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  1. Thanks for making the thread this month!
  2. Thanks
  3. Ok thanks,That's what I usually do buy a raw honey and add a local beekeepers creamed honey to it. By chance is there a type of honey you would recomended starting out with?
  4. Does anyone have any tips on making creamed honey?
  5. People shouldn't be aloud to "travel farther" to fish until this is over!
  6. I agree with that,there should at least be separate places to post.Trolling around Raritan Bay catching bass when you know they are there takes no skill! Than you add electronics and it's a completely different sport than "Surfcasting".
  7. So I built a quick divider for my trunk,I still have to get a bigger sized milk crate to retrofit for tubes on one side and planes on the other but it's a start.Ill post it soon.
  8. What's the difference between a Yak catch and a boat? Trolling is trolling if anything I give him more credit than someone with a motor or your saying only surfcasters should post pics?
  9. Deffinatly nice to have.
  10. What happened to the same person posting the monthly report every month? Now it's just a race to see who does it first on top of joke?
  11. I think this quarantine is starting to get the best of you guys!
  12. Same here,I've not been going to places I know hold fish and trying my luck at more "out there" spots but no luck!
  13. Lol,It wouldn't have supprised me.
  14. Yea right I'm using a combo of all of them,I got like a 40" x 40" piece of trunk space I'm looking to build something for since I'm starting to go stur crazy.
  15. Did you really report him for saying that?