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  1. I have a shorty in that same colorway but must admit my favorite Fixter is the school bus.
  2. Looking for a set of 2 Stainless Steel “barnacle nuts” & bolts for mounting the Bis Squeeze sheath. If anyone has sets that they are willing to let go or know where I can get some it would be appreciated. thanks
  3. Thanks for the info. I live in San Mateo is there any way we could meet up and possibly cast it? Coyote point maybe.
  4. Was the entire butt end replaced? Who was the local rod builder that had it fixed? thanks
  5. I have a Flatlander belt and it is great. Yes the add or remove sheaths and D-rings the clip must be removed. My 2 tube beach walker bag slide over the clip pretty easy which is great when I am using my 4 tube bag I can take off the 2tube and just have my pliers an lip grip on the belt. Flatlander also has a fairly large range so even though I have lost a couple inches on my waist it still fits.
  6. So my buddy is from California and a fly fisherman, never caught a striper before (I’ve tried but he just needs to put in time). If inured I’d ask the amazing SOL community He’s in Marblehead for a wedding and is staying near to what looks like a bay. Anyone out there know where he could borrow a setup to catch a striper or 20? He’s told me he’s watching them bust all over. Here is a pic he took don’t know how close it is to where he’s staying but he can get there. all help is appreciated. thanks
  7. He saw them yesterday today he said it rained. He talked to a guide and was told it was gonna suck.
  8. Hahahahaha thanks y’all.
  9. He staying at a friends house on the water
  10. Head to Pacifica and get plugs from @Winch he makes plugs for stock not to order. Great plugs that absolutely catch fish.
  11. I have the Back Bay 4000 on 7’6” ODM Back Bay and it’s perfect love it. For my 9’6” Slingshot I have a Certate LT 5000 and it’s so light I can throw it for hours.
  12. Yep your school bus pikie fooled the first one. My soft tail is also yellow and white so not sure. But I have been glad to have all of those lures in my bag at some time or another.
  13. This morning they only wanted Fixter metal lips. Landed 2 and dropped 2. Wouldn’t hit anything else and I tried @Winch softtail and @norcalkat pikie which both work phenomenally. When I put back on the Fixter green or school bus they kept hitting it. Not big but a fun couple hours.
  14. soft tails are magical
  15. Very nice. That’s a hell of a bite for our left coast.
  16. This is spot on. This is my newest rod and those weights are exactly what I have been throwing. I only caught fish from 19”-28” but it has backbone to pull in much bigger fish from what I can tell. Thing also casts fantastic. I have it paired with a Certate LT 5000.
  17. Actually yes thank you for posting but I am going a different direction now.
  18. Looking for a used Gear-Up 2 tube with the front pouch. If it has bucktail loops even better. Pics are great. Would need it to be shipped. Thanks y’all.
  19. Thank you Johnny but I have a 3 tube already. Appreciate the offer though.
  20. So I’m looking to purchase a 9’6” slingshot and was curious why on the Century site it is $518 but on many other sites it is $420-$450? This is a big difference and I am wondering if the cheaper site have an older model? thanks in advance for any help given.
  21. SS1145S seemed like all the ones $100 less were out of stock. I have no experience with Van Staal so wouldn’t know which is better. Was thinking of a Certate 5000 on it.
  22. Glad to hear since I just ordered it yesterday. In no small part because of @norcalkat suggestion. He pointed me at the stealth couple years ago and I love that rod so it wasn’t a difficult choice for the Sling Shot.