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  1. alot of people use Berkeley gulp sandworms on a #4 baitkeeper hook carolina rigged with a 3/4 - 1.5 oz egg sinker as an alternative to sandcrabs.
  2. you can focus on fishing gear now that dungeness season is closed. (use the master combo if you still want to snare rock crabs until next season). for your budget you probably want a salmon rod and 3000/4000 reel. i was reading alot about needing a 4000 reel in case you target or hook-up a striper... i've only fished surfperch like 4-5 times, so i have not used much line or reached the drag limit on my Penn Fierce 2 4000. i use #4 hooks alot but i just got some #6 to try. then after summer when you have more $ buy a new crab reel = all metal reel. i like my 6000 since it weighs a little less, but 8000 gears and handle crank are just more robust. my 6000 knob just developed a wobble and the gears are noisy when free-cranking (still silent and smoothe under load). and in the penns, a 5000 would have the same gears and handle as a 6000, just essentially a smaller spool. if you're just done with the master rod, then penn has some nice combos. and the master can be your backup crab rod.
  3. nice fish! nah, the stock 4000 handle is too small for extended cranking, that's why i switched it out... i used it in 200ft depths and got a popped blister that almost killed my trip. had to switch it over to right side cranking and spread the pain to my right hand. if the gomexus comes off again, i'll switch to another brand knob that i have on my other saltwater reels. comes with a bigger diameter stainless screw that would work great.
  4. put mine (4000 size) to use with some heavy load hauling crabs; it was great the first couple of pulls. but wouldn't you know it, it loosened right up. even with blue locktite. i actually would have needed 2 screwdrivers to tighten it up, 1 to hold the inside of the shaft while tighteneing it up with the other. Luckily, in my lamest oversight, i actually had an extra reel in my backpack, so i just swapped reels for the rest of my morning. i've resecured it with it "water-resistant" gorilla 2-part epoxy. let's see how it holds up. the general wisdom here for crabsnaring is to use a 5000-size and up reel due to the extra load these crabs exert on the reel, when they "parachute" out or clamp onto a rock or kelp, there is a lot of load on your gear. even more if you have 2 or 3 crabs on at once.
  5. Love this thread. i have a lot of old plastics that i'd like to try melting and pouring into new shapes!
  6. i caught a seagull who dove on my yozuri sardine mag-darter. had to reel him in and hold him down, trying to not get bit, and unhook the treble from his footweb
  7. in the Penn battles, fierce, conflict, and pursuit reels, the 4000 reel has the same gears and bearings as the 3000, essentially just a larger spool with more line capacity. The next gear and drag size up is the 5000/6000 (same as the 3000/4000, the 6000 has the same gears and drag as the 5000, just a larger spool/line capacity). so if you get another battle, you probably want to go up to a 5000, not a 4000. then again, you can always fish the 3000, and see how it works out for the average size fish you catch. i have a 4000 Fierce 2, but I've only caught surf perch and rockfish (Pacific), so it's been more reel than i needed so far. like Redfin says above - the bigger handle on the 5000/6000 is worth it / nice to have. I've switched the 4000 Fierce 2 handle to a gomexus knob. the stock fierce 2 / battle 2 handle gave my tender fingers blisters the last time i went rockfishing.
  8. there's a cabela's 11'6" steelhead spinning rod with the reel seat towards the butt (but there is a short butt handle section after it) that I was thinking about buying.... it's intended for chuck-and-duck fly fishing... i was thinking about buying it for a light surf rod out here (norcal)
  9. weird, no one listed Striped Bass?! i haven't had it in a long time (and clearly never caught one) raw: hamachi (all day/everyday) cooked: black cod striped bass smallmouth bass
  10. definitely! i think i remember as a little kid seeing a big light green spinning reel, but that's long gone. I found his squidder 145 and senator 1/0, too. and his old bamboo surf rod is still hanging in my mom's garage.
  11. it's definitely a Varmac handle and reel seat.
  12. i thought the pursuit 3 had carbon washers, not felt. they should be HT-100 eared washers. you can pop out the little retaining wire in the spool and remove your drag washers to see. [Look up Mystic Parts, or Penn Reel Parts - the latter as one word, dot com]
  13. i have my Grandpa's 1-piece Harnell with Varmac handle, 9'4" total length. He passed away before I was born, but he fished the Pacific for stripers (and other fish) in the 50's and 60s. It has a lot of scrapes and scars on it, so I slapped on a Penn Fierce 2 reel last year and its one of my favorite crab snaring rods.
  14. you can always just put epoxy in the shaft and screw. if you need to ever take it off again, heating with a torch will loosen the epoxy
  15. you can use use staple removers in a pinch