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  1. I was hoping to find one closer to home.
  2. wanted to buy silver penn torgue II 5500 TRQII5500S
  3. I had a Daiwa saltiest 4000 and when I would cast the Bail would slam shut. After donating several lures I bought a Penn SpinFisher. Which I still have and really love but wanted the Salt X.
  4. It’s new only used it a few times. I am away for the weekend but when I get home I can take a pic.
  5. Does anyone who owns a Tsunami Salt x 4000 have an issue with your line not sitting on the line roller properly after a cast and getting stuck between the line roller and the bail arm? If so any suggestions on how to fix it?
  6. Looking for suggestions for a light weight 5000 size spinning reel.
  7. I would consider but the drive to Florida would be rather long
  8. Terry really not sure what the difference in trade value would be. if you would like to message me what you are considering and pics of your reel then we can go from there
  9. matt boyer will do. I would rather trade. BTW i live only 30 miles north of you and work in the Reading area.
  10. I live in eastern pa. about 80 miles north of Philadelphia
  11. Want to trade my VS 150 with power knob for a penn torque 5500 with a bail. The VS 150 was only fished 1 time last year. If interested I will add pics.
  12. She has two, but i would not wish them on my worst enemy. To say I got the cream of the crop would be an understatement. I did add a pic of one of them If you are still interested
  13. I wish there was an all black model. Does anyone know if there is? I only see silver and gold.
  14. My wife knows how much I enjoy to make and fish with bucktails, so she surprised me today with this. I just had to share it.