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  1. I've been looking for a new rod and came across this company,there rods look very well built and I've been thinking about picking one up.Can anyone tell me about them?
  2. I just purchased a bag of Zman 4 inch scented Grubz so I will let everyone know how they hold up on Monday.
  3. Blue Pvc Comerical grade crab traps but they are on ebay.Promar is a very known/popular company,I would check with local tackle shops before ordering anything alot sell them and some get them from local builders.
  4. That is a beautiful Rod even the cork looks like real high quality.
  5. That is very interesting and I'm curious as to why no one els has anything similar.Patents mabye?
  6. I'd like to make my own plastics and put the mesh cloth that fishbites uses threw the whole lenght of it,I've always wished Berkley would do something like that but they have been going in the complete opposite direction.I wouldnt even care if they raised the price I'd rather pay more for a quality product than less for a **** one.
  7. And there going to for a long time taking care of them like that,Any products you recommend or do you strictly use reelx?
  8. That's pretty cool,I looked into them after noticing I was catching most of my crabs on my drop line but after looking at them I didnt purchase them,any particular brand you like best?
  9. Canoes are not self bailing either but I've seen people swim them out past the breakers so I'd imagine people take non self bailing boats into the bay,but yea if its rough I wouldnt wanna be out there,just looking to see if anyone has.thanks.
  10. I just purchased a Native Ultimate Fx12 and would like to take it out in the bay,if anyone has this boat and can share there opinion on it I'd appreciate it.
  11. I have been looking at those,should they be used off the beach and inlets or just the areas you usually put traps?
  12. That basically covers it all,thanks!
  13. Yea I think they are on Amazon "maryland crab traps" but the traps that are LITERALLY blue are good quality traps.
  14. I've heard that Gulp is made with some type of potato as an ingredient and to everyone who is planning on trying Procure it works well on regular plastics but if I remember correctly it doesnt stay on Gulp. "Not that you need to put it on Gulp" but incase anyone tried.
  15. As of now I'm sure 9 out of 10 people who replied strictly rely on Gulp,I know I do but the point of the post is to talk about the alternatives and how they compare.I havent found anything that works as good but I'm sure there are products I've never heard of or tried so there could be something just as good out there and if there is I'd like to know about it or at least other reliable options i can use when my Gulp is getting destroyed so quickly I stop using it.