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  1. Trump invited his supporters over for "MAGA Night at the White house" last night. None of them showed up. LOL...
  2. Cops need to clean up their act. Hope the message is getting thru.
  3. Playing Lincoln as a "deer frozen in the headlights" was on the money.
  4. LOL.No fool.Are you a fool? At one point toward the end of the episode there was passing mention that Lincoln and his Republican allies blundered into the violent conflict believing that it would be brief and decisive given the Union's huge and overwhelming advantages. Tragic miscalculation.AGH.
  5. No.
  6. Superficial milquetoast over simplification of Abe Lincoln's War and a shameless glorification of Grant. Pure pablum so far.
  7. Sad news. Ron was a great fisher and a wonderful person.He will be missed by many.
  8. Kind of confusing to me. Lastinline, what you said makes sense but how does the 30 day grace period play in? Whats up with that?
  9. In order to protect public health and safety and to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, all DNR Licensing and Registration Centers are now closed under the current State of Emergency. Governor Hogan has issued an executive order related to licenses, permits, registrations, and other authorizations that may be expiring or up for renewal during the state of emergency. The executive order immediately grants a grace period of 30 days after the date of termination of the state of emergency. This includes items normally processed at our MD Department of Natural Resources Licensing Service Centers. Our online COMPASS portal provides 24/7 self service access to our entire product catalog of recreational licenses, permits, and stamps; off-road vehicle registrations; magazine subscriptions; and donation options in support of your favorite Maryland Department of Natural Resources programs. Customers are encouraged to check our website, or contact us at customerservice.dnr@maryland Anyone know wtf this means?
  10. Yeah.After 48+ hours with no sleep.no food and the long trek back to the car everyone in our car fell asleep...including the driver. Went to the hospital, got checked out,Our car was total lossed..hitchhiked to NYC.took the Trump shuttle to DC ($20).hitchhiked back to SW Va... Kinda took the long way home lol...