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  1. Caught this one yesterday, 17"
  2. Congrats, nothing like #1, many more to come !
  3. Scotty #444 compact flush mount. If you have under deck access to mount it.
  4. Summertime crappie, bass in Indiana
  5. That is one thing I really miss about my Dorado. It had a vertical flush mount between my legs.
  6. Just a thought. Scotty makes a #444, compact threaded flush deck mount. Is there room inside under the lid where you could place one on ether side of the foot wells?
  7. Now there is a Classic Scupper Pro in yellow. Purty Purty Purty, I'm jealous
  8. I have never seen the Viking kayaks. Anybody here paddled one? We have a dealer for kaskazi in florida. I think it's great we will have a dealer in the west coast for stealth, and other brands. This new plastic process now available for the swell scupper 14 looks good to me.
  9. Look man I don't blame you for being upset. I would be too. Speak your mind. I have no connection with Swell. I just bought one like you did. I think they should make it right with you. That is a free replacement. If that is what you want. That's my opinion.
  10. I had not seen these fusion videos. Thanks for sharing. I knew they were working on it. So it's 15' - 9" long and 26.7" wide and about 65lbs, so the new plastic is lighter for sure. Looks very nice, but not for me. I find the 14' Scupper better for my needs here on Midwest lakes.
  11. Riddler, My 2 cents. Your experience was earlier on and how it turned out was much different then my experience. Jim treated me right on mine. If It were me I would seek a free replacement, and send the one you got to recycle after stripping any thing useful from it.
  12. I don't know, sorry.
  13. I agree, lighter would be good, but I have no problem getting around with my Scupper 14. I am interested to see the specs on the new plastic Stealth that's in the pipeline. I use a nylon guitar strap to hold the Scupper 14 inside handles apart and just pick it up.
  14. Hi Cheech, these are all plastic kayaks, Except Carbonology which is super light, Vagabond, Stealth and Swell. Word is Stealth is bringing a roto molded plastic kayak to market soon also, along with there glass. I myself am most interested to see what this Stealth tips the scales at.
  15. Hi VCE, I see I nice 2 piece Werner paddle there in the back, just in case ;o)