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  1. Oh man..sad to hear RIP Calvin
  2. Now we are getting somewhere lol
  3. Hah! PHD means using any dam reel I want to... Super nice on the beach today and a real good kingfish bite for me... The Flounder pro I was fishin with also had a good day with the flatties... Was great to see Allen:)
  4. Interior and Commerce officials said the Endangered Species Act proposal would be published in the Federal Register “in coming days.” The public can submit comments on a government website within 60 days after publication.
  5. Yeah,,,still miss Hugh a lot. Every Summer I always think about Hugh when the Nats play the Phillies and chuckle about the late night phone calls we had busting chops when they played.. One of the smartest guys I have ever known.Hugh was an encyclopedia of knowledge of Delmarva wildlife...and many other topics as well.A world class fisher for sure.. Many good memories...
  6. JKF/Jackie's first child,Arabella was stillborn.Prior to that Jackie suffered a miscarriage. Their fourth child,Patrick,died soon after he was born. No debate.Bo Biden's death totally crushed Joe. But Biden sure isn't alone among influential men who have had to deal with personal grief. JFK is just one example among many.
  7. Its kind of interesting that the electoral college was the brainchild of folks opposed to proposed term limits...round and round it goes lol.. Me? I like the idea of an each person gets one vote popular election where voters get to pick the person that they think is best qualified.
  8. JFK lost 2 kids.Just sayin... Very sad stuff..it takes a strong person to persevere. I was not happy that Joe dropped out of politics right when he was needed the most. Totally understand why Obama has not endorsed him..
  9. Votors should be able to vote for the person they feel is best qualified. ie...If you don't think a 3rd term is a good idea..Hell no,,.don't vote for a third term candidate. The 22nd amendment 2 term limit is fairly new...passed in 47 ratified in 1951 Lots of these geezers running for pres.now were kids by then... A Non Partisan movement to overturn XXII at some point seems likely to me. A Partisan movement in the near future may be even more likely. The concept of freely voting for the person we want in office makes a lot of sense..and it is a fundamental democratic principle.
  10. Awful that Biden had to deal with that.Tragic.Sad that it set him back so hard.Still,it is true that lots of other parents have lost kids and kept their head up. Joe did not step up to the plate when his number came up.Biden handed the Dem nomination to Hillary and that handed the election to Trump.
  11. The fact that Joe was not willing to run in 16 is pretty hard to ignore. Running on Obama's coattails he probably would have won. I feel like he let everyone down by not running.Biden played a big role in "what happened". Coming back around now and offering to fix the mess he helped create seems kinda lame.
  12. Reagan in a wheelchair.A nice, electric one of course...with a driver..
  13. Its ironic that Trump is blabbing about this. Without the 22nd amendment Obama would have run for a 3rd term and won in a big way. Amendment XXII was probably the biggest factor that led to Trump being President.
  14. The "framers of the Constitution" were opposed to Presidential term limits. After Roosevelt served 4 terms, Congress came up with the 22nd Amendment, Both Reagan and Obama lamented the limitation.Those guys are a long way from being Chavez in a tank.. Voters should have the right to vote for the person that they believe is best qualified....
  15. Who is and who is not POTUS should be decided by the voters, and not by an Amendment to the Constitution that usurps our ability to vote for the best qualified person. Take away the 2 term limit and 100% Obama would still be in office.