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  1. Anyone gone recently? Suggestions? I'm heading there this weekend and thinking of bringing the travel rod to see what I could get from the beach. Looks like there are some fishy spots around the island.
  2. Just like the post says, looking for newer with a travel case.
  3. I think I did pretty well. Had Jehovah's witnesses come to my house the other day, after I politely declined, they understood but wanted to just say one thing. Sure, what do I have to lose ... "your grass, oh my, it is like you did not even have a winter on your property! It looks amazing" I had to tell my wife immediately that her sacrifice of watching the children and my labor was no longer in vain, if that is not a measure of success I do not know what is.
  4. Savage gear freestyler, fight lure glider, Hans stubby (looks thrown) and rm smith jr troller (new). $110 shipped. Ppf&f or Venmo. I am not splitting the lot.
  5. I can meet you in the middle and get them out today.
  6. 2 reels, one 6500 and another 6500B. Asking $80 shipped each. Ppff or Venmo.
  7. As long as youre including the inserts, I can do that. Assume PP is ok? If so, shoot me a PM. This will be perfect for my bike too.
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