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  1. I have a white GU set. Eel pouch and bucktail pouch. Only looking to get rid of it as a set. I’m in RI and can meet at BPS if anything otherwise would ship. $120 picked up/meetup or $135 shipped. I can get pics later
  2. Y’all can kick rocks. I’ll do whatever the hell I please. Don’t hate the player. Hate the game. Get good and get bent lmfao 32lbs, 28lbs, 6 slots. 3 shorts on top of my buddies’ 2 20lb class fish, 9 slots, 11 shorts
  3. Good luck on your move! May the fishing gods bless you. Happy fishing and good health be with you
  4. Nothing to learn. I ain’t no poacher but if people wanna start spreading lies, then why not be a poacher? Give them something to complain about to keep them entertained and find on the shoreline all year
  5. Karma has been great to me this year so far. 5-10 keepers a night all week. Karma was great for me last year. Seems karma’s come to claim you all for your high levels of salt lol but hey that’s the price we pay for slaying and trying to help others get on fish. We get haters like the lot of you on here who rather bash others and spread lies rather than be a contributing member on here
  6. My usual spots close to home in the bay are usually guaranteed action for dinks if anything which is great but man it’s been an absolute ghost town this year. It’s been so ugly I just gave up on them.
  7. Only poaching if ya get caught. All you haters can kick rocks too. Not my fault the lot of you on here are too lazy to put in the work.
  8. It’s been a super weird year so far in the upper bay. I’ve seen very few pogies and the lack of bass, let alone the lack of size has been nil. At least from shore I guess. I’m sure the boat and kayak guys do well but that doesn’t count
  9. Keepahs!!!!! Deenah!!!!
  10. Believe it! Lol member on here can vouch for it. The fishing has been insane
  11. Located in RI. Could pick up or be shipped
  12. Smashed last night again. 6 slots myself. Buddies landed 2 fish 30lbs+ and a 22lber
  13. Sold to me. Payment sent.
  14. Imll take it
  15. Yeah a check would be fine. I also have venmo if that helps speed things up for you. I just don’t want to do PayPal.