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  1. I’ll pass. Thanks. GLWS
  2. Possibly consider $300? Pics?
  3. I’d go with a gosa. I’ve had numerous slammers and the don’t even compare to the gosa in terms of durability. I’ve stripped 3 main gears on my slammers. Anything Shimano under a gosa to me feels very fragile and flexible when under load. I probably wouldn’t take my experiences seriously though since I do tend to fish pretty hard and I like to fish my drag on the tighter side. Love my slammer 4500 though. My 5500s crapped out on me
  4. Great. I’d like the following: 1oz banana (orange) - 10 1oz banana (green) - 10 1.5oz sparkie (green crab) - 10 1.5oz sparkie (green crab) - 10 will send address and pp after work. Thanks
  5. The only thing I would care to see change is allowing j-hooks for rigged eels or it’s going to be the bluefish excuse for everyone who uses rigged eels
  6. Tog fishing was solid the last two days. Saw multiple limits the past two days. Same group of guys both days lol you either skunked, got dinks or all keepers. Weird day today. Got to test my weapon jr with 6lb braid for togs in current and the water gods approved. 6lb braid is enough to catch tog
  7. That’s perfect. I’d probably want them as painted heads. Do you have an estimated price for the 1.5oz?
  8. Hi Dan. Can you possibly make these in a sparkie head?
  9. Two needles are Big D custom needles. 3oz and the other is either 2oz or ~1.5oz. Metal lip is one I bought from Striper Maniac
  10. West wall today was brutal with the wind. Only got two. Other two guys skunked. They’re a little bigger though than last week
  11. No prob. Figured I offer since I bought one new on here a couple months back for that price. If you change your mind, I’m pp ready
  12. $60 shipped?
  13. How much for all those jigs? All 1oz?
  14. Anyone know the official ruling on if circle hooks are required for rigged eels in RI?
  15. Sold to nomad. Thanks