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  1. Just got back from pizza at luigi's in Little Silver. I got my appetite back. Now I'm working on a bourbon.
  2. btw - I was a stowaway
  3. Say what you want about Belmo, but he puked and kept fishing all day long.
  4. I got 4. 3 on jigs. Probably a dozen shorts. Almost puked on numerous occasions. Good time fishing with Tom, Looney and Kevin among others.
  5. Y pulls victory from the jaws of defeat
  6. or sodomy
  7. Hit the Mohawk. Tell Chris you're a friend of Scotty's.
  8. Mike Y gave me reputation. Do I need to go see a doctor?
  9. I tried hitting a down arrow on Tim. Testing. Testing.
  10. Mickrazz gave me reputation for this post
  11. Dinghy effs himself pretty regularly. He doesn't need the help.
  12. Mick's a likeable guy.
  13. Mercy like for Tim
  14. Slayer approved