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  1. Hah!
  2. Pulled this up the other day. Can anyone ID this. Ive never seen one before. .
  3. Recommend ODM DNA as well. Captree B & T is close to you and has them in stock last time I was there.
  4. Another vote for the three tube FJ Neil Surf Rite Supreme. You can find them for under $25 if you google it
  5. I asked the same question thru ODMs website. here is what I got back..... Thank you for your inquiry. In terms of action, Genesis is little more moderate, sensitive, and tip is softer comparing to similar rating in DNA. You may say Genesis is more finesse of a rod in terms of action. In casting DNA you can punch it little harder due to slightly faster action than Genesis. However, they both are effortless casting giving Genesis little more edge on that. They both have similar backbone power when it comes to fighting a fish. If you have any further questions, please let me us know. Team ODM 201.332.7900
  6. What length rod do you have your 4000 on and where did you get that knob for it?
  7. Penn has some great customer service. I have a CFII 5000 at home I bought for my newly acquired 9' rod and was debating bringing it back and swapping it out for a Slammer even tho tho the Slammer is alot heavier for a similar line capacity. I may give it a whirl after all
  8. I dont swim fish and if my reels get dunked its purely accidental. It is pretty light for a Penn for the amount of line they hold. About 2oz lighter then the Clash. Funny the Clash seems much better received seeing at is neary the same reel minus some resin bits
  9. What he said....Keep it clean and rinse off after use in and your golden. Very satisfied with mine
  10. Mostly positive reviews but no one recommend using this for surf applications. Guess I should move on to something else
  11. I did see that the handle is a little wonky. I guess they were trying to trim off some weight. I wonder if the slammer handle would fit.
  12. Any opinions on Penn Conflict 2 reels? I know the Slammers and Spinfishers get alot of love but dont hear much about the Conflicts. They appear very similar to the Clash line have 7+1 bearings and are pretty light for the amount of line they hold. Maybe the surf is not the place for a resin bodied reel?
  13. Just bought a new ODM and trying to find the right reel. This will be my first year fishing from the north shore during the fall so Ill have a lot to learn. Im sure
  14. I would agree with others. 40lb braid is overkill unless your fishing around alot of rocks. 20lb braid with 2'-3' shock leader of 30lb mono or flouro with a good swivel is what I typically use
  15. If you are going to use the reel to even moderately the spinfisher is worth the money.