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  1. J Butts, Please see attached image. Spool lists braid capacity 130 yards/30lb l put on 150mt/30lb. No backing used. Kept within the line marker. Some might say I should have backed it out and loaded it to the lip of the spool but I only fish a narrow river so I feel 150mt is plenty plus it throws the line in a cast beautifully. Line lay is still fairly parallel even though i have used both of the thicker size washer. Berkeley Fireline seems to have made a huge difference as well to be fair. Tight lines sir. B.
  2. Hi Guys, I think I have cracked it. The Penn seems to like the fireline much more than the spiderwire! I also put the spare thicker washer on to reel spindle along with the washer that was on originally. Either way I spun with a flying C for about 2 hours tonight without a single tangle! Not sure exactly if it was the new line or the additional washer or perhaps a combination of both but I'm a happy fisherman again. And just to put the icing on the cake I attached a pic of the beautiful 7lb Atlantic salmon which i managed to catch towards the end of my session. Hope my experience helps others who are in the same boat so to speak. Thank you all for the advice!
  3. Hi J Butts, Thanks for your reply. My spool was originally filled to the black mark but I have had to cut off so much braid it is now only running at about 50% capacity. I saw a lot of comments recommending Berkeley Fireline so i have respooled with 150 mt of fireline today which brought me up to capacity again. I will test it this evenings and let you know how it does as this issue is driving me mad. Thanks again for your response.
  4. Hi Mark d, I put the line on under good tension on the drag. Just held spool of braid on a drift pin in the vice under slight pressure and made sure reel was fairly parallel. I load all my reels the same way without any issues. Had good even line lay distribution on the spool when I was done. I have read another post where fireline made a difference so i have gone out and purchased a roll today. Will update you on how it performs on my next outing. Kind regards B.
  5. Firstly my apologies to admin for originally posting in perhaps the wrong section of this forum. My story is that i started using a Battle 2 3000 with spiderwire on my 7' Ugly Stik Elite last week. Filled spool to approx 80% capacity. Terribly bothered with wind knots. Probably lost approx 30 metres line already. Line lay on spool looked fine so did not bother with either of spare washers in box. Seems to be spilling line over lip of spool as i retrieve which results in a right 'birds nest' on next cast. I do not close bail arm manually as I prefer to do this by hitting my distance and closing bail by turning handle. Would you advise trying a different brand of braid or perhaps changing or adding one or both of the spare washers? I have used quite a few brands of reel in my time and never had this issue! I love the smooth action of my Penn Battle 2 but I am really at my wits end! Thanks in advance. Bryan.
  6. Hi Deep Diver, I always fill my reel spools to the lip of the spool. Has never happened to this extend before! Reel spool only at about 75% capacity now but still fowling line over top of spool lip. Im struggling to understand whats going on with it!
  7. Hi, having problems with spiderwire braid looping over top of spool lip on retrieval. Have lost approx 30 mts braid on my first 2 outings. Now im anxious about refilling the spool in case it happens again! Reel used as it was out of box. Would either of the spare washers that came with it help sort out this problem? TIA, Bryan