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  1. Made it for my girlie. 100 year old beadboard pulled from the basement and left out side all winter to peel.
  2. How much does it cost Y to fill a 100 qt cooler full of beer?
  3. Buy a smaller cooler
  4. I still like Chris Mars' 1st record.
  5. Always playing with his puzy
  6. Going to the beach tomorrow. I'll bring my rod and put the hammer down on 12 inch fluke.
  7. After 2 Boats, I came thirsty from all the hops. I drained a Modelo in 1 long drink to quench it. Sorry Mike, I like cheap beer when it's hot.
  8. I'm all about value. The anti-Y.
  9. Had dinner at The Bar Room in Deal. Seriously good food for a dive. Some of the best burgers around. Mine had guacamole and house made bacon. Dinner for 3. 2 Burgers. I crabcake sandwich (the best I've tried in a long time) Wedge salad Spinach and artichoke dip appy 2 Carton Boat drafts for me 2 diet cokes for the girls $80
  10. I left my phone in the other car and she's out. I'll call you in the morning. So the anti-reverse is working??