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  1. I just found out that Lexus Rx350 ground clearance is 8.2 inches and Honda passport is 8.1. But Honda had ivtm4 which is pretty nice for offroad. I don't know what type of Awd does the Rx have. I wonder an offroad would help. Also my
  2. Oh it not new, it a 2008. But I would take a brand new one too if I could.. Im dieing to go surf fishing.
  3. Hi guys, i want to know if an Lexus Rx350 Awd with offroad tires can drive on the beach at A. I? My previous car 2019 Honda Passport handle fine, but I'm little bit concern with the Lexus since I haven't seen anyone drive on the beach with it yet.
  4. Im wondering, do I still get fine if I'm starving and haven't eat in 5 days and a fish would save my life?.
  5. Stradic FL cast farther than the Certate LT, unless Daiwa change the spool design I'll stick to Shimano.
  6. Yes, I notice the stripper guide is very close and it a lot smaller in diameter compare to all the surf rods I owned. I'll pair it with Daiwa surf Basia 25 QD with 20lbs braid and 40lbs braid leader next outing, hope for a better result. I was expecting lot from this rod since it is the most expensive rod I ever purchased.
  7. The butt to the reel is 29" and the reel to the first guide is 38"
  8. I notice the line didn't come out smoothly as the Shimano rod. I guess it was a guide issue. I just wish the guide eyes on the Daiwa are little bigger.
  9. I was expecting over 100 yards or atleast farther than my 12' Shimano Speedmaster rod. Im using 50lbs Maxcuatro, I don't use any leader since the guide rod is so small. Using a 4oz pyramid sinker and basic over hand cast.
  10. Ahic. Thank you. I'm wondering if I can change the first guide a little bigger would improve my casting distance since I'm using a spinning reel?
  11. Just fished with this rod for the fist time today, the casting distance is a joke. I paired it with a Shimano Ci4 ultegra 14000 BTW. After l examed the rod closely I notice the first guide was mounted on upside down compared to other rods. Is this the issue for casting distance?. Look at the picture of the Daiwa to the right compare to the Shimano Speedmaster to the left.
  12. I agree the Exist look alot better than the Certate and lifetime warranty to boot. I'll send the Certate back.
  13. So if you can keep 1 reel which one would you keep?
  14. My Certate 5000D arrived today, I was very impressed. But I found out a 18 Exist LT can be had for $650 with lifetime warranty, should I return the Certate?