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  1. Already got one
  2. Located in RI. Looking for 2 30lbs and 1 60lb
  3. If you gotta ask, you shouldn’t be fishing those kinds of areas. You’d be a danger to yourself and those around you.
  4. That works for me
  5. Respectfully offer $60 Shipped for the other 2 needles?
  6. Bump. Still looking
  7. Well if someone you know eventually decides to come up to the canal or do anything in RI or MA before someone buys, I would be interested for sure
  8. Stupid question but any chance you ever make it to RI or MA? Or anyone you know lol
  9. Offer 50 shipped for the top 2
  10. I’m guessing it came off a legend?
  11. Located in RI. Looking for $625 pickup. Not shipping at the moment. Legend was a replacement for my first gen legend. 1.5 months old. Used maybe 5 times. Gosa was bought a few weeks ago. Used 5 times. 275yds of 30lb Sufix 832. Rod is just not for me. Not the same as my original. Mechanically perfect. Have box and papers
  12. Rod sold to TTGG
  13. I would like 10 bucktails. All white. 1.5oz
  14. for you, $350 if you pick up. I’m in RI. Not looking to ship at the moment
  15. located in RI. $90 picked up 105 shipped 6” bombers/SP 7” redfins (trout is loaded) 1oz mag darters tattoo darter After hours 2oz metal lip
  16. Man I left my flatlander 3tube tonight. Luckily my buddy found it. I usually don’t carry my plug bag to certain places like that cuz it’s a waste of time to. Life-saver. I would of lost it mentally lmao
  17. The fact that they see something that big in front of them and still take the chance lol so stupid
  18. This. Confidence in what you throw is HUGE!!
  19. My buddy has been fishing in that general area. Night time has had some very nice fish. I’ve been up in the bay close to home and there has been some huge swirls when your plugs land but no takers. Not the slightest bit of interest during the day. Only at night. It’s been a funky year
  20. Salty like the rest of the lazy bums on here cuz you don’t put in the time lol Social snowflakes. Get good. I’m going to make sure poaching is in full force for you all to complain about. Salty custies lmao
  21. Just looking to get rid of everything in one shot. Thanks guys. Shipping would eat up too much
  22. It’s been a bloodbath to say the least. Past week alone between my buddies and I, several 20lb+ fish to 29lbs. Personally landed 29, 22, 21, 26lbs. At least 25 keepers myself. Easily over 100 between all of us. Massacre and bloodbath all over the ground. Probably saw at least 100 fish harvested the past two weeks. Don’t even get me started on the video of the massacre lmao and it’s only going to get better at least for another week or two. Place is getting crowded
  23. The bay has been extremely slow for me. Could see some huge boils when your plugs land but no commitments. Not even an actual attempt to swirl on the plugs. Even bluefish which will hit anything have been very picky. Did see a huge 24” squeteague landed though.