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  1. Didn't remember that one but I seem to remember one spotted a couple years ago in the Delaware.
  2. In PA it's a LTCF. I generally favor an M&P in 9mm. On the Ruger LCP, check out the magazine release/latch. Many of them have a mold part line that causes magazine hang ups if not polished smooth. I had that problem and when I mentioned to my dealer all 20 he had in stock had the issue. I dumped mine and went to a Sig P238.
  3. I was leaving the dock on time in pea soup fog. I had GPS so I was just idling out to my fishing spot. All of a sudden I could hear a boat coming at full throttle. My lights were on and I blew the air horn. He blew by my 20 feet away doing about 30 knots. And he didn't have radar.
  4. Leaving the water at the end of the trip.
  5. I toss the packaging as I store lures by type and weight in larger plastic lure boxes. One thing I do when I get it out of the package is to weight it and mark the weight on the lure with a marker. That way I can make sure it gets back into the right box after fishing.
  6. I've got lot's of game cam videos. Bear, deer, bobcats, almost everything found in central PA. Just need to find the time to edit and set up a site to host them. Probably need to set up a new YouTube account. Some of the cameras have near IR and I have videos of deer charging the camera. I've had bear attack several cameras. One I have never found. They are now all in metal boxes with concertina wire around them.
  7. In fact it's a pollutant and poisonous to fish.
  8. I'm planning my 2020 summer vacation at Mt Desert Island next August or September. I read a lot about fresh water fishing on or near the island but not much about salt opportunities. The tackle shops in the area are small thus no WEB sites I can find. My question is should I take a surf or jetty rod along? Is there anything worth targeting in the area during that time? Or should I just take a fly rod and target brook trout?
  9. Both the lower Lehigh River and the Delaware should be productive for SMB. I haven't fished the lower Lehigh in many years and I fish the Delaware much further south. So I don't know good public access points in that area. But any spot with rock ledges should hold smallies. You can also try the Jordan Creek in Allentown. That will have a mix of holdover trout, smallies, and rock bass. One of the most popular lures in the area is a ball jig head with a white twister tail. The city of Allentown has many miles of park along the Little Lehigh. Also long parks along the Joran and Cedar Creek. Cedar Creek is spring fed, very cold, and holds trout. Very clear water and very tough fishing but very rewarding if you catch one of those elusive large browns.
  10. I've used both Alltrails and MapQuest Android apps. I think they are both pay services.
  11. They are low and fairly warm. What are you targeting? One of the better options in the area right now is trout on the Little Lehigh. There are enough springs through the parkway area to keep water temps reasonable. Even better if you FF and hit the special regs area.
  12. They are most likely be figuring that abuses by WLP are the lesser evil than blowing up the organization at a time of the most severe threat to the 2nd A from politicians.
  13. Need a grass roots campaign lead by a few people with deep pockets. It can be done and has been done in the NRA before. I was involved in the 1977 revolt that rescued the organization from a leadership group that was misusing funds for non-gun related Olympic sports. It was harder back then as you had to build up a list of members and do a phone/mail campaign. These days we have the internet.
  14. I have as many as 9 trail cams out in a given year. Some years I can catalog a many as 7 different bears. I'm bordering a church camp so they come off the mountain across my property to get to the camp. If they aren't bothered they will hang out on my place or slightly up the hill without returning to the heavy laurel on the mountain. So I get a lot of good videos. What I see is that they tend to get longer/taller first then fill out. Two year olds can be pretty lanky before they start filling out.
  15. Did you get it checked at a check station? I'm wondering if they determined age? In the area I hunt and own woodland 175# dressed would be a two or three year old and 290# would be 4 or 5. I have woodland right near a PA check station so after hunting in the mornings I usually go over to see what comes in. Amazing how small some of them are. I have seen two very large bears on the property in the past couple years. One weighed in over 600 when shot. The other is still around. I've been as close to 20 yards from him while deer hunting. Here is one that attacked a game camera. He came over and chewed on the camera for eight minutes after he got done with the maggots in the log. Video clip has sound which is very interesting. (BTW he threw those logs around like they were Lincoln Logs.)