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  1. Last year I bought a Malone Versa- Rail and added their " Sea Wing" cradle for the same reason.I needed something to put on my wife's Nissan Rogue which we take to MV each September. Hers is the base model with no roof rails.I got the wings because I have a 2017 Outback and it helps keep the funky hull shape "locked in". Have to say it worked great. I basically left it on the roof the whole time (2wks). One thing to note, when you run the tie down straps through the car and cinch them down you create a small gap in the weatherstrip on the doors and it WILL leak a little. Otherwise its pretty easy to put on and take off. The rails alone are around $150. Good Luck T
  2. Still looking to add a heavy action rod to the arsenal to fish hollow body frogs/ jigs from the kayak. Need something with enough backbone to drag em out of the slop but enough tip to make an accurate cast. Budget $150- $200. Would prefer a rod no longer than 7'. Considering a Dobyns Sierra 705C which is their Mag Heavy. Have heard that Dobyns Sierras fish a bit slower than Furys and Champs and that their power ratings tend to be lower than what they're rated. Any input welcome. Thanks T
  3. 2X on the FG knot. Takes a little practice but works great. No problems going through guides. Many different ways to " finish " it, they all work. Give it a try
  4. In the salt I fish 2 rods, no crate. I cram a day's worth of plugs into the rectangular hatch bucket of my OB. Works. In freshwater, different story. I love the variety of techniques (for LMB) and fish them all. Usually bring 4 rods minimum.This is my 1st freshwater season for the OB (moving on from my OT Kingfisher canoe) so some kind of crate with rod holders seems to make sense. Probably will go the DIY route for now.
  5. Hobie H Crate, Yakattack Blackpack, WS Kayak Krate to name a few. All well made with tons of features and mounting options. All have price tags well North of $100.Worth It? I hear a lot of guys saying that they a) love their crate and that they b) feel like they overpaid for what, in the end is a plastic crate. Likes, dislikes? DIY crate just as good? T
  6. Looking at this rod as a (mostly) dedicated frog rod for the kayak. It’s advertised as a jig skipping rod with a quick tip and lots of backbone which seems like just what I’m after. Will be putting a Curado K HG on it. Pretty open as far as what I get. Like to stay around $200. Also leaning towards rods that are less than 7’ long. Never owned a Daiwa rod so I’ m unfamiliar with their power ratings . Any kayak frog rod suggestions or experience with the Tat 6’9” Heavy would be welcome. Thanks T
  7. Looking for a rod to throw smaller squarebills (1.5 ) and lipless crankbaits from my kayak. Probably don't want to go longer than 7'. Budget is around $ 225.00 Thanks T
  8. Thinking about picking up a spare drive for my 2017 Outback. Some of the places I go and distances I cover I can't imagine having to paddle out of. Not to mention down time if there's a mechanical issue, parts etc. Do you bring your spare with you, leave in car and which version do you have. Newer 180 drive or older GT ? Thanks T
  9. How many rods do you bring to cover most largemouth situations ? Right now, I'm at 4. A spin setup for finesse stuff, ned rig, shaky, etc. A dedicated crankbait rod, and 2 other baitcast combos to cover jigs,t-rig, frogs, chatterbaits etc. Most of these combos will get used for different things, but I could see myself adding at least one(or more) more baitcast combo for topwater or maybe larger swimbaits. At some point it definitely becomes "need vs want" and I'll admit I'm a gear junkie. Curious what other people bring to feel like you've got your bases covered for LMB? Thanks T
  10. Looking to add a baitcast combo for the kayak and this is the "short list" for reels. On paper, it will be used for Texas Rigs, Jigs, Frogs but will likely be a multi tasker. My feeling is that any one of these reels would be a good choice but ultimately I have to pick one. Very curious about the Curado DC. This is a new animal to me and I guess I wonder about the lifespan of the DC unit/ chip ? I saw Scooby's vid on the Curado K's fine adjustment dial being stuck, a little worrying. I fondled one at my local bait and tackle and while it took some effort to move, it did move and would hopefully loosen up with regular use? Looking for any feedback about any of these reels. Thanks T
  11. Thanks for the pics ATV and all the responses. I've got some PVC laying around and will be giving that a try on the C-Tug soon. Maybe even wrap the PVC with some rubbery material to make it stickier. That Trailtrekker system looks pretty sweet too. Their Maximus sized cart goes to 40" and looks super easy to use. Watched a vid on YouTube with that cart on an Outback. Nice for loading onto a pickup which is what I drive.
  12. I'm currently using the Hobie Trax 2 cart to transport my 2017 Outback. No problems thus far so I guess I'm inclined to say " if it ain't broke". However, recent discussions about scupper carts in general have given me reason to rethink this method. I don't invert the cart through the holes while on the water, rather it sits on the gunwales and is bungeed down. Works good. I also own a C-Tug Sandtrakz cart. I only used it once, it didn't go well. Cart would slide off because of the lack of surface contact between the cart and hull. I replaced the cam straps with (2) ratcheting tie downs but that made little difference with the wet hull. Possibly some DIY cradle mod with the C -Tug? In spite of the heavy price tag of the Hobie cart, I'd put it "on the shelf" and use The C-Tug to prolong the life of the hull. What cart do you use for your Outback and how do you like it? If C-Tug or other how do you deal with the "hull shape challenge". Pro's ,Con's, Pics. Thanks T
  13. Good buddy of mine had a chunk of his nose removed because of skin cancer...its no joke. Most (salt) days I'm off the water before 9:00, but I plan on doing a lot more daytime freshwater this year. I don't own a mask yet but plan on getting one. I wear glasses/ sunglasses so looking for one with air holes. Maybe the Gillz or Aftco. Anyone wear these?
  14. I bought a 2017 Outback this past May which I've really enjoyed but have yet to take out in fresh water. I have a lot of bassy (LMB) water around where I live that I want to hit hard this spring. Until the Hobie , I did all my salt fishing from my Heritage Redfish 14 and fresh from my Old Town Kingfisher 14 .I can pitch and flip well enough from the canoe which is approx. 38" wide, super stable and easy to stand in. Not sure if standing in the Outback is in the cards. I have good balance, but I'm also 6'4" 220lbs. That experiment will wait till spring. I know doing a modified sidearm pitch or short roll cast is possible while seated. Just never done it. Do you pitch and flip from your yak? Standing, seated? Also, rod recommendations for a yak flippin/ froggin rod in the $250 range. Thanks T
  15. Godfather 1&2 Goodfellas The Natural Hoosiers