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  1. SoCo, RI. Close to all the hot spots down there and the Bones and albies. All that good stuff
  2. You absolutely can get away with a 4500. It’s pretty much a stradic 5000 and with 30lb braid casts like a rocket. I recommend the 5500 but it would probably feel more balanced wit a 4500
  3. You guys got it good. Those the best eating. If I could trade a keeper for a schoolie, i would all day.
  4. Damn. That’s some good eating and numbers. 10 lol
  5. NP. Thanks for considering. Glws
  6. I would respectfully offer $300 picked up
  7. Damn I was late to the party. That’s highway robbery lol
  8. I suggest getting it done right the first time. Send it out and pay the extra bucks or to a local reputable reel maintenance guy. That is unles you have a firm grasp already on how to diagnose and repair your reels
  9. Won’t affect me. If it’s a legal fish it’s coming home to me or a relative. If it’s slow there is always bluefish which I prefer eating anyway
  10. I do too but personally I noticed a significant difference in performance but maybe it’s just me
  11. I wouldn’t suggest that. The smaller diameter spool is going to cost you a ton of distance and cranking power
  12. $20 shipped for the BM? I’m in RI
  13. I couldn’t tell you to be honest. I’m not one to care much about things like that. Just go by the feel of how a rod feels in my hand
  14. I would say so but personally I don’t feel as confident in the ODM as I do the GSB in terms of power cuz of the weight of the ODM. Then again, I’m a smaller guy. 5’1