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  1. nice! great score, guys!
  2. i went to the store website and it looks like that is the price for those rods. maybe i should get one
  3. Outdoor Pro Shop is a totally legit business and they have a huge amount of tackle for all types of fishing , bass, ocean, surf, panfish, trout, salmon, etc. It about an hour north of San Francisco. If it was closer to me, i'd be shopping there all the time. From what I recall, they had mid-higher end rods. like nothing under $100... and mid-higher end reels. budget-friendly rods/reels you can get as dicks or bass pro or walmart. but they do also have locally-made or in-house plastics and lead / jigheads, etc. for less than name brands.
  4. that's a striper. 100%
  5. It's right in between for the types of fishing I've been doing lately. too light for bottom fishing the ocean here with 16oz weights (using proteus heavy action) and too much (and a little short) for surfperch fishing with 1/2 oz carolina rig (been using 10' or 10'6" salmon rod). I plan to use it for stripers and halibut in the bay soon though! wondering if I should use Ambassadeur 5500C or my grandpa's old squidder. Truthfully, I was sent this rod by mistake and i just kept it, since it seemed hella nice. Can't wait to get bent!
  6. I have a JIC711HMF, but i haven't used it yet.
  7. I put 65lb on the senator 1/0, which is suposed to be thicker than the gap), just in case my 16yo. daughter used it (she'd only reeled a spinning reel a couple of times before), but i just let her reel fish in without overinstructing her about laying line with her thumb. But this is what it looks like after the last reel up. But I taught her to use her thumb to control the reel so it doesn't backlash (happened 2x). and now that she's kind of comfortable with it, I'll teach her to use her thumb for line lay next time out. Already looking for another trip! i think we'll do striper/halibut in the bay now that rockfish season is closed.
  8. When we went last, the boat told us 1lb. weights, I had 2 16oz torpedos, which i thought maybe will get down faster than the cannonball, but maybe a pound is a pound... the newbs fishing next to my newb daughter were using the rental rods with penn 4/0 spooled with 30lb mono, which was loopy AF, and when they hit bottom, they did not "flip the lever and reel up 3-4 cranks." Instead they let more line out, which tangled up with my daughter. After the second tangle, I moved her to my other side and let her catch fish, while i untangled with them a couple more times before i wised-up and moved us down away from them.. looking back, we should have moved even further away. I just found 2 20oz. torpedos in one of the tackle boxes, so i think I'll bring those for the next trip. Like you said, down as fast as possible and then reel 'em up. I think i need to pump some iron...
  9. Used my grandpa's 1960s Senator 1/0 on party boats a couple of times. I serviced it and it works great. drops down just as fast as the other reels. the low gear ratio is easier to crank.. I have 65lb braid on it. I put a new handle and bigger knob on it. here's a zoomed in look at my daughter, first time in the ocean, first time on a party boat - who used it at 300ft with a 16 oz torpedo sinker and a doubled up catch
  10. Rockfish. I posted about it here. She's about 5'2" and 115lb. The trevala was shorter snd more manageable for her, but the spinning reel ratio/power handle was too hard to turn. and when she got tired, she couldn't put it on the rail, since the line is underneath. So the Nexus sounds very intriguing to me. plus the spiral wrap will help reduce the twisting of the rod, right? I would put the senator 1/0 on it for her. Eventually, i would like to use some jigs or jigs/swimbaits in shallower waters for rock fish / ling cods for more "fun."
  11. I just stumbled upon Jigging world nexus at tackle direct while considering a Trevala 6'6" for my daughter. we recently jigged shrimp flies at 300ft. for her 1st time in the ocean.
  12. i took my teenage daughter on a party boat for rockfish a couple of weeks ago. She had only used a spinning reel for light surf casting, so i brought a Trevala spinning with a Battle 2 5000 for her and a Proteus with my grandad's senator 1/0 110 that I rebuilt. we dropped 16oz torpedo weights with a shrimp fly rig (2 hooks) down to 300 ft. The higher ratio of the battle 2 with the gomexus power handle was just too hard for her to crank them up, so i gave her the conventional with the baby senator. I was a little worried about line lay, but i just let her reel them in, and not overwhelm her with details like using her thumb. Her first time catching fish. and it was fish that she likes to eat. She outfished her old man, and actually enjoyed her time out there. I think she'll go again. that 2.5:1 ratio was easier for her to reel in - even though it was a lot of cranks to get it up 300ft, and when she got doubles and as the day went on, she had to use the rail to leverage the rod and pump it up, reel it down. To be honest, the ratio of the Battle 2 5000 with the power handle was a hell of a workout for me, too. Next time, i'm going to spool up my grandad's old squidder and use the St. Croix Mojo Heavy Inshore 7'11" for me and she can stay with the Senator 110 and Proteus 7'6" MH.
  13. I was out in Pillar Point and didn't see this seal at high tide, but when i was going back to my truck at low tide, i came across this seal in the sand. I'd guess that was a shark bite in the middle of it's body we love looking at the analogous structures of other quadripeds, mammals especially. look at the flipper bones - essentially the same as our foot
  14. here's a pic of a whale in Half Moon Bay in September. Hadn't been there that long, but you can see the the flipper bone and vertebrae
  15. Maybe call California Dawn (out of Berkeley Marina, i think, just across the bridge from San Francisco) i saw this post today