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  1. It's a good rum indeed. Keep it down, or we might paid for $2500 per bottle soon.
  2. I don't know about another $2500, but I happy with this setup atm.
  3. Finally, my gears had arrive today, just in time for the weekend. Anyway, I'm thinking grab another reel, I have narrow down to 2019 Shimano stella 14000 or Shimano Aero technium Xtc 14000. I know Stella is overkill for type of fishing I do but I love the fact that it easily service here In the US. The Aero Technium is perfect for my need but I hate that I have to send it oversea for service and its seem not much upgrade from the Shimano Ultegra Ci4+. What you guys think I should do? BTW my budget have increased to 2500 now. Thank any member have give me helpful tips. Regards,
  4. I know the reel are new, had anyone try to replace the rubber knob ? I tried both 45/47mm Gomexus power knobs , they are not fit. the bearings are too small for the reel shaft. Any aftermarket knobs will fit this reel?
  5. I plan on arrive there about 5AM Sunday morning and stay there until Monday night. Hope it is not that crowded. I went there 2 weeks ago and have to wait 1 hour to enter OSV area.
  6. 1 or 2 times a week.
  7. So I'm head to AI this weekend target some sharks, what you guys thinking for good bait and rig setup? I thinking using a Hi low rig size 1 circle hooks and blood worms, hope to catch some spot/croaker and use them as bait? Thank you
  8. Im looking for some dogfishes or maybe some skates. So the Thunnus 12000 ci4 are better than big baitrunner ci4?
  9. I'll buy 2 Twinpowers instead of 1 Stella any day.
  10. I'm looking for some dogfishes and maybe skates. Im looking for some dogfishes or maybe some skates.
  11. Get a 12' Tsunami airwave elite, I'm selling 150+ shipping, it's less than 2 weeks old from tackledirect.
  12. Wow you can mount a M2 Browning on that thing.
  13. Thank you to all for helpful tips, I just got 2 Daiwa Tournament ballistic 13'3 surf rod H and XXH. Shimano Big Baitrunner Ci4+, shimano ultegra ci4+ 14000(only $200 slightly used). Still have $350 left for tackles. Can't wait for the gears to arrive and head straight to AI for some beach camping /surf fishing. I appreciate all that chime In.
  14. Thank you, this is most helpful post, I'm glad I'm joining this forum. I thinking I'm getting 2 setups now. DAIWA balllistic 13'3 with shimano ultegra ci4+ 14000. Tsunami airwave elite 11' with Tsunami saltx 6000.
  15. IMHO any hobbies will get expensive if you have addict personality. I think I have that same problem, I was into collect and flipping watches and it get really expensive, so I promise my wife I getting back to fishing. But now all I want is Stellas, Van staals, Saltigas, century rod, st. Croix legend.. Etc...SMH.