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  1. Do you know when it was built? What do you estimate the action to be?
  2. Color matter only if you are fishing in shallow, clear water. If it's deeper water, there's very low visibility, so fish can't see differentiate between neon pink and clear colors. I use green color or clear colors for shallow water.
  3. Not being able to go fishing
  4. If any one interested in sharing your records please let me know. I want to use a computer (machine learning) program to analyze the record and come up with a fishing prediction. This will be a side project because I am still working on my thesis so I can graduate.
  5. Search for asktsa on Facebook and send them a message w/ pictures of your tackle. They answered my questions in a few hours.
  6. when my son was 2, he fell and scraped his knees at the beach. About 4 days later, it got infected and swollen. We went to the doctor and was told if he get fever in a next few days, then take him to the ER. That evening, he had a fever and we went to the ER. It turned out he had a case of MRSA infection. MRSA is a type of bateria that are resistant to normal antibiotics. In the next few days, his leg was swollen to almost twice its normal size. We ended up transferred him to a pediatric hospital where he was treated with strong IV antibiotics for 10 days before they discharge him. take care of yourself.
  7. Can you provide a picture of the rig?
  8. I sorted by price. Penn slammer, Abu reels
  9. Generation version.
  10. Thank you, this helps because occasionally I see larger size reels for sale at a significant discount compares to the the smaller size. I guess another question to ask is how large is too large?
  11. Yes, but how would it affect casting? I guess bigger size reel also allow you to haul in the fish faster, so fish may have more energy left to thrash about and could break your rod when you are trying to land it? Other effect would be making fishing less challenging and less enjoyable?
  12. Too small of a reel means you could run out of line. What effects does a bigger size reel has on a particular rod, other than the extra weight? Does it affect casting distance or accuracy? How important is it to have a balanced combo? For example, what effects would putting a size 10000 reel on light surf rod instead of 4-5000 have on fishing?
  13. If an item is reasonably priced, then we buy it. What is considered reasonable is subjects to discussion. For example, I think $800+ iPhones are overpriced but I still buy it for her because it's 'reasonably priced' relative to other Android phones that cost $200+. For her, a $200 fishing reel is not 'reasonably priced' compared to a $20 reel. I don't and won't lie to my wife for some fishing equipment or anything else. I believe that a marriage should be based on complete trust between two people. Plus she know how to use Google to look up prices, so it's pointless to lie about prices anyway. What I do is set a budget and make her feel comfortable that spending a couple of hundred dollars a year on fishing equipment is not unreasonable relative to the other things we spend money on. Of course, I still have a hard time explaining that a new piece of equipment is reasonably priced, so I can't have as many pieces of fishing equipment as I would like. That's one of the reasons why I thought about taking her fishing so she has a better appreciation of nicer fishing equipment, but after reading through the posts, I guess I will still invite her to go, but also find other ways to spend time doing things she enjoys, like go shopping with her.
  14. Do you keep records of your fishing trip, like time, date, location, type and number of fish caught, type of lures used, etc. Background: I am studying statistics and curious if I can use fishing records to predict whether a particular day or hours are more effective than other. Obviously, experience count, but for some inexperienced fisherman, it would help a lot. I don't have any data, and obviously the information is dependent on the where you are fishing. I am planning on keep records for my own use, but I wonder if any one else does it too.