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  1. Suffolk Cty, 11795
  2. Is the 175 still available? Any issues or serviced? before Is $400 shipped?
  3. Completely fair. Ill PM you to workout a meet up.
  4. You could buy the bike and then have the rod rack. Otherwise, it is a Sea Striker Bike Mount Fishing Rod Holder.
  5. $300 picked up Western Suffolk. Bought in April this year thinking I would use it a bit more but just didn’t. Could use the funds since we’re doing some renovations on the house. Bike was $350, rod rack was $60 and changed for a more comfortable seat which was $25. Would like this to go to a good home.
  6. Might be obvious to some, but are these plastic or wood?
  7. Yours PM coming, thank you!
  8. Three long sleeve performance shirts I bought on a Labor Day Sale, just don’t fit me. All brand new with tags still on, size Large. They were final sale and $20 each. Would like to keep together since shipping each would just be too much. $50 shipped via PP for all three.
  9. Ill take 8 for asking shipped if its still available.
  10. Ill take this
  11. Ill take the Patagonia
  12. Offer $60
  13. I've seen far more questionable vehicles brave the beach, Honda CRV and any Subaru come to mind.
  14. Having fished SUNY Maritime's campus for four years, it is pretty good. Plus not a bad spot to launch a trip to other places like the East End of LI, the shore or Cape Cod.
  15. Sending PM