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  1. Speaking of GSB's. What variation of thr GSB line has a light tip and good for 2 -3 ounces a tiny bait? Or would would there be a better blank for that?
  2. Apologies I misread. But their website does clearly say online sales only and everyblank over 8 ft can be purchased in store only. Not just GSB's.
  3. They dont sell anything over 8' online.
  4. I call bull****. Everything on their site eligible for online sale is on sale. Obviously a 1 piece blank over 8 feet that can only be purchased in house doesnt qualify. The 2 pieces certainly do qualify though.
  5. Going to take alot more than lowering the bag to 3 fish to even slow the rate of decline.
  6. Mang, Thank you for the clarification. Kt/kb guides for belly/runner guides. I was just a bit confused with the l m h designation. I'm guessing those are for heights?
  7. What designation would the choke be? M? L?
  8. Well I was shooting to use Ti framed guides, so it would be quite a bit more than 9 dollars. How would a slightly larger than necessary reduction guide train affect the performance? It is my understanding that too small of a stripper might cause some issues with wind knots.
  9. Perfect thank you. So after putting my information in; 9'8" medium light drift rod, 8-10 lb mono, 2500 Penn SpinFisher roughly 18 inches from spool tip to butt, I'm getting a 16h stripper. Does that sound about right? I would be using light mono or light braid only as the rod will be a light drift rod for Steelhead and for odd jobs.
  10. Hi all, I'm getting ready to build a rod using the KR concept system, but I am a bit confused on how to take the fjrst measurement. Butt to tip of spool axle. Am I measuring from the butt of the blank literally or just straight down parallel to the blank?
  11. Not trolling plug, but lipped plug (trolled and casted). But the concept is the same. Do something to free up the hook and a single point will become much more effective.
  12. Over 1000 pounds. Yes they hit lures, especially plugs with scent. Though the swivels are ususally used on a bait setup.
  13. Exactly. If single points are good for big old fall Chinook, they'll work on a Bass.
  14. You can get them in different strengths. Strong ones are used for White Sturgeon that get over 10 ft long and 1k plus pounds.
  15. Single bellie siwash hook on a 4 bead swivel. With trebles you get tons of gill plate hooks on fish thay take short strikes or swipes at plugs. With a single sharp hook on a 4 bead chain placed on the bellie will eliminate those issues.