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  1. Have a st croix trout 5'6, but it's 2 piece..
  2. If you're talking non guardian transducer plate, don't think you'll be able to get side scan.
  3. Was going to suggest that if you didnt need reverse I'd sell without the drive and you could pick up a used drive elsewhere. If you wanted the reverse I'd probably want $2k for it seeing as theres more than 2 years of warranty left (bought these august of last year)
  4. Thinking about selling one of my compasses that I bought last year. You looking for reverse? I have a papaya and camo.
  5. I actually took my compass out in pretty rough conditions (at least for me) and didn't have problems with chop. No surf launching for me though. One of the few kayaks where you can cartop 2 on a honda civic...
  6. This is why I wont demo the 360 until they make a model I can cartop.
  7. I feel like hobie needs to start putting those inserts they have on their passports in all their kayaks, looks like Elias has another drive well crack.
  8. If you're dragging these maybe look at one of feelfree's models with the wheel in keel model that might reduce direct scratching of the hull? I had looked into these as lightweight options before. Would recommend testing.. but that feature seems pretty ideal for ad hoc dragging. I don't know any kayak that will handle tons of oyster on hull abuse..
  9. Since I'm in the process of installing a fish finder and wiring up my kayak I did a little searching.. seems like a slightly more elegant solution than a baggie:
  10. Agreed. I originally recommended the vibe because I thought you wanted a paddle yak that you could eventually upgrade. But.. coming from a compass owner, the features on the vibe seem to be very well thought out. I'd have real problems deciding between the two boats if I was in the market again.. For PFDs you really have to find one that works for you.. most people go with high backs, but I'm a shorter guy so the high back doesn't clear the seat for me. Hobie recommends thinback PFDs so that's what I went with. Astral and Stohlquist have thinback models. I picked up a set at nextadventure for ~$40/each which are a steal considering what MSRP on those are.
  11. PFD

    After seeing this video - I'll never buy an inflatable for kayak. Dude probably had no business getting out there in that condition but that PFD looked like it was a huge hindrance to getting back on his kayak. I personally went with a thinback (Astral or Stolhquist has a few models) because I'm short and highback PFDs don't really clear the seat for me...
  12. Just want to keep everything in perspective as this would be on the upper end of your stated budget (which you did mention was flexible). As others have mentioned you will likely have to spend money on a good PFD (really don't skimp on this and try ON your kayak before you buy if you can...) and a cart, maybe a roof rack etc. One thing to note is that the kayak doesn't come with a paddle and you'll probably want a nice 230-250 cm paddle for a kayak this wide (can probably get a used one cheap but would do more research on that.. don't get a heavy sh*tty paddle if that is your main mode of propulsion). My kayak came with a decent-ish paddle but I'm pedaling 99% of the time so I won't make specific recommendations on a paddle. To answer your questions. The X drive is basically a copy of Hobie's old drives and do not go in reverse. You could just buy Hobie's drives which will fit into their pedal drive pod (Hobie's drives with reverse aren't cheap will run you ~$900 new). I am assuming you will buy the paddle version and upgrade later to an x drive or a hobie drive. The "upgrade" is really easy... just pick up the center pod and drop in the drive pod, takes 10 seconds and 0 tools. Steering the kayak will be done through a rudder at the back which you can control with foot braces while you're paddling and then with a hand control knob if you upgrade to a pedal drive. You will be able to mount the fish finder on the kayak through their pod I believe.. They JUST started shipping these things and people have been posting reviews. They've also released instructional videos on how to set it up and use them on youtube. I would recommend doing a search and watching some of the videos. Hopefully this helps, I went through this process last year and ended up spending far more than I budgeted for ... very easy to get carried away.
  13. Yeah getting one with down scan or "clearvu" ... have been guilty of trying to catch too many fish that turned out to be submerged branches...
  14. You would think fish finder manufacturers would be jumping at the chance to charge $10 a pop for cheap rubber caps
  15. So I'm in the market for 2 fish finders. The first unit I'm probably looking to get one with side view and maps - based on my reading it seems like the Garmin Echomap is gonna be the winner there (feel free to disagree but the thread is mostly to help with picking the second unit). The second unit doesn't need to be as fancy, it is for my wife and she does not fish without me. Still I'd like to get her something usable and teach her how to read and interpret a fish finder. I'm looking at a Garmin Striker Plus 4CV vs a 5CV at the moment. Any reason to go up from the 4 inch to a 5 inch display? I can't tell any difference between the two models other than screen size and in a kayak I'm not sure you really need anything more than a 4 inch display. Anyone have experience with making that decision and wants to chime in? I'd like to stick within the Garmin family if possible but if there are really compelling reasons to go elsewhere I'd be willing to entertain them.