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  1. You are the one claiming the prisons are overcrowded. Since there is an obvious excess of lawbreakers we need more jail cells. It's that simple.
  2. You shouldn't be allowed to pass your own gun laws. All citizens of the state should enjoy equal protection under the state constitution. If cities could pass any law they wanted, it wouldn't be practical to travel around the state. Most of your criminals are already violating any number of gun laws. Start enforcing them with maximum sentences. Otherwise you are just making excuses.
  3. Lot's of criminals. The problem isn't jail overcrowding. It's that there are too few jail cells. In regards to black vs white sentencing, both get less than they deserve.
  4. A Philly d believes the answer to his gun violence problem is to put more regulations on the rest of the citizens of PA who already obey gun laws. Figure out that logic. More twists than a Philly soft pretzel.
  5. Philly elects it's DA and judges. They have a lot of latitude along the current sentencing guidelines to maximize sentences. When the PA legislature tries to get tough on crime, the Philly state legislators don't support it and put up stiff resistance. It's primarily a Philly problem. You guys need to lead or fail. Right now it's a failure. And don't come around telling us the problem requires more of OUR tax money.
  6. We put too many people in jail for minor crimes and let too many out that committed major crimes. I've already explained the math which shows that long incarcerations for major crimes reduces the ability for those people to continue to commit crimes. Explain why so many young people in Philly have long rap sheets yet are still on the streets committing crimes. Explain why Philly citizens have tolerated their environment. Explain why they keep voting in the same failed leadership. Explain why they don't take to the streets and demand criminals be removed from their neighborhoods.
  7. Where s Tuskegee on the list?
  8. We don't need new legislation. We need enforcement of current laws. We need maximum sentences.
  9. Just download the blank CDC form and fill it in. Ironic, you need a CDC card and ID to attend a Broadway play but nothing to vote.
  10. Even government WEB sites have PDFs of the blank CDC card. Brick and mortar stores that start adhering to these restrictions are just playing into Amazon. Amazon just started up grocery delivery in my area.
  11. Brian believes the committee is legit.
  12. Partially open primary that they have in Ohio allowing cross-overs?
  13. I doubt that. The d's love kangaroo courts. Which is their plan for the SCOTUS.
  14. Someone who bounced off the glass ceiling.
  15. They get CDC cards so they can vote in person.