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    i fish from weekapaug to the ct river.
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    fishing, music, rugby, yoga

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  1. fishing is always better right before i get there... " it was an all blitz an hour ago"! and right after i leave... "they started blitzing as soon as you left the other day" anytime i'm not there and you'll probably do fine.
  2. i only bring the rod i think is best suited to the area. otherwise my adhd kicks in and i spend half my time switching rods and gear.
  3. why should i care if someone knows what lure i used?
  4. i have a couple of those spots too! night time is the right time.
  5. i usually eat two or three fish per year, from fresh or salt. i'm rolling the dice that it's no more poisonous than any other environmental poison i'm exposed to.
  6. lots of ice and yoga. ice on your muscles and joints, not in your drink.
  7. that's scary!! i had a stringer of porgy hanging off my yak last night, might have to reconsider that option.
  8. hope he's not Waiting All Night for a bite.
  9. they're rare in New England this time of year, but i'm pretty sure that's a paper fish.
  10. the older i get, the better i was
  11. great suggestion, thanks.
  12. i use a 1oz crippled herring w/ the hook removed, then a 2 ft leader with a fly or cocahoe minnow attached to the leader.
  13. being able to afford a boat and being able to operate it safely are two very different things.
  14. agreed. sept/oct can be very productive from shore in SE CT!