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  1. Can't find the video being referred to. Can someone please post. Thanks
  2. Yes. They do. They forward it to "vendors" to "help you" by suggesting buying options/services you might be the interested in. They're called Data Brokers. The CIA just got a deal with Amazon, The more you pay attention to it the more you'll notice it. Orwellian to say the least.
  3. I'll take upon inspection if that's ok
  4. Thanks Steve. Can I come take a look at it tmrw and if in as good of shape as it looks in pics I'll buy ? Not sure how this works on SOL.
  5. Where in Long Island meet?
  6. Suppose you hated the noise from 4 strand, what 8 or higher strand line would you recommend that still has thinnest diameter as possible ?
  7. Where do you then hook the TA clip to ? Swivel ? Top or bottom of swivel ? Does it ever twist around the leader ? Thanks
  8. I have, use, and really like the Tsunami Trophy II 10' rated 1/2-2. I don't know if they sell the blank
  9. I've had a lot of luck with the larger Mag Darter. Only casts a little farther than the 5", but it works, smaller fish will hit it too. The 5/8 oz one has served me well also. Re the SP the 13s, 15F and 15S have all caught reliably. The 17F/S I haven't really had a lot of luck on, which is probably why I don't throw them that often. They didn't seem to cast that much further either BUT that could be because I didn't switch to a heavier rod (mine is a 10' 1/2-2oz). That being said I did do a search, cause I had/have the same question you do, and only found limited mention of the larger SP but some members seemed to have had a lot of success with and really liked. Seems like the answers to your original inquiry have gone off on a tangent. The sinking SP's casts noticeably better than the floaters but don't seem to run much deeper
  10. Make the tubes longer/higher. This way the hooks never "bottom out"
  11. What's the differences between Fat Cow and Otter Tails ? Also. Those of you who use Gulp, do you use it exclusively ? Do,you find it outfishes the others ? Thanks
  12. Appteciate all the feedback.
  13. Peace and quiet
  14. Haven't had any problems with mine. Only wish they were a little lighter
  15. Needlefish. Have caught a few on them, threw them on when bite was consistent and didn't catch, there sp minnow back on hookup next three casts. Have watched every video and read everything I could find. Still can't seem to catch well or consistently on them.