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  1. Thanks
  2. have you could try salting it, no brine? When frozen water (ice) thaws, it releases a lot of heat energy, cooking the meat. Cooked fish get mushy faster in when it gets in contact with warm water. Salting removes water and toughen the meat. There are lots of info on salting bait on the web.
  3. More important than the knife is the technique and a good shapening stone.
  4. I mostly fish from shores/piers - speckled trout, red fish and flounder, mostly using bait. I am originally from Texas. I tried fresh water fishing at a small lake before, but I didn't catch anything.
  5. Can I fish with out a boat there? What gear do I need? Thank you.
  6. Hi everyone, I may be moving to Fairfax, VA in a few months for work. Is there anyone here familiar to the area?
  7. Can you show us some pictures of the bucktails?
  8. I just found this article and would like to weight in. I grew up in Vietnam where snakeheads are 'naturalized'. They are aggressive and territorial, but if you give them sufficient body of water, they do not cause much problem to the other fish population. The stories about snakeheads kill and eat other fish in tanks are because of their territorial nature and the tanks are not large enough space for them. Snakeheads will fight and eat other snakeheads entering their territories, so in a way, their population are self-controlled. We have small lakes full of farmed tilapia and there's usually a couple of lurking snakeheads in it. there are never too many snakeheads in any enclosed body of water because they are very territorial, even against their own kind. They spawn a lot of fries, but fewer numbers survived to adult, just like many other species. The farmed tilapia population do not get eaten to extinction. Yes, snakeheads are delicious grilled, fried, baked, or braised. It has been awhile since I eat snakeheads, but I think they taste/smell like halibuts but have some of the toughness of catfish.
  9. You can do both. Stick a bait rod into a rod holders and throw lures on a second rod. Or just relax, drink your favorite beverage and enjoy the beach.
  10. Please try posting in the regional forum for your area and ask for recommendations. It's best to find someone local so you can work together and get the rod built based on your needs.
  11. Thank you for the tips
  12. What is nerbs territory? I live in Monterey, CA. Golfing is much more popular than fishing, especially surf fishing.
  13. I might have a lot of time on my hands soon and considering to learn how to build my own fishing rod. I am curious what made you decide to build your own fishing rod and how did you learn? I am not very good at following instructions from videos, so I wonder what is the best way to see experienced rod builders work in person?
  14. Have you tried to Call daiwa customer service?