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  1. When knew bOb was flush with cash?
  2. Whenever I think of Wayne, I imagine him as Bruce Wayne. Better call Alfred the butler to wake him up.
  3. <crickets>
  4. Pretzels in Boston had sesame seeds when I went to school there. ????? Otherwise, same as NY. Stolen shopping cart with a few charcoal briquets to warm them up.
  5. Your old man has the same lump on his head. It helps explain a few things.
  6. Decent spring. Got in a few good bites. Caught a 30 while seabass fishing the other day. My biggest of the spring. Go figure
  7. I faxed you a card
  8. Godspeed Annie.
  9. I stand by my belief that he is a liar.
  10. They make Josh Temple look like Vasco Da Gama.
  11. Those guys can't even find their keys.
  12. I outbid him
  13. White people problems I bet you pay someone to hang your christmas lights too.
  14. Yeah true. I was just looking for source that wasn't the Washington Post. We all know how that would get the fake news crowd all riled up. If you don't think your president, governor, mayor, senator or congressperson lies, you've got your head up your ass.