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  1. I am going to check this out. Thanks for the recommendation.
  2. It has 30lb wireline on it. I use it on my my mojo, but I am trying to move away from that rod and look to something new, but thats something else entirely. Thanks for the input!
  3. fair enough. any specific recommendations on rods?
  4. probably some jetties as well as the canal so it has be able to handle a current. definitely some eels and bigger plugs. might try tossing some ducktails as well with it (I already have another rod for lighter stuff) really I just wanna make sure that the 706 can fit on it because I don't wanna get trapped with some wind knots.
  5. Hey guys, I am looking for some advice/direction on a rod I can use for my hand me down 706z. Some things I want in the rod: -9ft max -can work with a 706z - guide positioning to take into consideration? -ideally cork grips - don't like the black tape or EVA foam stuff too much -can throw 2-6 oz -not super expensive hopefully you guys can steer me in the right direction thanks
  6. weather doesn't look terrible this weekend, was thinking about getting out there. might be tough with all the parking banned
  7. hahah valid
  8. hahaha yikes
  9. Funky looking thing
  10. When are they releasing a new batch?? Any word?
  11. Sorry to hear about this
  12. I would definitely say you have some value in those, just no idea how much. Any pics?
  13. 100% Striped Bassers