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  1. Why would anyone other than an antisemite read the NYT?
  2. Where are our forum libs defending Brandon's anti-Semitic actions?
  3. Who should be the next speaker? I think Scalise would make sense as he was the first one shot by the libs. No one better understands how far libs will go to advance their agenda.
  4. Common Man, we are still negotiating our 10%.
  5. Just watch. All the Biden defenders here will suddenly flip in support of the new guy (Newsom?) and deny they ever supported Brandon.
  6. Other than the fact that Joe, as VP, was aware that a felony gun crime was committed by his son.
  7. I think before we answer that question we need to know if the gun in the dumpster was the one Hunter bought illegally or the one he stole from his brother's estate.
  8. Not true. Merrick Garland appointed Weiss as special prosecutor. Weiss should recuse as he is a personal friend of Coons who is in the Biden Delaware gang. Weiss is also the one who deep sixed the laptop until well after the elections.
  9. Damn. Went to Az for the winter and had snow in Tuscon, Tombstone, and Sedona. Coldest winter in 100 years and most snow in 80. Came home to one of the coldest May on record. Hasn't broken 100 here in ten years. I think Cod is inhaling too much Canadian smoke.
  10. Ukraine is already using cluster bombs. John McCain would be proud.
  11. You obviously don't have any understanding of how tech production lines work.
  12. Mine is in my wallet next to drivers license.
  13. I'm not defending the shutdown. I'm merely pointing out we would still have had a slowdown and likely recession. Many small businesses would haver either closed or severely reduced service. Manufacturing can't run when 5% of the work force is out sick. We closed some of our foreign plants on our own as it was impossible to keep a line running with the high absentee rate. Construction projects that depended on the communications equipment we produce had to shut down because we couldn't supply product. They had no choice i the matter.
  14. There would still have been and were work place impacts that would have affected the economy. Not to mention the shutdowns in China affected everyone. Many of the factories I worked with had material shortages and thus had to run at less tan 50% production rates. I didn't/don't support shutdowns but to believe everything would have sailed along like normal is naive. Aside from the manufacturing impact people still would have avoided restaurants, brick and mortar stores, sports and entertainment events, etc. Very likely we would still have had a recession.
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