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  1. Alferd thanks for the response. Didn't even think about perch great point. I definitely saw the PB that he pulled most impressive. I have a pretty good eye fishing a long beach for what spots to hit. Thanks again I'm heading over to the fly forum for some more info.
  2. I surf fish but my friends fly fish strictly freshwater. They have been hounding me to get them on the beach. I have no idea what tackle they need to do it. Saw a guy fly fishing the great highway this weekend and since the water has been amazingly flat I figure it couldn't be better time to let them try it out. Any suggestions on rod/reel/line/flys would be extremely helpful. Also an idea of spots where they will have the room required to cast would be great.
  3. That’s good to hear. It’s a great place and you’ll figure that out pretty quick.
  4. Tried to get back into surf fishing last year but only got out a handful of times with no results. Gone three times this season and got my first striper off the surf in 20 years. Felt good to get the monkey off my back hope to catch many more. BTW safely released.
  5. Welcome to the Cali, hope you don't get sticker shock when you see home or rental prices. Good luck.