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  1. They failed at their job and got fired.
  2. He is PC. A wooden rifle.
  3. What state? Not NY or NJ.
  4. But his policies are losers. They don't work.
  5. I'd be willing to accept that modification.
  6. Looser Beto? The Irish guy who has stolen Mexican heritage? He's more of a looser than Biden.
  7. More like this from the D's?
  8. Sorry. You are wrong again. Being a middle level manager in a multinational company I saw clearly how we held off hiring until after Trump was elected, held back investment in new products, and even moved our headquarters back to the US once the business environment expanded under Trump. When we brought those foreign revenues back after Trump's tax law we paid some more taxes but invested in the business. Wasn't going to happen under HRC. We were committed to offshoring everything as fast as possible until MAGA MAN was elected.
  9. They were wrong. Trump brought the economy to the highest level ever. Trump brought black unemployment down to one of the lowest levels ever recorded. Trump got many troops out of ME. fewer there now than under O'boy or Bush. Trump brought China to the trade table. Trump brought Mexico and Canada to the trade table and won concessions. Trump actually signed more, better, civil rights laws than O'boy. And Trump gave me a nice tax break. 4 more years. The disease came from China, the riots from weak gov in Minn, the unemployment came from the Chinese virus. Biden will bring you much more Chinese if he gets elected. His son will probably get another billion dollar payoff and maybe even another job in the Ukraine.
  10. Like John McCain, John Kasich, Mit Romney, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, George Bush, Colin Powell?
  11. I have a solution for all those rich guys that are now wanting the taxpayers to buy off the unruly from committing civil violence. I propose we institute a wealth tax. It starts for individuals with total assets of $10M or more. Each year 10% of those assets above $10M will be collected and placed into a fund. Each year the funds assets will be evenly distributed to all citizens with a DNA profile that shows more than 5% African American lineage. This would more fairly spread the cost among those who benefited the most from America's dark past as slave owners.
  12. Watched it live on TV. Some in the crowd were throwing things at the cops. Peaceful? Some were. Some weren't.
  13. What new precedent? Like the search for the Boston bombers? Like when the WWI vets were rounded up? Like Kent State? Like the Civil War draft riots? Like the 43 Detroit race riots where machine guns were used by troops on US citizens? This seems tame and nowhere near pushing past what has been done in the past.
  14. Well a tax cut didn't hurt. I'm always open to such payoffs.
  15. Had an interesting discussion with a cousin who is retired head of security at a max security Federal prison. He says Trump was put in the bunk to protect the protesters. Policy is if the president is in the residential section of the WH and someone breaks the security perimeter the policy is that lethal force is permitted and possibly required.