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  1. If anyone has one, I'm interested. Any condition. Thanks.
  2. Coast Guard Helicopter? I saw one last week flying low and it looked to be near a smaller CG boat. I'm assuming training.
  3. There is a wonderful rocky shoreline across Cape Ann. I recommend going on Google Maps and looking along the rocky shoreline for public access points. Also keep parking in mind. Stripers are called rockfish for a reason, you'll find tons of fish around these rocks with the biggest ones being around in the optimal conditions of heavy surf, night, stormy/cloudy conditions. Target the white water.
  4. Check out North Coast Angler. I believe they have a surf guide.
  5. I spoke with an EPO earlier in the season who told me that they only had 3 officers for all of Cape Ann, I can't remember if he specified whether it was Cape Ann or the entire North Shore, but still seems way too low. He said the EPOs were 50% understaffed. Real shame.
  6. SP minnows for swimmers. I haven't had much luck with paddle tails all season. Bucktail with otter tail trailer has always been more productive than paddletails for me so far. Paddletails apparently work best early season. 90% of my fishing this season has been off rocky shorelines in Cape Ann. Target the suds. Poppers also work very well during the day targeting these structures.
  7. Blurple and darker colors at night. White or yellow buck tails should be good. Retrieve slow on both. Fishing is good during the day too, most of my fishing this season has been during the day. Ideally it’s cloudy or windy, or there is strong surf with big waves. Conditions in my opinion are more important than time of day for the school sized fish, for the big big fish then night time is still the king.
  8. Hit an outgoing tide in an area with heavy current. You will catch at least one fish guaranteed if you are using the right tackle. I like swimmers or buck tails.
  9. So only a civil citation with multiple illegal fish and one individual blatantly running back to the canal and throwing an illegal fish back in the water? Would like to have seen gear confiscations at minimum.
  10. That should lead to more and more sharks every year. I also wonder if the seal issue is more pressing than the overfishing issue for the bass population.
  11. If that wasnt a seal bite, then what was it?
  12. Couple of small schoolies today, nothing special. Still a good amount of mung on the shoreline from manchester to gloucester, not as much as yesterday tho, more fishable today. Also, saw a massive gray seal for the first time swimming upcurrent parallel to the shoreline about 20 feet away from me. Consequently, had no bites since seeing the seal.
  13. Mung has been killing a lot of my spots lately. Every cast I get that maroon weed on my bucktail or sp minnow. My question is, is there a way of predicting whether there will be mung on my spot, like certain wind patterns that lead to it, etc. My other question is how long does it typically stay in a single area, is it a daily thing, weekly thing or all season long thing. It's been a menace at my spots for the past week and a half. Thanks
  14. Oh, didn't know it was the canal. That makes complete sense then, should be fined accordingly.