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  1. Any torch lighters or cutters out there?
  2. Aight what do you think it’s worth,I’ll put some stuff together and get back to you after a couple days of this being up,Thanks. What types of stuff you looking for?
  3. I just got into smoking Cigars and am looking for anything Cigar related if you got anything laying around you wanna get rid of let me know and ill buy or trade,Thanks!
  4. Are these branded or just random tins?
  5. Rub salt in it while your at it,that’s awesome thoe!
  6. Yea I thought they changed it just recently,I believe it’s only the Forge and 1 other range maybe 2.
  7. $1 a Oz shipping would make those jig heads around $200? Or am I confused by this????
  8. Creekside waretown
  9. Last time I was there they had it “Closed” for maintenance,does any one know if it’s open now? Also I heard they were going to be allowing .223 at some point in the near future.
  10. What about it?
  11. WTB***
  12. Thanks,To far for me but good buy right here!
  13. Yes