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  1. The hooks on the BullyWa2 are pretty tight to the body out of the package. A little tweaking should fix that
  2. 3X. I fish the River2Sea in more open water or sparse cover situations because it has a great walk the dog action. If you're fishing it in open water, don't be shy about bending those hooks up and out. If you're mixing in heavy cover like pads and grass back off a bit. I'll run my finger along the back till it the hook just catches . If you're missing strikes regularly try bending them a bit more.
  3. Interested in RM/ Johnny Collab if you split. Thanks
  4. #7 is a Winch. Nice plug
  5. Bump. Trade any of these for new RM Peanut Pikies in scale patterns / colors I don't have
  6. 5 new RM Peanuts and a Peanut Pikie. Trade for new Peanut Pikies in scale patterns / colors I don't have.
  7. Got this new Peanut Pikie and a few misc. AH, Outcast, Alan's Squid Dart, Winch Softail, Hahn .Everything's new. Interested in the NIP
  8. Thanks but just looking for new. Giants , Jelly Beans , Peanuts, work too
  9. Those are great Mike. Reverse Bullhead, another tough one. Very cool.
  10. New Mullets. Looking for new RM No Name Swimmers, Jenny Swimmers, Big Eyes, 2oz Swimmers & Peanut Pikies in scale patterns.
  11. Nice Mike, that's a tough one !
  12. Nice stuff ! Like the Reverse Tequila. Here's a few new ones. He calls the small pikie color " Fruit Stripe Gum".
  13. Chris Morello aka - Winch