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  1. Keeper bass have shown up. Hitting the same place it hits first every year. Scup as well had been hot after a 2 week late start. Same place. Peak high and outgoing only. Bass only coming out to play at night.
  2. Is it clip on or can I slide it onto a surf belt. I have a GU belt
  3. Thanks. I’ll take a look at that knife. Idk honestly. Wen I bleed them like that they be gushing blood like crazy like a stuck pig. Never saw much blood oozing from cutting gills so I gave up on it. I make it like that black line just after the head.
  4. Looking for a plier sheath for my 7.5 inch krok pliers. Yes I know it’s a cheap plier but that’s all I felt like I ever needed. I’m looking for a quality sheath that won’t rip from being on my surf belt. Te original sheath is crapping out and tearing
  5. Looking for recommendations for a knife to add to my surf belt. Obviously nothing is ever rust proof when it comes to saltwater use but ima like to know what qualities and brands/models you guys recommend. I’m hoping to find something that has the following qualities if possible: -rust-proof (like it will never rust ever) - sharp point -comes with sheath also would like to add that I only want the knife so I can bleed the fish. I don’t bleed through the gills. I stab it where the heart is and make a cut so it bleeds out
  6. Going to keep it all together
  7. No thanks. I think $115 is more than fair
  8. Finally bump
  9. It will easily. Won’t be so great after the rod develop a flat spot though
  10. Anyone know if the Charlestown breachway is open? I heard it was but don’t wanna make the drive if that’s untrue. Also, any fish out front to make it even worth going?
  11. I’m not willing to travel too far. Even 20 minutes is too much for me from home for me wen it comes to blues lol my buddy has been consistently getting 8-double digit blues where he goes though. I’m just too lazy to go there. All from shore
  12. I don’t know about that. Bluefish has been booming the past few years in the spring upper bay
  13. Opening back up. Located in RI.
  14. I’m in for both. Shoot me your address. I’ll throw in this BM 2oz darter for the person who has the longer fish of two winners.