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  1. Pete and Elda's is the traditional place for us to celebrate our birthdays. We always start with the chopped antipasta plate. Anchovies on the side for me. Noone else will go near them.
  2. The Eagle in AH. 50' party boat style boat. Capt Art Hilliard. I used to charter it for work trips. Perfect size for 20 scouts.
  3. exactly /\ This is why I build working man's plugs.
  4. Exhibit A: Snaps struggles with his anger issues
  5. My high school graduation gift was luggage. Before I graduated college, my dad sold the family business and my parents retired to Myrtle Beach. I have been adrift ever since
  6. You'll put Billy40 out of business with posts like this.
  7. Hard to believe this was recorded on a 4 track.
  8. I miss Pete every day.
  9. Greg Cartwright
  10. Dwight's show is top shelf. He had Dave Alvin on a couple months ago. They really put all the pieces together re: First wave LA punk + rockabilly + Bakersfield.
  11. I'm already on line.