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  1. AGH... Ears are ringing
  2. Glory daze!
  3. "Put on the Dead and spread" Promos for the great Grateful Dead album "Workingman's Dead" back in the day.
  4. Wild child Full of grace Savior of the human race
  5. Right you are... "Commander" is generally associated with the Navy.
  6. Fan poll on Extremeskins* (WFT official site) re the new name 9.03% love 90.97% hate.. *Changed to www.commanders.com today
  7. Sounds like a job for a "commander"...
  8. . What is the civilian version of "commander"? Guru? Ruler? Boss Man? S/H WMBO?
  9. AKA Washington Warmongers
  10. meh everyone knows that Molly B. is "king" of the Midwest polka. Sheesh
  11. Fixed it, thanks bro. Good catch lol.
  12. Back in the day we used to say "the man can't bust our music" Turns out,though,that he can steal it in a futile effort to be cool lol. Right wingers loving leftie music is pretty funny. But maybe not funny if it is your music that is being perverted.
  13. Very sad news. Ronettes were the flagship girl band.Ronnie was rock and roll magic. RIP and a million thanks
  14. Agh Really sorry Allen Hope you can get back to taking wonderful pics and fishin from the beach Stay strong bro Docs don't know everything Never say never
  15. As long as: Biker Dude+Biker Chick=500#+ HD will remain relevant
  16. Magic formula=looks,talent and money. Bruce's career really took off when Rolling Stone called him "the future of rock and roll". "Born to Run" knocked down a lot of doors. Live shows did the rest.
  17. My band "Marlo Mays and the Stingers" played this show with Bruce's band Steel Mill back in the day on a parking deck in Richmond,Va. Bruce was just a nice guy,albeit extremely charismatic as a performer., never imagined he would make so much dough. Half a billion??Sheesh!! Shoulda quit my day job lol.
  18. Its Skynyrd Sheesh...
  19. No,In a banana republic if you attempt to overthrow the government,you understand going in that if you fail you will be shot or hung.
  20. Perception is reality. Brandon's supporters do not see him as racist.Au contrare On the other hand, the Trumpies are 100% sure that their guy is a racist. GOP would be in serious trouble if Trump's supporters find out that ((as Humblie believes) Brandon is actually a bigger racist than their guy lol Red Hats would be bailing out on Trump and joining the Dems like rats jumping off a sinking ship.
  21. Put a weekend duffer out on the golf course with Tiger or Lefty, give him some pro clubs and a sharp looking caddy, and on espn it will look like he can break par lol. Hillary, the Rep Party and the MSM all fell for the same con. Credibility by association. By engaging with Trump as if he was a legit, qualified candidate, Clinton gave him a degree of credibility that he did not deserve, This was her biggest mistake. Punching the Tar Baby so to speak..Stupid and fatal to her ambitions. Hillary should have just dismissed Trump as a lightweight with no real qualifications and ignored him.