? I've seen mixed reviews about the spinning versions of these.
  14. I am not a huge fan of the Lami insane surf rod. I have the 9ft and I don’t like the feel of it. Tackle direct has a sale on st. Croix avid surf rods that might be worth checking out.
  15. I just took the 3000 out to a pond to toss some senkos. This is the smoothest reel I’ve ever fished and it’s not even close. I was thinking about putting a Gomexus Power knob on it but I think I love the handle too.