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  1. We just decided that we're going to take the CRV to Hatteras this summer and leaving my F150 at home.
  2. or at least call the county.
  3. This thread is a crime. Someone should report it.
  4. ESPN anchor Sage Steele is recovering after being struck in the face by an errant tee shot by Jon Rahm on the third hole of the PGA Championship on Thursday. Golf writer Geoff Shackelford described an account from an eyewitness who “saw her on the ground, holding her nose, mouth or chin area,” with her hands “covered in blood.” A source told The Post she walked off under her own power. Shackelford saw the Rahm shot — which traveled 281 yards at 181 mph, per the ESPN broadcast — go awry. “I was standing behind the tee when Rahm hit a hard hook into the left trees. He immediately yelled ‘Fore Left!’ and aggressively waved his arm pointing left,” he wrote. “The impact must have been brutal: Rahm’s tee shot ended up in the center of the fairway.” Steele was covering the major at Southern Hills in Tulsa, Okla., for ESPN’s “SportsCenter.” She had concluded her work on the program for the day and was watching the tournament from the gallery of credentialed media. She was hospitalized after being struck with the ball. There was no indication Rahm or his caddie realized what happened in real-time. The shot went so far off the fairway, it was not picked up by TV camera. The ESPN broadcast did not make any mention of Rahm’s drive hitting Steele. At least one social media account indicated that it was mentioned on SiriusXM’s coverage of the tournament.
  5. I'd do it all over again.
  6. My seedlings got hit with fungus gnats from crappy potting soil. They were doing great until I transplanted them to bigger pots and used the bad potting soil. They all went in the trash 2 weeks ago.
  7. Hey cutie
  8. As kids, my friends and I would spend the day fishing and crabbing there. Then we'd head to the Acme and the young cashiers would let us bag groceries for tips.
  9. It's likely they do. But they are outnumbered by those who don't. Count me as a don't.
  10. If the Dems are pushing for illegal immigration, how does that bring these illegal immigrants into the Democratic Party? There's little motivation for these people to become citizens and pay taxes, let alone become registered voters, as far as I can see in my area. I don't see the correlation and it's starting to create a backlash among traditional Latino Democratic voters.
  11. Liberals have accepted the fact that the demographics have been changing for 40 years and are trying to capitalize on it. Republicans are trying to fight it by blaming immigrants, blacks and jews.
  12. I left Union County for Monmouth 28 years ago and never looked back. I'm still a benny, but my kids and grandkids are locals. It's 8:45. I'm leaving to fish in a few minutes. I'll be in bed before midnight.