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  1. I know people do this trying be nice but I couldn’t think of a worst way to give away plugs,everyone has a son just getting into it or a poor nephew,I had a old bag I was gunna chuck I brought it to the fisherman’s flee market and gave it to a kid.maybe 1 out of 10 of these nice guessers end up going to a kid who’s dad doesn’t own a VS the other 9 are all being enjoyed by opportunist.
  2. Thanks!
  3. Oh ok,The bass down there are ridiculous! I fish nj all year and always catch my biggest bass while I’m down there for a couple weeks!
  4. Thanks,Anclote at night or day? I’ve never gone out at night yet down there.
  5. Yea I went to lake Tarpon but didn’t get to fish,good looking lake thoe and yea the snook I caught was miles east of 19,I was catching bass in the creek so when I pulled out the snook I was on cloud 9. But why if it’s windy go to lake tarpon?
  6. A few years ago I went out back to fish a small creek I was catching bass in,I took a “Shooters bottle” and used it as a bobber with live shrimp and sat back with a cigar next thing you know I got a real big snook!!
  7. I’ll definitely let you know how it goes.
  8. Florida really is like visiting another Country,It’s beautiful! If I could handle that brutal summer heat I’d move down there tomorrow!
  9. Ahaha that sounds great,appreciate it!
  10. Great thanks a lot,is honeymoon doable on foot?
  11. Yea last year it seemed like Sheepshead were being targeted by a lot of people,I also found out Spanish Mackerel were running and slammed them pretty good one night down off some inlet. Thanks for the tips
  12. Awesome,Thanks!
  13. Oh I fish everything from Fly Fishing to Ice fishing,Nor’easters to local ponds day or night if something is biting I’ll get out they’re. I just don’t want to go out and target “Tarpon” or w.e and after two days of know bites I find out they run in the summer and on the other side of the state. Lol
  14. Thank You,The 3 spots you mentioned first are actually the 3 spots I’m am most familiar with,What is biting this time of year?
  15. I’m looking to fish whatever is running in Pasco County late Dec/early Jan,I have no clue what is down there or what time of year different fish are around.If someone from FL asked me what to fish in NJ right now I’d say Striped Bass,sea bass,tog maybe white perch.