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  1. i use powerpro and sufix832
  2. i just rebuilt my grandpa's old squidder.. ready, set, and i think the ratio (3.3:1?) is a little too low for surf fishing... i used a low-profile daiwa baitcaster bass reel a couple of weekends ago for surf perch, and while i was successful, i'd prefer a faster gear ratio to keep up with the incoming waves
  3. looks pretty good, but you cut off the head! I've only had 1 surf perch, but I was impressed by the amount of cheek meat, which is like for all fish, very tender. I'm guessing they have bigger cheek muscles (compared to bass and trout) since they crunch up those sand fleas!
  4. I'm thinking about fasting (no dinner) the night before fishing, so I can take a small dump at home and then no more issues when I'm supposed to be fishing...
  5. here's the some crushed sand fleas (mole crabs, sand crabs) from a barred surf perch's stomach
  6. great thread!
  7. The rod in my profile pic is the oldest one i have. it has a Varmac wooden handle. not sure what brand of rod it is though. I replaced the rod tip since the original was smashed up. Grandpa used to use it for Westcoast striper fishing in the 1960s, maybe even 1950s. it's about 9'6" including the handle. Works killer for crabsnares.
  8. thanks for sharing your setups!
  9. well, i realized it's a right-handed shimano curado bantam, but i found some 50lb powerpr, so i put that on there. i'll post up if i catch anything!
  10. my comments are still at the moderator-approved step, so i'm not posting real-time. But i would encourage every to watch the followup video that I posted, he talks about what happened after
  11. he posted a followup video, which is a lessons-learned, and includes adding a 4' lighted flag to his kayak
  12. first post. I'm returning to fishing after about a 30 year hiatus. I fished all freshwater lakes as a teen, mostly using spinning gear, but i did start using a baitcaster for bass. So I inherited my dad's 8'6" 1025C G Loomis and am wondering what reel I should use for this for stripers/salmon, surf perch. I think it's rated for 3/8-1 oz. I have a collection of reels used for bass fishing, like Ambassadeur 5500C, penn 520, Shimano Curado 201 B5, Daiwa PT1500FL. Should i look at a new reel and what line is recommended?
  13. what size? i bought the fierce2LL in 4000 and 6000 this year. the 6000 uses the 5000 gears, and crank, so it's only a line capacity (and drag) increase, but not a gear size increase I've not used the LL for actual fishing yet - just for feeding line for tying etc.