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  1. The claim is invalid because the underlying criminal law says "unauthorized" destruction, disclosure, and removal is unlawful.
  2. They continue to follow the orders of corrupt supervisors. Some of those orders illegal. Not much different than who the rank and file police in Mass conducted illegal searches after the Boston bombing. They also forced people from their homes without any warrant or legal justification. So much for keeping an oath.
  3. How many raised their hand when the Trump Dossier was being use as evidence? Or when the FBI/DoJ was manipulating evidence in the Carter Page case? Or the Flynn case? Or when a DoJ lawyer offered to wear an unauthorized wire when talking to the president? At this point, there doesn't seem to be an honest FBI employee. Maybe just the Inspector General.
  4. You must have a misunderstanding. It's Dark Brandon embracing the NAZI eagle.
  5. That was before the corruption in the FBI was exposed.
  6. I guess I should have said implying.
  7. I bet the FBI is dusting those boxes for prints to prove Trump stacked them in the basement. No word yet on how many pairs of Melania's underwear they took. Rumor is that Joe gets dibs.
  8. When several Muslim men were killed by a serial killer in New Mexico Brandon jumped the gun claiming they were hate crimes. The obvious insinuation was by a white racist. Turns out it was a 51 YO Muslim man from Afghanistan. No word if he came into the country on Joe's watch.
  9. Kid looks like she doesn't trust him. Some kids have a good intuition.
  10. I now see reports that 15 boxes of materials shipped from the WH to Mar Largo that were not opened were seized by the FBI. Supposedly stored in a basement.
  11. Tough call. The traffic and road conditions might be as much of a threat as the crime.
  12. Doesn't apply to a president. It would only apply if he released classified materials after he left office.
  13. From what I see the director changed but not the corruption.
  14. Any information regarding a 2024 run, including key allies and donors.
  15. The reports I saw said the FBI removed a number of boxes of material with the statement that there was too much to review and they were taking it away to sort at their facility. It's not clear if these were unopened boxes from the original move out of the WH or if they were material collected at Mar Largo to sort later. If they remove unopened boxes from the initial WH move, I'd be less concerned. If they just collected a bunch of material at Mar Largo I'd be very concerned. If any material removed is dated past Jan 21, 2021 there is a major problem.