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  1. 50/60lb mono. 80 is really thick and difficult to tie knots. When the blues are that big, it doesn’t matter how heavy your leader is. It’s teeth touches it and that’s it lol thicker leaders also affect lure action and very significantly especially once you get past 50lb leader. I use 60lb big game
  2. Lighter line helps in my experience. 6-10lb braid for anything up to 1oz. Anything else, no more than 30lb. Leader length and on test matters too depending on the size of your spook. Your rod matters too. More moderate rods are best.
  3. Yep. Definitely looks like it.
  4. They are a joke. Their customer service and warranty is a joke. Like bruh how you guys even still in business? Lol in-stock items aren’t even in stock and takes forever to ship. SWE, Tomo’s, and the big box stores before them. Wouldn’t buy fro them if they were the last shop on earth
  5. I liked Penn until the sent me back a reel what wasn’t even mine and it looked like someone hit it with a bat across a sea of sharp rocks. Told me there was nothing they could do about it. They can kiss my ***. Sold all my penns shortly after. Granted the Penn guys on here have been amazing and very helpful. Nothing bad to at about them at all
  6. Location matters. I had an epic day Saturday. No back hook hurt me all of Sunday lol landed 1 of many blowups/hookups. Was playing tug of war too much and kept pulling hooks
  7. Mostly bone swimmers, particularly the SP. bucktails. Topwater. Haven’t gone into crackhead mode yet. Once the fish hit their summer pattern I will
  8. Never had issues personally. Great split rings. You will bend any split ring if you put a lot of pressure on it. You have to remember the hanger can also bend/break and open up the split ring wen doing so. If the fish torques it correctly, anything can open. No disrespect cuz I’m sure you know what you’re doing but that split ring looks like it’s been through several plugs/openings before you put it on
  9. This comment is absolute gold for anyone, especially beginners.
  10. Play the waiting game. You’ll find one eventually. I haven’t paid more than $250 for a legend in 4 years
  11. It was incredibly stupid. Good luck enforcing it. Bunch of clowns making regulations. Doesn’t stop poachers. If they want it, they taking it. Especially here in RI where there is no enforcement to speak of already and most of the EPOs don’t really care
  12. Structure. Water movement. WIND. Wind matters based on location. That’s it. Try different plugs. Some places just want certain things. It’s weird
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