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  1. I'm leaning towards the Century rod. Any idea how it performs as a conventional?
  2. What about a Black Hole Suzuki blank? I see a 10'6" do they handle 3 ounces?
  3. This is true, but my circumstances are such that a Steelhead rod (which is likely to break casting 2 ounces) is sub optimal. I would prefer a 10ft rod with a longer butt that can handle 3 ounces.
  4. Good evening all, I'm a Pacific NorthWest fisherman looking for some advice. I am looking for a rod blank for Surf Perch fishing up here in Oregon. I've been using Salmon rods, but they aren't quite adequate. I have limited options with my fishing days so I don't see the nice 2 ft swell days....more like 4-6.....which is my limit out here as anything over that is is suicide up here. I generally fish 2-3 ounces though if I am desperate I will throw 3.5 on. I don't bait and wait, it is all hi low or Carolina rigs with a slow retrieve. Is there a blank in the 10 ft range that can chuck that weight while having a somewhat of a soft tip? These fish hit like a full auto submachine gun, so bite detection isn't difficult. I just want to feel as much of the fight as possible.