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  1. Drum Would be great to hear what you think of it once you’ve fished it. What do you plan to go after? On the west coast we aren’t swimming for fish. I will climb some rocks and is will get splashed definitely but no intentional dunking. Our stripers are what most of y’all would call schoolies, some fish in the teens and 20’s. My PB is 35lbs but that was 20 years ago in my early twenties. There are definitely some bigger fish out here but few and far between I figure if I could bring in 25-30 lbs back then on a 704 with 17lb test these new reels with 30lb braid should be able to handle it but want to be sure before I buy anything.
  2. Thank for the comparison it’s appreciated
  3. I use a 11' Century Stealth its pretty damn light. I'm on the west coast and we definitely favor light setups here. Was wondering if this was a glorified FW reel or a true surf reel. thanks y'all.
  4. Anyone used the 5000 on the surf with a 10+ rod? Just wondering how appropriate it would be for that.
  5. Exactly my point AP Daiwa is up selling a reel that is probably better suited to bays and freshwater. Not to say it isn’t a good reel it looks like a hell of a piece of equipment but I know folks on here have a much more realist view on what surf equipment can handle. Thanks for your thoughts.
  6. Thanks AP. I wish there was some place in the area that I could check one out. I love how the Daiwa video has the guy catching a GT with it. Would think if it could handle that it shouldn’t have a problem with a 20# striper.
  7. On the left coat we generally run lighter setups. My buddy’s favorite reel with his 11’ Stealth is actually the VSX150.
  8. Has anyone used this on the surf? Hard to tell what the size of the 5000 is. I’m on the west coast and use an 11’ Century Stealth 1-4. Not dunking my reel at all but it will get splashed. The spool size seems to be in line with reels I’m comfortable with at 300 yards 30# braid. Paired with the stealth this would be a super light setup. Would like to know if this reel can handle a good sized fish even if they are few and far between over here. thanks for any advice Ryan
  9. Never tried the Big Gulp but since the last time I went grubbing was in like '94 I get a pass. Will definitely grab some. The surf rod is coming with me regardless just the thought of throwing a pikie or popper in that calm Carmel water has got me itching even if there are no fish withing 50 miles. Thanks
  10. Stu I totally understand about the spot burn and not a problem, was mainly just wondering if there are fish there. Some pretty obvious spots to try just buy looking at google maps. Also this will not be a fly fishing trip, will just be down there with the kids and friends that don't fish. Was hoping to put a couple lines in the water with some sand crabs and let the kids reel in some perch and hope fully hook them on the sport. Might try grubbing with a trout rod haven't done that in 25 years.
  11. Awesome I'll take a look at that, thanks.
  12. Thanks Sea Breeze I will check that out.
  13. Hey y'all I plan on getting a Century Stealth S1 11' 1-4 oz. What is an ideal reel to pair with it? Under $500 is the price range. I won't be dunking the reel but it may catch a splash from the waves, generally I don't go above my knees in the water and I'm 6'3". Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  14. Snapoffmode, thanks for all the great info. One has saltwater experience but from a boat which he understands is totally different. He has used weighted lines though and the heavier rods. We are thinking of starting in the Bay or possibly Carmel/Monterey to avoid the bigger swells. Thanks again you've been a huge help.