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  1. Hopefully the beginning of a long season. I touched base with a guy that guides (yaks) out of Larry's. We talked for almost an hour and he seems like a really nice guy. Very reasonable prices and he's pretty dialed in to what's going on . Said his brother is the owner of **** in Conn and he does all his guiding in a Jackson (not sure which model) rigged with a trolling motor. Counting days till then.
  2. In a word it sucks. If it’s obvious they’ve been out very recently, I bail and go somewhere else. Usually settles down in a few days. They typically stay to the “main “ lake and the outlying areas are relatively unaffected. Not sure how many times they do this a summer but I always have a plan B just in case.
  3. Mostly milfoil but hydrilla too. My favorite lake they have an eco harvester there full time in summer for the milfoil. Bloody mess after they spend the day weeding. I’ve paddled the OB a lot this summer.
  4. Was wondering how prop drives do in weeds compared to the mirage drive. I've done a lot more freshwater this year which has me going into some pretty weedy areas in my Outback. Have to say, the mirage does pretty well in all but the weediest spots. I'm sort of pre- scouting a possible new boat for next year. Haven't ruled out a PA (not the 360 one) but think I'm leaning towards an OT or Native. Mostly fish smaller lakes/ponds with dirt ramps and I own a pickup so transport shouldn't be a problem. Unlike in saltwater, for freshwater I bring the kitchen sink. 5-6 rods avg, crate etc. Any info appreciated. Thx T
  5. Thanks, I'm going straight braid, no backing.
  6. Need to put line on 3 Spinfisher V 4500 spools. They hold 280yds of 20lb braid which is what I plan on using. Any disadvantage to having backing when targeting albies ( shore & yak ) ? If no how much backing should I use? Thx T
  7. Yes, same company. It’s a resin minnow. Looks just like an epoxy minnow. Less colors available
  8. I mostly fish the reg epoxy jigs (for albies) and, as usual lost some to the jetties last year. Never fished either of these, they're supposed to be much more durable ? The soft-poxy is slightly lighter than the reg epoxy .Hogy hooks are VMC, Fish Snax hooks are listed as 3X strong. Any info, good, bad , same, would be appreciated. Thx T
  9. Only time I use straight braid these days Is when fishing a hollow body frog over heavy cover. In salt, braid to fluoro with a swivel. Freshwater, braid to fluoro with an FG knot. ^^ This
  10. Have been watching this thread with some interest as I've got an "albie supply" order coming up for a trip in Sept. Sounds like TD is working hard to resolve the issues but there's still problems. Will likely wait a bit and hopefully things will get sorted out. I've never had a problem with a TD order although this year I've not used them as much as TW for freshwater stuff.
  11. Heading to MV again in Sept. In spite of all the GWS talk I'm bringing the Outback, target albies. The wife doesn't fish so, shore or yak I'll be solo. Had a great shore year last year and fish weren't hard to find. Made some inquiries into a yak guide to no avail ( one number no call back). If you're going to be there between 9/21 -10/4 and would be interested in meeting up, give me a shout. Hopefully they'll be in thick and can salvage this disappointing season. T
  12. Planning on making my first trip to Chebacco Lake next week with my Hobie Outback. I know there's a ramp with about 14 spots which I'm assuming fill up fast. Probably will shoot for an early A.M launch. Wondering how crazy it gets out there with boat traffic if it ends up being a P.M launch?Do you know if you can park on Chebacco Rd if the lot is full? Any info appreciated. Thanks T
  13. STRIPERSONLINE.COM We'll help you catch more fish! (just not in the canal...that's "our" spot)
  14. Yes, SOT
  15. I guess by novice I mean, having freshwater experience with very limited salt experience. He says he can self rescue but don't think there has been much practice. I'm probably being overly cautious and I agree that with self rescue practice in salt, on an incoming (weather and tide permitting) they would probably be fine. I said ride the incoming up sound the last couple hours till slack and go back out on the outgoing.