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  1. Just want to trade for a mikes. Doesn’t bother me what it is. NorCal Glider, 3.4 oz
  2. Would definitely be interested in the AH darters.
  3. Mikes, ccw, rg, scabelly, after hours ETC. No norcals please. New or used works for me. These are some builders of what I could consider desireable in plugs.
  4. Bag is in excellent condition. Haven’t used it much at all. Ideally would like to trade for some desireable plugs. No Norcals please.
  5. Keep the grippers, 70 and I’m more than comfortable with that
  6. The bags great, the two tube replacements is a bit of a pain and is like 35-40 for 2 tube replacements. With that being said. I’d offer 65. Just so I can get out for a 100 on it.
  7. I’ll take it if things fall through
  8. Shipping isn’t 4 dollars anymore. I wish it was
  9. A Pair of new Korkers Kilng-On sticky sole replacement bottoms. 22 bucks each set shipped. 1 pair is 10.5-11, one set is 11-11.5. For the set 40 shipped.
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