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  1. Heavy rain with flooding forecast for Saturday morning. But you knew that
  2. I'm impressed you were able to find 3 paperhangers to show up. First point of order, measure for yourself and calculate how much paper you will need. There are on-line calculators that make it easy. Next I would check references. IMO, 480 sounds low. $40/roll is a good price, but kitchens have a lot of items to cut around. I would be afraid that they would rush the job to stay on budget. On the other hand, $1,000 sounds high. $62.50 a roll is a bit pricey.
  3. You love me
  4. Poor Peter
  5. Not unlike Clark Kent in a phone booth, I stripped off my flannel off to reveal my Squidsnit shirt for the picture. alas
  6. No jig. All conventional. The current from the north was too much.
  7. Wait until you see my picture. I did the randomites proud.
  8. 3 keeps, probably 10 shorts a nice seabass on the Mohawk today. I won the pool with a 7 pounder.
  9. He's limbering up right now.
  10. I'll probably catch a cod