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  1. Beavertail Rod and Reel. Check them on FB or retail at SWE.
  2. The B&T replaced the plug no questions asked. Their guess was that there may have been a stress fracture in the plastic, but I’m more inclined to think it was a leverage situation.
  3. I will be doing that in the future!
  4. I’m a little late to this party, but Flatlander is the way to go, they live up to the hype and they’re worth the wait.
  5. Fair question, but I’m certain it was brand new. The first fish was hooked on the rear siwash and thrashed around enough to get hooked on the treble as well, but otherwise it’s as I described. I was actually surprised by the amount of wear as well.
  6. Thanks. I saw that and didn’t see the price for the 300... unless I missed it.
  7. So about the cost of one now....would rather have one of the old ones
  8. Brand new 7” Redfin. Caught one fish (<20”) on first cast, hooked up and dropped another better fish on the next cast and when I got it back the back end was broken. Didn’t bang any rocks or drop it before use. Anyone ever seen anything like this before? I bought the plug “loaded” from a reputable B&T where they remove it from the package, change the hardware, insert BB’s and reseal, but I don’t really see any specific connection to this process.
  9. Smashed my 10’ 6” Airwave Elite in the tailgate. Lucky it only caught the bottom eye. On another note, I tried to contact Tsunami for guidance but only get crickets. Anyone else have any experience with them?
  10. Just curious SC, what did the lucky owners of these gems pay for them when they were new?
  11. Respectfully offer 150. Can pick up week of 10/26 as I travel through.
  12. Second at 55 if tiger passes