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  1. I have 3 Curado K’s and just ordered a fourth because my old Citica died. I prefer their centrifugal brakes to mag brakes and I’ve never had a problem with any Curado.They cast great. No bad choices on your list .
  2. Mushmouth Crease Fly Hollow Fleye Deceiver Flatwing +1 Surf Candy
  3. New 2018 Fixter Darter Trade for a new Cannon plug
  4. It is open to pedestrians and cyclists sunrise to sunset so you could park & walk but you'd only be able to fish that small strip @ lot 1 ( or head North) because of the Plovers.I do the paddle & park to Sandy Point from the other, other side.
  5. Cash Only, made that mistake once. Sucks but at least you can fish the north end. Newbury cop I spoke to over the weekend said " the town of Newbury doesn't want anyone coming to Plum Island now" and that he was "hearing" that the PRWR (gate) may stay closed the entire summer.
  6. Thanks Marc I’ll take it. Sending payment.
  7. How Much?
  8. So sorry to hear this Kevin. Sending thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
  9. New Fixter 6" Pikie Trade for a new Cannon Plug or color not in pic
  10. Small school of handcarves. Thanks SOL'ers who helped add to these.
  11. Mushroom & Leek Tart w/ Roasted Garlic Mascarpone . Didn't last long
  12. New 2014 Pikie. Trade for a new condition Cannon Plug or color not in pic
  13. Also looking for Cannon boxes