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  1. Anyone want labels for lure packages PM ME
  2. the guy said he might post it on youtube
  3. i bought one ill post it when I find the camera !
  4. Ok people I know the old nail and pliers is fast and a signature to alot of builders but I have just seen a prototype wire wrap vice mounted tool that actually works ! It takes a few more steps to get a great wrap but its so consistant ! and does a great wrap and doesnt nic the tail of the lure ! if you dont mind a few extra steps and you do 40 or 50 or 100 in a sitting it saves the hands ! IF and WHEN this thing hit the market I will post it !! Im not selling or any of that but I saw it at a show. It did do a great wrap !!! I do a hundred at a time and if I do it in steps it does a great job tight wrap too !! It might be sold in some of the distributors hopefully like the NJ one we cant mention or the Cape! Hey it would be good to have in the tool box too I even watched and participated in making wraps on a few umbrella rigs ! its prob around 40 or 50 all machined too ! It was just a cool thing ! didnt think we were so popular ! haha
  5. I guess you look at spending a few bucks when Aurther Itis and Ben Gat live in cave......
  6. If someone had a tail wrap tool that took a few seconds longer to use than the old post and nail and did a consistant neat wrap and didnt damage the lure, Do you thing that anyone would be interested in it and what would be everyones concern ???Please help !n my fingers are bloddy and Im gettin old here !!!
  7. Dear Fellow builders ! I was asked to paint and finish a guitar the way I finish my lures ! I have a strat kit and sanded it w/ 320/400/800/1000 grit and used stain to get it a nice look. HOWEVER ........... I have to clearcoat it and I want that flat mirror finish with no grain and a glass like finish ! I was told that products like Aqua Coat would work to level off the grain so I can apply the clear then wet sand and buff. Same way I did some lures but never had a lure the size of a guitar ! PLEASE PLEASE HELP !!! This is a gift for a special kid and a charity !!! I will thank you all in advance for your help !! THANK YOU ALL !! Mike L.
  8. I was listening to my AM radio today (Sat) and there was a Sportsman show on that was talking about all the laws rules regulations and tidal zones and some great Florida fishing knowledge thats not in the law books ! i was trying to find it again and found it online The big and wild outdoors is the name of it ! They even go over baits, laws, conservation ! I planned my trip to Clearwater area with the help from this station ! Im in NO WAY SELLING or ADVERTISING this show but its non profit too ! 1010 AM 7 am to 10 am.
  9. Joe Not to SPOT BURN YOU but there was something else in Safety Harbor yesterday instead of you !! Hope yu weren't there !!! haha
  10. From the album A few New Needles

  11. Anyone know where to get Lure Blades or Lips like the Yo-Zuri type with the screw holes in the sides for deep diving lures ?