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  1. I've got half a gallon ziplok bag of smoked ripe jalapenos and some other long, semi-hot pepper. ( Can't remember name) Soon to hit the grinder after I smoke another batch.
  2. He moved out of Amish country
  3. Very cool. Is that a removable screw for tail replacement?
  4. There's a good chance your credit card will cover the claim. Many do. Read the fine print. I had someone take out the passenger mirror down in SC a year ago. (Actually, I let my 18 year old daughter use the car against my better judgement) Visa was very easy to work with. They got with Hertz and I never heard of the outcome. It was a pretty ****** Hundai Elantra with 45k hard miles and interior spills. It's possible it wasn't worth the paperwork for Hertz and they shipped it off for auction as-was.
  5. Damn. Flag is shredded
  6. mmmm pizza
  7. He's dead, so he's got a chance.
  8. I see nothing has changed. Care to share your views on ghosts?
  9. I did that for Sandy. 1/2 liter of JD and finally a shot of Nyquil when I couldn't stand the sound of the wind any longer. I was 2 long blocks from the beach on the 2nd floor of an old victorian home. I thought the roof was going to come off.
  10. 2 already have. 1 is staying. She manages a senior residence. Brother in law and nephew are staying. They have properties and a business.