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  1. I know people do this trying be nice but I couldn’t think of a worst way to give away plugs,everyone has a son just getting into it or a poor nephew,I had a old bag I was gunna chuck I brought it to the fisherman’s flee market and gave it to a kid.maybe 1 out of 10 of these nice guessers end up going to a kid who’s dad doesn’t own a VS the other 9 are all being enjoyed by opportunist.
  2. Oh ok,The bass down there are ridiculous! I fish nj all year and always catch my biggest bass while I’m down there for a couple weeks!
  3. Thanks,Anclote at night or day? I’ve never gone out at night yet down there.
  4. Yea I went to lake Tarpon but didn’t get to fish,good looking lake thoe and yea the snook I caught was miles east of 19,I was catching bass in the creek so when I pulled out the snook I was on cloud 9. But why if it’s windy go to lake tarpon?
  5. A few years ago I went out back to fish a small creek I was catching bass in,I took a “Shooters bottle” and used it as a bobber with live shrimp and sat back with a cigar next thing you know I got a real big snook!!
  6. I’ll definitely let you know how it goes.
  7. Florida really is like visiting another Country,It’s beautiful! If I could handle that brutal summer heat I’d move down there tomorrow!
  8. Ahaha that sounds great,appreciate it!
  9. Great thanks a lot,is honeymoon doable on foot?
  10. Yea last year it seemed like Sheepshead were being targeted by a lot of people,I also found out Spanish Mackerel were running and slammed them pretty good one night down off some inlet. Thanks for the tips
  11. Oh I fish everything from Fly Fishing to Ice fishing,Nor’easters to local ponds day or night if something is biting I’ll get out they’re. I just don’t want to go out and target “Tarpon” or w.e and after two days of know bites I find out they run in the summer and on the other side of the state. Lol
  12. Thank You,The 3 spots you mentioned first are actually the 3 spots I’m am most familiar with,What is biting this time of year?
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