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  1. Both by number of fish available and how hard it is to get them to bite, I've always had more success with bluefish.
  2. *
  3. I'm sure all those Doha fishermen were going crazy over there after this was posted.
  4. I haven't lived in NJ in a few years now, but during the early part of this decade I caught some late August to early September in Barnegat Bay. Used a regular high low rig with small hooks (size 2) and small pieces of clams. Lots of fun.
  5. The excitement. It's the exact opposite of a lake, it's not calm and peaceful, but its busy and you've gotta work.
  6. Hope this video is alright here. I didn't see any other spot to post it. I had a layover in Doha Qatar and decided to see what kind of fish I could jig up. Hope you enjoy the video.