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  1. 1 fish last night, very small. Spot hopping skinny water. Had one quality 28+ holdover grab my lure and missed the hook by some Devine act, couldn’t get him to swing again. Had another fish at a different spot swing and miss at the same lure, grabbed the fly rod and he straight up rejected that as well (Came up, looked at it, cold shoulder). the fish are around, but seems like they’ve been second thinking their dinner choices recently
  2. Today was a humbling day for me. Anyone else make it out?? i was 7 up Friday night, 4 up Sunday morning, hit what i thought was going to be a good tide tonight and I got none. Water was abnormally high and fast for the spots during this phase of the moon. Must’ve been the southern winds shoving up a bunch of extra water everywhere
  3. I’m finally on board. Fishing very skinny brackish water looking for holes that held fish last season late season wound up with one pushing 28 on soft plastic. I’ll probably break out the flies next week
  4. I had been out once already last weekend, but not for long. Nothing caught or no serious hits but I had a strong feeling I wasn’t alone with a couple weird taps here and there. Going to downsize and check back tomorrow night before the rain, been busy not a main tidal rivers.
  5. Not sure if he is in here but thanks Pedro. I have a few other goodies That I haven’t been able to snap a halfway decent photo of yet
  6. Awesome, the fly is so addicting
  7. Adult bunker is in places it hasn’t been this season between Clinton and guilford. Snagged a load last night but couldn’t pull in what was aggravating them. Poppers and darters didn’t seem to do the trick... seemed to be larger blues
  8. I’m actually fishing the surf, I don’t own a boat. I’ll keep to the morning or evening when the tides are moving good but I think I’m not going early enough for the morning nor staying late enough into the night. Now that you mention it last night I was actually fishing the outgoing of an inlet with a heavy rip flowing into a cove. thinking about it, it was probably pushing out all the hot shallow water that was baking in the sun out into the cove which was already hotter than the sound which is why I didn’t see anything but some small trapped bait. But maybe I’m wrong do you check the water temp yourself or do you refer to some resource? This is my first year fishing salt with only myself as the guide, and there’s so much to learn its overwhelming at times (sorry for brick text)
  9. Outside the one blitz I saw in Madison I’ve been out twice now and it’s been dead quiet. Madison first, guilford last night maybe I need to do some more exploring or choose a better time to go? Anyone else seeing silence
  10. Nice, from Madison area. Blues starting to show and bait starting to flow in here will be out tomorrow and likely the weekend