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  1. 8’ ODM DNA with a Daiwa Certate LT 5000. Light as a feather and had held up fine.
  2. Mine has been solid so far. I haven’t caught anything other than giant beds of seaweed in the canal but the reel winched them in. It’s a lot of fun to fish with.
  3. If I do that, do I risk removing the magseal fluid too?
  4. I put two drops in.
  5. So as the title states I made a mistake by putting oil on the line roller of my Certate LT. I had put oil on the parts I was supposed to and then read the word “line roller” and did that as well without giving it much thought. I shared the directions. How bad of a screw up is this and what is the fix?
  6. Great card all around. I wish Yorgan didn’t hurt his foot and put it on Hardy. ferguson isn’t human. His body went into zombie mode and he just kept going.
  7. Daiwa Certate LT is my favorite reel ever. I’ve been beating on it this season and it’s smooth as butter.
  8. Thanks... I had no idea what it was. I should amend my original post. I was fishing an inlet, not a river mouth. There is a river but I wasn’t near it.
  9. I got this guy on the outgoing tide near the mouth of a river. He hit a teaser.
  10. Today I had a schoolie about that size hit a 2oz bucktail that it had no business eating. I now have my answer. Thank you.
  11. This is a dumb question... are the bigger schoolies, say around 20” or so, eating these guys? They seem too big for them to eat. I’ve thrown bigger plugs to see if the schoolies would hit something that big but it didn’t work.
  12. It’s not a racist act to report a crime or inform people that they are doing something wrong. I totally understand the hesitation to get into a confrontation though.
  13. I've only seen/caught a fish on the Buzzards Bay side. I hope that they are up by me this weekend (Quincy). While the gas prices have been favorable, I don't feel like driving an hour to go fishing again. Any luck on the South Shore?
  14. Caught this guy on a 1/2oz spro with a short otter tail at an estuary.