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  1. @Alh0721 I live in Cancun and most important thing is the timing fron sun rise 6am-8:30am is the best chance you have to hook up a fish in the surf in that month. If you had the chance I would recomend the Hyatt Ziva. Tight lines!
  2. @Beastly Backlash @Popasilov Sure! It’s going to get here next Monday. So I hope next weekend I have an update. Tight lines!
  3. @Beastly Backlash @Badtothebugs @Sweetwater @Popasilov Thanks for all the help, I will buy it and test it. At the end of the day it’s the first time I’ve use a long casting rod and it’s a good starting point. Hope it’s here soon so i can te you how it handled and the fish hahaha. Thanks for all the help. If you’re ever down here ( Cancun, playa del Carmen, Tulum) hit me up. I have the hook up for good charters and great land based spots. Tight lines!
  4. @Beastly Backlash I didn’t knew about that. I’ve seen them butt only in the smaller sizes 6.6-7 and the other thing is that the retail stores in Mexico bump the price up to doble the msrp. Maybe my best option would be buying the ugly stick cat series and modify it. Tight lines!
  5. @Sweetwater I have seen them but in amazon Mexico only have them 5.6-6 foot thats why i thought about the catfish series because of the length. Tight lines!
  6. @Badtothebugs Sure I hope I can get in to some fish soon, lately haven’t had any luck. Down here we’re struggling with the sargassum and make shore fishing a little difficult. But vertical jigging has been on fire. Three weeks ago I got my first sail on the jig! Tight lines!
  7. @Beastly Backlash Thanks for the quick response! Well i will buy it and put a doble lock reel seat. Tight lines!
  8. Hello! I’m new and i would like to say thank’s for the acceptance. I live in Quintana Roo Mexico and I’m thinking about buying the ugly stik catfish 8ft rod ( we don’t have many options for long baitcasting rod’s. Actually that is an understatement we don’t have none hahaha) I would like to pair it with a torium 16 that i use some times botom fishing. But I’m worried that it doesn’t have the backbone to handle jack crevalle, big eye trevally, snook, snapper and the ocasional tarpon. I would be throwing live smal bait fish with around 2oz of lead. If everyone has experience would like to hear about it!