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  1. I ordered some stub and jobber bits from Travers. The Dewalt bits were flexing when new. Stay tuned.
  2. I've never had much luck with it. I still get wander. I'm really leaning towards the bit quality being an issue with both methods.
  3. Could be AYC. A lot of guys started using it around that time. I didn't know him very well so my knowledge is limited.
  4. Howdy fellas I'm looking for 1/8 inch brad point bits for my drill press. I've gone through a few DeWalt bits that I source at home depot. I find these bits to be too flexible and tend to walk unless you are 100% on line. This is driving me nuts. I take the time to line up my drilling jig and I'm still getting more than the occasional curve-ball. I can see the bit flex as it's going into the wood. I use a lot of cedar, so it's not a problem with the wood being too hard. I go slowly and never put too much pressure on the bit. I rarely drill more than 2 inches to keep a good amount of the bit shaft chucked in hopes of mitigating the flex. . Is anyone using something better? Thanks
  5. Most likely made of red cedar which makes them light and lively. A tail probably wouldn't hurt the action at all. Cut trebles or split rings is really up to you. Split rings with 2 belly hooks may foul too easily. 1 inch lip is Danny 1 lip. 1.25 inch lip is a Lefty 1 lip. Fish them. Billy would want you to.
  6. I've had it smear on me before. I think the paint had a bit of a gloss to it. Charleston was Abe Lincoln's babysitter lol
  7. This /\ I let it dry for a few hours then shoot it lightly with matte clear spay before epoxy.
  8. You forgot Ween. You love Ween. Admit it.
  9. I like Belmo because he hates Zappa.
  10. I've got half a gallon ziplok bag of smoked ripe jalapenos and some other long, semi-hot pepper. ( Can't remember name) Soon to hit the grinder after I smoke another batch.
  11. He moved out of Amish country
  12. Very cool. Is that a removable screw for tail replacement?