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  1. It does well with the luckycraft. I'm running 30 pound braid with a 2-3ft mono leader tied to the braid with an Alberto or Uni knot. You could probably get by with 20 pound no problem. I like the 30 just in case I hook into a nice one. ;-) If your ever in Pacifica go check out New Coastside 2 tackle shop, they will have everything you need and are very helpful.
  2. Hey there, I do the same type of fishing, same areas. I use an Okuma Rockaway 11ft. and it works well for me. I like that it has a rating of 3/4oz - 3oz for lure weight which is important if you are interested in throwing thinks like the Luckycraft 110. Many longer rods will not easily handle lighter plugs. It also works well with sand crabs on a fish finder rig with weight. I recently upgraded my reel to a Penn Slammer 2 4500. I would recommend spending a little extra on a reel that is somewhat sealed if you plan to fish stripers from the beach. Hope this helps, PM me if you have more questions. Good luck.